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What are the Benefits of Electric Vehicles?

By Satabdi MazumdarOctober 27, 2022
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Are Electric Vehicles The Way To Save the Environment?

While you imagine the future of vehicles, what are the things that come to your mind? Do you think of futuristic vehicles that can fly? The ones that can take a person to space? Or the ones that are powered using electricity? Well, we are here to tell you that we are in the future of the vehicles already. While space travel using vehicles might be a distant possibility, we are going to talk about the vehicles that run on electricity and the benefits of electric vehicles

What is Electric Vehicle? 

An electric car or an electric vehicle, as the name insists, runs on electricity instead of using diesel or petrol. These vehicles don’t contain a combustion engine. But there is a battery in the electric car or vehicle that powers all the electric motors, thus making the vehicle move.

An Electric Car

An Electric Car

But isn’t it true that regular cars and vehicles also contain batteries? Well, yes, there are regular vehicles that do contain batteries. However, those batteries are just to start the engine as the cars actually function due to petrol or diesel. Once the engine is turned on, you will require petrol or diesel to actually run. In the case of energy electric vehicles, the battery alone is responsible for making it move. 

How Can Electric Vehicles Be Charged? 

There are different facilities available in locations where the batteries of the electric cars can be charged. These places are called charging stations and they pretty much look like a gas station or a petrol pump. In those charging stations, long cables are used to charge electric cars and vehicles.

So, one of the most important questions that people have about electric vehicle options and cars is whether these are actually common or not. If you are a fan of Tesla, Elon Musk’s company, you would know that these cars and vehicles are actually pretty famous. In India as well, there are a lot of E Vehicle service options that include bikes, autos, cars, etc.

Understanding the Advantages of Electric Vehicles 

Electric vehicles have managed to change the face of transport as we see it today. So, it makes one wonder, why are electric vehicles so popular in the first place. Well, the benefits of electronic vehicles are quite a few and we are going to talk about them in detail. 

  • Running Costs are Lower 

When it comes to electric cars and vehicles, the running costs are much lower when compared to petrol and diesel running vehicles. Since electric vehicles tend to use electricity for charging the batteries instead of actually using the fossil fuels such as diesel or petrol, the costs are actually lower. Not to mention that electric vehicles are a lot more efficient. Add that to the fact that electricity is way cheaper than petrol and diesel. So, it can be said without a doubt that charging an electric car will be much easier and more affordable. 

  • Lower Costs of Maintenance 

Talking about the maintenance costs, electric vehicles tend to have much lower rates. Since these cars don’t have many parts that are moving. So, the requirements for servicing for different electric vehicles tend to be much lesser than the conventional diesel and petrol vehicles. Hence, the yearly costs associated with electric vehicles are significantly lower. 

  • Tax Benefits 

The road tax fees and the registration fees related to purchasing a proper electric vehicle will be comparatively lesser than the diesel and petrol vehicles for sure. There are different incentives and policies offered by the government based on the state in which you are living. So, there are some tax benefits that people will get which further fortifies the need of electric vehicles

  • Save The Planet 

There is no doubt that fossil fuels are very much limited, and using those fuels is significantly creating a negative impact on the planet. Most petrol and diesel vehicles tend to emit toxic gases and materials that are eventually harmful to not just the environment but also the health of the public. In this case, electric vehicles again take the lead because these vehicles are able to efficiently convert about 60% of the entire energy in the best way. Petrol and diesel vehicles are able to only convert 17-20% which is about 80% wastage of energy. Therefore, the use of electric vehicles in the transport system can actually help in saving the planet from the air pollution effects. 

  • Easy to Drive 

One of the best things about electric vehicles is that they don’t have any gears and hence are completely convenient to drive as well. The role of batteries in electric vehicles is not just to switch the vehicle on but make it functional as well. If you charge the battery of the vehicle, you will be able to drive it very efficiently. There aren’t any complicated controls as well. Charging the batteries is also pretty easy. Not to mention that these vehicles tend to be pretty quiet and hence are more comfortable for most people. 

  • Zero Noise Pollution 

Electric cars are definitely look cooler and have amazing functions that would certainly impress people. However, there is another feature that is quite beneficial for the environment. There is a silent functioning feature in most electric vehicles these days. The motor of the electric vehicle functions so silently and smoothly that the creators of the vehicles have to insert some fake sounds to make them safer for pedestrians. 

Importance of Electric Vehicles 

So, what do you think, are electric vehicles actually worth it? To be honest, there are a few drawbacks to electric vehicles as well. For instance, the charging process of an electric vehicle can take somewhere between 30-45 mins which can be quite long for some people. Apart from that, charging stations aren’t available in all the locations. So, finding one might be quite the search. Also, since these cars are the most effective and efficient models that have a futuristic look and appeal, the costs for electric vehicles tend to be pretty high. Only a few people have them but there is simply no doubt that the advantage and importance of electric vehicles surely mitigate the cons and hence it would be safe to say that electric vehicles are the future.