PNG Full Form

What is the Full Form of PNG?

The full form of png is Portable Network Graphics. It is a file format that is used for image compression. The wide-scale popularity of the composition has almost replaced the GIF format that was used earlier.

Also, the nature of the format having png acronym is such that it provides a portable, unencumbered, well-compressed, and well-specified standard for the image file. Thus they are in high demand in the current market.

History of the PNG Format

The format having a full png form was created by a team working under Thomas Boutell. The internetworking group started its operations in 1994 with the aim of creating the PNG format. The GIF format was already well established at that time. The main aim of this team was to develop a format that was more advanced than GIF

Features of the Format Having PNG Full Form

There are several features of PNG that have contributed to the success of the format having full form png. Some of these are:

  1. The amount of transparency can be controlled.

  2. The format supports interlacing, and it can be developed faster than the GIF format.

  3. PNG format also supports Gamma correction

  4. This, in turn, allows the format having png full form in English to tune the image’s brightness as per the requirement.

  5. Images can be saved by using true color.

  6. Additionally, they can also be saved by using palette and grayscale formats provided by GIF.

Advantages of PNG over JPEG

The format having full form png has several advantages over JPEG. Two of these are:

  1. The compression is lossless in case of PNG

  2. PNG format also supports transparency.

Benefits of Using the PNG Format

There are several benefits of using the format that has png meaning. Some of the perks of the format are

  1. Supports several varieties of colors.

  2. It is the perfect format for editing images.

  3. The format has sharp edges and solid colors.

  4. It does not lose information during compression.

  5. Supports compression of digital images with transparent areas.

Uses of the PNG Format

The format having png full form can be used for the following types of activities:

  1. Creation of photos with line art e.g., drawings, illustrations, comics, etc.

  2. Scanning of text like newspapers, articles, letters, etc.

  3. Creation of charts, logos, graphs, blueprints, etc.

  4. Saving photoshopped images.


It is understandable from the above that the full form of png is Portable Network Graphics. It is also understandable from the above sections that the format has several benefits over other similar types of file formats like the GIF or the JPEG. These advantages have made the PNG more famous than its competitors.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. The PNG files saved in Microsoft Image Composer are not opening. What is the reason for this? 

The problem might have occurred due to issues created by an update to Windows XP S2. Under such a circumstance, an error message might be displayed when you are trying to open the file having png acronym. You can solve the problem by using freely downloadable add ons.

2. How can transparent PNGs be made?

The best way to make transparent PNGs is to use an image editor that supports this type of PNG. You can do this by the use of sources like Photoshop, Image Ready, Paint Shop Pro, etc. 

3. Can GIF be converted to the PNG format?

Yes, GIF can be converted to the format having png meaning with some simple steps. You can check the internet for these.