Women Education in India Essay

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Essay on Women Education in India

India is considered to be one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Its democracy is also quite overwhelming for the entire world as the country comprises many cultures, religions, and diversities. Since independence from the Colonial Rule, India has done miracles in different phases and made significant development. This development is also due to women’s education and empowerment steps taken by the government.

The social stigma of gender bias and inequality is changing rapidly. India is becoming a superpower due to the similar contribution of both the genders. By promoting education for women, India is also achieving a higher literacy rate very fast. This, on the other hand, will impressively help our country to progress in all aspects. The literacy rate of women was 8.6% after independence and has increased to 64% within 7 decades. Despite the glorifying facts, India is still wreaked with different malpractices and social stigmas in the deeper corners.

Child labour, child marriage, dowry, etc are a few of the prime reasons for gender inequality. Women were meant to be inside the house when men gathered food. This happened thousands of years ago when humans understood the biological differences between the genders. The time has changed. We have a haven for all of us to live and prosper. Women should enjoy every right man are enjoying. One of the prime rights women is entitled to be education. Education is the prime weapon to fight all such social stigmas and illogical practices.

This is the major step towards the brighter future of India. There are many reasons why women are still not given similar rights to enjoy and get educated. They are thought to be the burden of a family. Even today also, somewhere female feticide is practised. It means that this gender has less value in society. We need to educate the entire society regarding the social rights of all genders. Women should get educated to understand their rights as well.

If you look a little deeper, we will find that many crimes circle women such as trafficking, rape, feticide, murder, dowry, etc. Gender-based discrimination is the prime reason behind such crimes. Until and unless both the genders are considered to be equal, these crimes will carry on as usual. Women should be educated first. This is the stepping stone to such a beautiful future. 

Even in the 21st century, many families feel reluctant to send their girls children to pursue schooling and higher studies. One of the prime reasons behind such malicious thought is economic disparity. Many families are unable to send their children to schools. When it comes to gender, they choose their sons and could not afford education for girl children.

There are many reforms and acts that the government has amended to patronize women’s education. Aids are distributed and education is almost made free for children in rural areas so that women can get proper education to create a foundation. Their future is not restricted between the four walls of a house. Our society needs to believe that women are no less than men. They can pursue their dreams and compete with men in all phases.

We need to promote the benefits of women’s education. Major changes are made in bills to encourage women’s education. Strict actions are taken and criminals related to crime against should be penalized to stop gender discrimination. We should also teach our children that all genders are equal and should be treated accordingly. It is when women are educated, they will be empowered to make excellent decisions and will contribute to the economic growth of our country.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Importance of Women’s Education?

Ans: Women are another half of society and they should be educated to make cumulative advancement. Women are the other pillar of the economy of the country that should be strengthened. When one of the pillars is weak, it can bring down the integrity of our systems. Women’s education will also matter when it comes to the education of the next generation. Women will also learn about their birthrights and gender-based equal rights to become more independent and bring economic stability to their families. They can also pursue their goals and compete with men in every phase of life. The cumulative rate of literacy in the country will increase effectively.

2. What Kind of Hurdles Do Women Face Getting Educated?

Ans: The prime hurdle of women’s education is gender discrimination. India is still wrecked with the old practices where women are dictated to stay indoors and take care of the family. Crime related to women such as dowry, feticide, child labour, etc also occurs due to the same reason. When men are preferred more for seeking education than women, they get shut down. They do not have an understanding of the basic rights and tend to follow the same as a tradition. This should be changed and women should be empowered with such rights.

3. How Can We Make Indian Women Educated?

Ans: To bring a change, we need to make everyone understand that both genders are the same. When we teach how important it is to educate girl children, people will follow it. Many families cannot afford the girl child’s education. The central government has taken excellent measures to encourage women’s education. Making women independent will also support a family and the entire country.