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Types of Construction Vehicles for Kids

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Constructions Vehicles Used in Modern World

Watching how big machines and vehicles work on a construction site is fascinating. Kids get glued to see such huge machines working and vehicles carrying a huge load from one point to the other. To light up their enthusiasm, find a list of construction machines in the form of commercial vehicles on a construction site.

What is a Construction Project?

A project where the construction of a building, road, dam, bridge, etc. is going on is called a construction project. In this project, different vehicles are used for various purposes. A single vehicle will not be able to provide all the functions. Hence, such a project needs the service and support of different types of construction vehicles.

Types of Construction Vehicles

Here is a list of modern construction vehicles used in contemporary projects.

Boom lift

It is a simple type of platform that can lift a person aerially above the ground. The platform is sturdy enough to provide grip and support to a construction worker. This is one kind of lift machine for construction that can lift two or more workers at a time. It all depends on the size of the bucket platform holds.

Scissor lift

This is an interesting lift machine used on construction sites. It has an aerial platform that can lift two or more workers higher above the ground with the help of levers and jacks functioning like scissors.


This is common construction equipment used in construction sites and other commercial spaces. A man can operate two static hands that go underneath a material and lift it up. Once lifted, the vehicle can deliver it to the desired location.


This machine has a single huge claw that can dig and remove materials, dirt, sand, and waste. In simpler words, a tractor is attached with a huge claw in the front. It is also used for levelling uneven grounds.

Bulldozer used in construction

Bulldozer Used in Construction


A trencher is a very useful machine for digging trenches and laying pipelines, drainage systems, etc. It comes in different models based on industrial requirements.

Backhoe Loader

A backhoe loader may look similar to a bulldozer but it has unique capabilities. It is a bucket attached to a tractor in the front and a backhoe at the back. It is used for easy landscape work, digging trees, moving boulders, and moving dirt.


It is a heavy construction vehicle used to excavate or dig deeper. It is a vehicle made of a wheeled undercarriage. A cockpit is built on it for the operator. It is attached with a cab, dipper, bucket, and boom. It is used to make trenches, holes, and foundations.

Asphalt paver

As the name suggests, it is a heavy vehicle machine used to pave roads with asphalt. The hot mixture of asphalt is laid on the ground maintaining a proposed thickness. The asphalt is then levelled by a drum roller.

Drum Roller

A drum roller is attached to a heavy drum in front of a tractor-like vehicle. It is used for levelling uneven grounds and compressing asphalt on construction sites.

Off-highway Truck

This construction vehicle is made for rough terrains of a construction site. It is highly powerful to carry scrap, dirt, etc. and is generally used as a dump truck.

An off-highway truck

An off-highway Truck 

Towable and Portable Light Tower

Construction on a site can go on at night. All the workers will need a proper source of light to see to avoid accidents. This is where heavy-duty portable light towers are used. These towers can be towed by any commercial vehicle and can be set anywhere on a construction site.

Tips for Parents

Explain the road construction equipment names and pictures along with real estate construction so that kids can understand the purpose of the vehicles. It will become a lot easier for young minds to learn about different construction vehicles.

FAQs on Types of Construction Vehicles for Kids

1. Why are construction vehicles bigger than commercial ones?

Construction vehicles are made for on-road and off-road terrains and have functions differently than commercial vehicles.

2. Why are there only one or two seats in construction vehicles?

If you check most of the construction vehicles names, you will find a seat for one or two operators in the cockpit. They are not made to carry people.

3. Are construction vehicles tougher than commercial vehicles?

Yes. Construction vehicles are tougher in terms of durability and strength.

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