Status of Women in India Essay for Students in English

Essay On Status of Women in India

“The greatest indicator of a society progression is the status of women that holds it up”

The topic presented had two very strong words as subject, Status and Women. Before we move in further, let us set the premises for status. Broadly speaking, status denotes the influence and prestige a person holds in relation to another person in a social hierarchy of some worth. When we talk about a culture as diversified as India holds, the status of women has a lot of dimensions that can be explored.


Going back to our ancient roots, we have seen how important women are to society, not just biologically but also as a cultural influence and in that context, women have always held a very significant place in our country. That history has a blend of both good and bad factors, but it has always been significant.

From the ancient times, we have seen the mention of women in our Vedas and ancient scriptures where they have been allotted important places for e.g, no yajna was complete unless accompanied by women. The texts Mahabharat and Ramayana greatly reflect the place women had at different points of time. As mentioned earlier, India has a very diverse geography and geography is often very influential in dictating culture, we can see women holding different places in society from household activities in Rajasthan to Traders in Sikkim and North East India, and in between, we see women involved in various professions and competing alongside men in a multitude of fields such as Technology, Law, Administration, Teaching etc. Apart from conventional careers, we have women excelling in sports where P.T. Usha, Sania Mirza, Karnam Malleshwari etc.  who have represented and inspired many budding sportswomen in India. Moving on we can see that women have been a great influence on art and entertainment industry since the very beginning, and we have had cultural icons in various schools of art ranging from Meera to Lata Mangeshkar.

The government has brought several public schemes, reservations, and commissions to further strengthen the position of women in India.

Despite the heritage and modern progression, there is a lot that needs to be done. From the age of Manu till today, women have been subject to a lot of demeaning practices, societal negligence and customs designed to confine them and often treated as commodities rather than a human. Child Marriage, Sati, Casual dismissal of opinion and many more. Just to put in perspective, Being a poor and low caste person in India is a very troubled existence, but to be a low caste, a poor woman in India is a very tragic existence which in many cases appear inhuman.

Just going by the numbers, the number of reported cases for Domestic Violence, Crimes of Sexual Nature, Domestic Violence, Child prostitution is alarming high. More than 60 % of girls in rural India quit school as soon they start their menstrual cycle due to the social taboos and lack of access to hygiene products.

Affluent women from a stronger section of society also face a lot of challenges including eve-teasing, glass ceiling at work, Casual demeaning undertone in various conversation, lack of choice within the family, domestic violence, sexual assault by a close family member and many more.

Almost every woman has an account of molestation at different ages by someone they knew that has caused mental scar and trauma for an extended period. The biggest bane of society i.e. Dowry System still prevails and has far-reaching implications such as female feticide, not spending on education, limiting her social interactions and impending with her basic rights to pursue a career and life of her choice.

The status of women in India has a lot of dimension. It can give the illusion of being shiny and progressive from outside and in many cases, it is true that women are making great leaps, we have had lady head of states in India. But just scratching the surface ad we can see the dark, corroded roots that have held back women not just impeding their progress but also presenting uncountable challenges. One of the biggest problem women face when working on their status is the threat to their dignity from almost all sections from our society and she must walk a very careful line in order to maintain that balance. I believe its responsibility of every person to treat women as a person, not some goddess, not a gatekeeper of family honour but as humans and only then we can work on enriching her status.


To conclude I would like to say that women play multiple roles in our society and status should be honoured, respected and given a chance to attain higher status so that we as a society can attain even greater heights.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: What are the importance of Women’s Status in the Society?

Ans: In today’s era women uplifted with empowerment which equally responsible for the development of the society and it gives the same right and regards in various field.

Question 2:   What is the current Status of Women in India?

Ans: Women Status has changed a lot as time passes. Since women struggled a lot to attain her independent possession. As you can see in the current scenario there are various sector like IT, Sports, & Achieved their presence equally.