Essay on Indian Heritage

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English Essay on Indian Heritage

‘Unity in diversity’ - this depicts India very well. Thus the range of Indian heritage is also quite vast. As the number of religions is quite innumerable in India so does the diversity and so does the heritage sites. One will find various historical heritage sites in every corner of India (basically every state). These heritage sites are built decades ago and still stand alive with all the significance. These historical monuments and sites are proof of how India witnessed the footsteps of various religions, various dynasties and traditions.

Below is a long and short essay on Indian culture and heritage that covers the richness of Indian traditions and the significance of the heritage sites.

Long and Short Essay on Indian Heritage

Sometimes we often stumble around to write an essay on any topic no irrespective of its difficulty level. Keeping that in mind, we have provided a few sample essays of Indian Heritage. These will help you to understand the structure of an essay and how to write it well during the exam.

Long Essay on Indian Culture and Heritage

If you get a question that reads ‘write an essay on Indian Heritage and Culture’, you must not be worried because you can now prepare yourself for the examination.

India is renowned for its rich history. From north to south, from east to west, every corner of India has its own story. Almost every state of India has one or more special Indian heritage sites which have now become the attractions of tourists. Some of the sites are so significant and ancient in world history that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has recognised them as world heritage sites. These sites have immense historical and cultural significance in today’s date.

Various Architectural Sites

Among all the Indian heritage, architectural sites are the treat to the eyes of travellers from all over the world. Besides, Indians’ love for its rich history keeps these heritage sites alive. It is the duty of the older generations to invoke the same love and respect for these sites. They shall learn the significance and keep their willingness to preserve the heritage for future generations.

There are so many architectural gems lying around surrounding us.

Starting from Ajanta Ellora caves to Khajuraho to Hampi, all these sites are really marvellous. These hold immense value to the Indian tourism industry. Many people’s lives revolve around these. Some other names which deserve to be mentioned are Taj Mahal, Lal Kila, Qutub Minar, Fatehpur Sikri, Bhulbhulaiya etc.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Heritage sites don’t necessarily mean only historical monuments or sites, it also includes various forests, temples, churches etc. India has a total of 38 total UNESCO world heritage sites i.e. 30 sites are cultural sites, 7 are natural sites and 1 is from mixed-criteria sites. Below are some of the world heritage sites in India recognised by UNESCO.

  • Ajanta Caves in India (Maharashtra)

  • Ellora Caves in India (Maharashtra)

  • Agra Fort in India (Uttar Pradesh)

  • Taj Mahal in India (Uttar Pradesh)

  • Sun Temple in India (Orissa)

  • Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram in India

  • Kaziranga National Park in India

  • Manas Wildlife Sanctuary in India

  • Churches and convents in Goa

  • Khajuraho in India

  • Hampi in India

  • Bodh Gaya in India

  • Red Fort in India

  • Sanchi in India

  • Chola Temples in India

Short Essay on Indian Heritage

It might not be easy to write a 100 words essay on Indian heritage, which is why we have provided a sample essay for the same below. Give it a read.

Indian history is as rich as its culture. If we look at the architectural marvels of the heritage sites such as Hampi, Khajuraho, Taj Mahal, Lal Kila, Qutub Minar, Fatehpur Sikri, Bhulbhulaiya, these still hold immense significance in terms of their marvellous art, engineering, construction and the labour behind each site. There are many ancient and historical monuments that stand alive. Some of them took literally one decade to hundred years to be built properly. Such beautiful heritage sites are very rarely seen these days if we talk about modern-day architecture.

Hence as a responsible citizen, it is our duty to take care of these Indian heritage sites and monuments so that these could be preserved and witnessed by our future generations as well.


India is one of the world’s oldest countries which is deeply rooted in the ancient history of human civilization. Hence these heritage sites still remain perfectly preserved to date. Hence it is our responsibility as a citizen of India to preserve these beautiful monuments for our future generation.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Name a Few UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India.

Ans: There are 38 total UNESCO world heritage sites in India i.e. 30 sites are cultural sites, seven are natural sites and one is mixed-criteria sites. A few names are - Ajanta Caves in India (Maharashtra), Ellora Caves in India (Maharashtra), Agra Fort in India (Uttar Pradesh), Taj Mahal in India (Uttar Pradesh), Sun Temple in India (Orissa), Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram in India, Kaziranga National Park in India, Khajuraho in India, Hampi in India, Chola Temples in India.

2. How to Write an Essay on Indian Heritage and Culture Easily?

Ans: With the help of the internet, it is very easy to write essays these days. Here are many sample essays on Indian heritage and culture easily available online. You can visit any renowned ed-tech portal to get access to such samples.