VIRUS Full Form

Aren't we all familiar with this word VIRUS? Definitely, we are, but most do not know the virus full form. You must have read about it in many places as something that is microscopic and causes health hazards. However, it is also a software program that is made to bug and indeed corrupts the software on your phones or computers.

Though we neglect them, it should not be so. The full meaning of the virus is Vital Information Resources Under Siege. If you want your pc to work correctly without any corruption, then it is better to install an anti-virus on it.

The disastrous disadvantages of computer viruses

There is a long list of problems that can be caused by computer viruses. Once these are afflicted on your computer or phones, then the effects can be threatening. Let us have a look at some of the most common problems:

  1. The computer virus can affect the power rating that can cause a blast if neglected.

  2. Some of the most powerful viruses can affect the files on your computer and corrupt them. It may also cause them to erase from computer memory.

  3. The boot sector of your computer can be damaged as well.

  4. The hard drive of your computer can be threatened or completely deleted.

  5. These viruses can also prevent some of the programs to become non-responsive. Thus, directing them towards complete corruption.

  6. Hacking can be quickly done to steal the information from your PC so that it is transferred to the hacker's computer.

  7. If the virus is neglected, then unrequited messages and notifications can keep on popping up your computer screen.

Unless you learn the full meaning of the virus, all these problems will not make any sense to you.


The bugs that threat your computer

Do not neglect the following Vital Information Resources Under Seize (the virus full form) or malware for the safe working of your system:

  1. Boot sector viruses

  2. Multipartite viruses

  3. Stealth viruses

  4. Polymorphic viruses

  5. Browser hijacker

  6. Resident viruses

  7. Trojan horse

  8. Spam virus

  9. Zombies

  10. Computer Worms



These viruses (check the virus meaning) enter your computer without your knowledge and can corrupt the software or affect the information without any trace. Since the computer can detect its presence, it will notify you, and you should not neglect it. If you do not know what to do, then get in touch with someone who does and do the needful well in time. So it is very crucial to understand the virus' full form and meaning.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to Get Rid of the Viruses?

The best way to keep your computer safe against viruses is to understand how a virus works and install an appropriate anti-virus. Many excellent and reliable anti-viruses are easily available and can be easily installed. To keep them effective it needs to be updated from time to time. This is the best and the easiest way to protect your computer from VIRUS attacks and losing out on valuable information. Also, never neglect the warnings that flash on your computer screen.

2. How do Viruses Enter our Computers?

There are n-number of ways in which your computer can come under a virus attack.  The easiest way would be through an e-mail attachment while downloading a file or opening a website that is already bugged or has a VIRUS encrypted to it.

3. Can They Cause Damage to Smartphones?

Yes. They definitely can corrupt your smartphones just the way they corrupt the computers. This leads to the stealing of data and malfunctions. Even your phone can be hacked to steal the data and that is why you must know what the virus stands for and how to tackle the same.