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Short Paragraph Construction

Last updated date: 22nd Feb 2024
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What is a Paragraph?

A paragraph is a collection of words combined together to make a longer unit than a sentence. It's a set of sentences that are well-organized and coherent, and they're all about the same thing. Several sentences often make up a paragraph. There are normally three to eight sentences in a paragraph. Almost all of the writing one reads in a textbook or an article can be grouped into paragraphs if it is longer than a few sentences.


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Paragraph Writing

Types of Paragraphs

Different Types


Paragraph Topics

Descriptive Paragraph

In this type a detailed painting is created for the reader. Smells, tastes, feels, looks, and sounds are all used in all descriptive sentences. 

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Narrative Paragraph

A narrative paragraph is used to describe an event or a story. It could be a natural occurrence, someone's life story, or a fiction that is imaginative.

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Persuasive Paragraph

In this type of paragraph, one can state their opinions and reasons and write in a way that the reader also feels similarly about the topic. 

Example: Honesty is the Best Policy

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Explanatory Paragraph

To explain how anything works, or when a method step by step, instruction is needed this is helpful. It provides precise information about a subject to the reader.

Example: Building a Lego

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Illustration Paragraph

In this type of topic one aspect of life is given. And one can express their likes and dislikes with the use of clear and detailed examples. 

This element could be anything: a specific location, a specific product, a person, a subject, a job, an animal, and so on.

Example: Hiking, Water Sports

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Paragraph Writing Format

1. Develop a topic sentence as the first sentence of a paragraph.

The first sentence of your paragraph should offer the reader an idea of the type of information they may expect to find when they read the rest. The initial sentences should construct a scenario that will set the tone for the rest of the sentence.  And the rest of the sentence should strive to maintain the same theme.

Example: Topic - My Favourite Colour

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Color Blue

Sentence: My favourite colour is visible to all as it is the colour of the sky. My favourite colour is blue.

2. Make Use of the Middle Sentences for Support

The essential sentences in the paragraph should be supplemented by the middle sentence. You can use this middle sentence to persuade the reader of the main point you made in the beginning. Expand every detail so the viewers can perceive everything from your point of view.

Example: Topic - My Favourite Colour

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Blue Sea and Clouds

Middle/Supporting Sentence: Nature shows all its vastness and beauty in blue like the ocean. Blue colour and the word can be used to express so many things. Blue is taken as an example to express coldness. It is also associated with the colour of sadness. Like one says when they are sad, ‘I am feeling blue since this morning.’ Blue is also the colour of peace and harmony. Whenever I wear blue coloured clothes I feel beautiful and confident. The colour blue is really soothing for the eyes as well. The Indian national cricket team uniform is blue which is so symbolic of greatness.

3. The last sentence should be a transition or a conclusion.

The last sentences of a paragraph might be used to conclude the main theme of that paragraph. This concluding sentence should provide a summary of the details you supplied. If one wishes to write another paragraph the use transition words like additionally, furthermore, moreover, consequently, similarly etc. 

Example: Topic - My Favourite Colour

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Woman in Blue Saree

Last/Concluding Sentence: The best part about the colour blue that I feel is safety and protection. I have always seen my mother in blue sarees, it is her favourite colour as well. And even when I step out I feel my mother is with me protecting at every step. 

Short Paragraph Construction Example

Write a Paragraph Practice Exercise

Paragraph Example

Q. Write a Paragraph on the topic ‘Myself’.

Ans:                                                    Myself

My name is Anika Sharma and I am 7 years old. I study at Vimla Convent School, Bhawanipatna. I am in grade 3 and I am also the class monitor. I go to school every day on my bicycle. I like to ride it alongside my friends on my way to school. My favourite subject is English because of Ms Sheena who is very kind and a great teacher. I have an older sister, Aditi. She is now in grade 7. She always helps me with my homework. My father and mother both have their own businesses. My hobby is dancing and playing cricket with my friends. My best friend is Dev and we share everything with each other.

Q. Write a short paragraph on the topic ‘My Pet’. Make sure that the paragraph is not more than 10 sentences.

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Pet Dog


Topic - My Pet

I have a pet dog named Bruno. He is brown and furry. He is named after my mother’s favourite singer, Bruno Mars. Bruno came into my life when I was 4 years old. I clearly remember the day when I saw him for the first time. My older brother and I went to the Adoption Centre for Rescued Dogs. Initially, Bruno was very scared of everything around him. With proper care, love and attention Bruno started to be friendly with us. He slowly became energetic and along with it naughty as well. He is very protective of all of us and one day even saved my mother’s bag from being stolen. His loyalty and enthusiasm are what I love the most. I will spend many years in his company full of joy and happiness.

Learn by Doing it Yourself

1. Write a descriptive paragraph on the topic ‘My favourite Cartoon Character’.  

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Cartoon Character

2. Write a paragraph on the topic ‘My School’.

(Image will be uploaded soon)

3. Write a paragraph on the topic ‘ My best friend’.

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My Best Friend

4. Write a paragraph on the topic ‘My Favourite Festival.’

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FAQs on Short Paragraph Construction

1. What is a paragraph and how does it work?

The main idea, its supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence are the three basic sections of a paragraph. Every paragraph should include just one key idea, and the sentences after that should be in support of the main key idea. If the point or opinion starts changing one can explain further in a different paragraph.

2. What is the difference between short and long paragraphs?

A short paragraph is about 100-200 words and focuses on one main topic that is very specific. A short paragraph has supporting details about the main idea and concludes in a way that further promotes the main idea. On the other hand, a long paragraph can be a specific topic or a broad one. The ideas and opinions presented in long paragraphs can be supportive sentences or not supporting ideas as well. The conclusion however needs to be specific and well developed.

3. How is paragraph writing useful for kids?

The kids are usually presented with short paragraph writing exercises. This helps them think about the topic from different angles and use words that link these thoughts. The concise way of writing helps the children to be exact in their words and this builds reasoning skills. The way of connecting sentences and citing related to the topic helps them be better thinkers.