Women’s Safety in India Essay

Essay on Women’s Safety in India

Women safety in India is widely discussed everywhere nowadays. It has now become a major issue. The crime rate is on the spike. Women are neither safe outside nor at home. Women travellers from other countries are also in a dubious state while thinking about coming to India. However, this fear cannot keep them away from any kind of social activity. There are laws but there should be proper safety measures which we have to follow strictly to protect the women from violence. 

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Women’s life is endangered due to violence and discrimination and kept them away from participating in any social activity. In India, the rapid increase in crimes of women violence through Durga, Sati, Sabitri are worshipped by the people treating them as the goddess. Women are caged in the houses previously, but urbanization forces them to break these jails and show their talent to the world at par with men. Women showed their talent in every sector from the taxi driver to the CEO of multinational corporate companies. People must shrug off the idea that women can't do anything by going out of the house. They should admit that she has set foot on the moon too. Kalpana Chawala, the first Indian woman astronaut stepping on the moon, became a role model for not only women around the world but also all other men who desire to be astronauts. She became an inspiration in front of the whole world.

In India domestic abuse, sexual assault and murder are common forms of violence against women. Dowry death is an ultimate form of murder. Indians are still with the psychology that dowry is tradition and girls' father loses everything to pay it. Domestic violence or domestic abuse is done by one partner with the other partner in a relationship. The rate of domestic violence is increasing in India. 70% of women are victims of domestic violence. It leads to depression and suicides. It’s not a direct murder but it is a cause of murder for sure. Moreover, girls are forced into marriage at a young age. This child bride is not even mature enough to understand her responsibility. Acid throwing is a form of violent assault which ruins the beautiful girl's life. ‘Cheat in a relationship’ is the other commonly found crime against women. A man easily breaks up with his wife and starts a new life with another bride. 

Women safety is a crucial concern in India and a lot of organizations started working on it after Nirbhaya’s case. Women should adopt some self-defence tips and tricks so that it proves helpful during the worst sceneries for them. Countless videos and information about such defensive techniques are available online for educating women's safety. Primary and frontier tip for women is if it seems even a slight unsafe it's better to get out of that place immediately. 

Violence is widely observed in public transports, so she should try to avoid travelling with public transports at night, and if it's not possible then make sure you travel with enough crowd. If she is driving alone, don't give a lift to strangers, because we are not sure about their intentions. Using a smartphone wisely can provide a bodyguard in emergencies. There is plenty of handy equipment available in the market which will provide assistance at the time of emergencies. Keeping such equipment, sprays, small blades in the purse can be useful if things go wrong. Precautions are always better than cure! To protect women from domestic violence ‘The Parliament of India’ passed ‘The Protection of Women from Domestic violence Act 2005’.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can we Ensure Women Security in Society?

A. To ensure the security of the women in the country, the entire population should be well educated and the laws should be very tough against every kind of crime. Both the men and women of the society should be empowered with proper education and income so that they can fight against any harm to them.

2. What Steps can be Taken for the Safety of Girls?

A. Below measures can be taken for the safety of the girls. Take a look at the list below. 

  • Be aware of your surroundings always.

  • Learn some kind of self-defence. So that you can protect yourself in a difficult situation. 

  • Always fight against eve-teasing, molestation. 

  • Let your close ones know if you’re using a cab or public transport late at night.

3. Is there Any Law to Protect Women from Domestic Violence?

A. To protect women from domestic violence ‘The Parliament of India’ passed ‘The Protection of Women from Domestic violence Act 2005’.

4. Is there any Essay about Women Safety on Vedantu?

A. Yes, there is a well-written essay on women safety provided on Vedantu official website and mobile app as well. You can glance through the essay for a better understanding. You will understand the structure of the essay easily.