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Fun Indoor Summer Camp Activities and Games for Kids

By FatimaApril 12, 2024
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Every child has gotten a whiff of it — it’s summer vacation again. They’re running outside, taking turns to play hide-and-seek, or simply learning more about nature. But what will happen when the days get too hot, or the sky opens with a heavy downpour?

Fun Indoor Summer Camp Activities and Games for Kids

Suddenly, in no time, you'll be scrambling for ways to keep the little ones entertained. This is why having a few indoor games up your sleeve is essential. Think about it - less mess, less stress, and a lot of creativity brewing indoors.

Are you nodding along, thinking, "Yep, that's my summer forecast?”. Then you’ll be delighted to know that we’re taking you through 13 indoor games for summer camp that promise to keep kids entertained, engaged, and even educated without stepping foot outside.

This guide has been designed to introduce you to a world full of indoor fun activities for kids of all ages and make you aware of the reasons why indoor camp activities are necessary in the first place.

Ready for the journey? Dive in for details!

Why is it Important to Arrange for Indoor Games for Kids During Summer?

Besides weather unpredictably, here are a couple of reasons why gearing up with indoor activities can be a game-changer:

  • Easy Cleanup: Let’s face it, indoor activities can be tailored for minimal mess, making your life a tad easier

  • Creative Outlets: Indoor time is perfect for sparking creativity in a controlled environment where imagination can run wild within walls

Top 13 Fun Indoor Games for Summer Camp

Whether you’re a parent trying to wrap your head around how to keep your little ones busy during the summer season through indoor activities or you’re just looking for inspiration on what sort of activities will be educational so your child doesn't detach from studies completely during their summer break, this list of 13 has something for you. Let’s get you started!

1. Interactive Movie Watching

Interactive Movie Watching

Movie watching doesn’t have to be a passive activity. Introducing a few engagement techniques can transform movie watching into a learning experience. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Choose a movie that's a hit among children 

  • Before you hit play, sit down and list out characters, catchphrases, or recurring themes in the movie

  • For each item on your list, come up with a small, fun action. For example, every time a character says their signature line, everyone has to wear sunglasses until the next line comes up

The Benefits of Interactive Movie Watching

  • Turns a passive activity into an engaging experience that keeps every kid on their toes

  • Teaches kids attention to detail and improves listening skills as they need to watch and listen carefully to catch their cues

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2. Indoor Relay Races

Indoor Relay Races

What happens when the weather is unkind, but kids are still simmering with energy? Well, an indoor relay race is an ideal activity, then. It promises laughter and energy burn in equal measure.

  • Clear a stretch in your home to serve as the track

  • Gather a variety of silly outfits and accessories in a box at one end of the track

  • Players split into teams

  • One at a time, each player dashes to the box, selects an item to wear, and runs back

  • The next teammate can’t start until the previous one has dressed up and tagged them

  • You can keep things super interesting by changing the dressing theme or adding funny tasks like singing a line from a song before tagging the next player

Why is the Dress-up Indoor Relay Race a Camp Favorite?

The dress-up relay race:

  • Is a creative teamwork challenge

  • Teaches kids about collaboration, as they must work together to win

  • Encourages quick thinking and adaptability as kids decide on the spot which outfit piece to grab and how to wear it quickly

While these indoor games provide a solid foundation for fun and learning, incorporating structured educational activities can further enhance your child's summer. Vedantu offers a range of online courses for kids that blend fun with education, making it a perfect addition to your summer plan.

3. YouTube Karaoke

YouTube Karaoke

When the energy is buzzing but nobody is up to running around, that’s when YouTube Karaoke saves the day. It’s a fantastic summer camp activity for kids of all ages. All you need is a suitable playlist.

  • You will need either a projector or a large TV. Connect it to your internet device, and ensure you have good speakers for that concert vibe.

  • Ask kids to assist you with a song playlist

  • Look for karaoke versions of popular songs, making sure the content is age-appropriate

  • Consider creating themed playlists to match children's interests

  • Encourage not just singing but also dancing and even costume changes

  • Make it a full performance by assigning different roles, like backup dancers or band members, ensuring everyone's involved

Why’s YouTube Karaoke a Camp Hit?

Beyond the obvious musical fun, karaoke also:

  • Builds confidence and public speaking skills as children perform in front of an audience

  • Enhances reading skills as they follow the lyrics on screen

  • Develops a sense of rhythm and an appreciation for music

4. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Nothing beats a game of indoor scavenger hunt during those too-hot or too-wet summer days. Here’s how you can plan a perfect day of scavenger hunt while stuck indoors with high-energy children.

  • Write age-appropriate clues, mix in some riddles, picture clues for younger kids, and word puzzles for older ones

  • Each clue leads to the next location with a hidden item or the next clue

  • Hide the clues in safe, challenging places

  • Consider themes for your hunt, like a detective mystery or a treasure hunt, to make it more engaging

  • Divide the kids into teams or have them play individually

  • Set clear rules, like no running or staying within certain areas, to keep it safe and fun

Why is Scavenger Hunt One of the Most Fun Indoor Games for Summer Camp?

Besides the fact that it’s a thrilling adventurous indoor activity, scavenger hunt also:

  • Emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking

  • Sharpens logical reasoning and sharpers observation skills through deciphering clues and finding objects

  • Boosts communication abilities and teamwork

5. Board Games

Board Games

Board games are a classic indoor activity that can be both educational and fun. They offer a variety of options to suit different ages and interests.

  • Game Selection: Offer a range of games, from strategy-based to luck-based ones, ensuring something for everyone. Consider the educational value, like games that involve math skills, wordplay, or critical thinking

  • Engagement Tips: Rotate the choice of games to keep interest high. Introduce new games occasionally to challenge the kids and keep them engaged. Consider setting up a tournament with small prizes for winners

The Unparalleled Benefits of Indoor Board Games

Board games are a rich source of learning.

  • Depending on the game, kids can develop strategic thinking, math skills, and improve their concentration

  • Games with a focus on vocabulary or trivia can enhance language and general knowledge

6. Sock Hockey

How do you keep those little legs busy when the weather becomes a mood killer? There’s nothing like sock hockey! It’s so simple to set up that even if you decide not to enroll your children in a summer camp, you can easily arrange for sock hockey with some basic household items. Yep — it’s really that simple.

  • Use brooms as hockey sticks and a softball or a rolled-up pair of socks as the puck

  • Set up goals using boxes or create them with tape on the floor

  • Clear the playing area of any breakables and ensure the floor is slip-resistant. Playing on carpet can help reduce the risk of falls

  • Explain the basic rules of hockey and adapt them for indoor play

  • Keep teams small to avoid chaos

  • Consider timed matches to keep the game moving and give everyone a chance to play

What are the Unique Advantages of Sock Hockey?

Sock hockey offers a playful way to:

  • Introduce children to sportsmanship and the basics of hockey

  • Teach them hand-eye coordination

  • Explain the importance of teamwork and fair play

  • Teach kids how to develop a winning strategy

  • Quicken their reflexes and boost decision-making skills

7. Plastic Bottle Bowling

If you want something simple but more than fun – something that can actually teach kids life skills – plastic bottle bowling is the best solution.

Here’s how you can proceed with this game:

  • Gather ten empty plastic bottles, preferably of the same size, to serve as bowling pins

  • Any smooth ball that is easy for children to roll — like a soccer ball — can serve as the bowling ball

  • Arrange the bottles in a traditional triangle formation at one end of a hallway or a long room

  • Mark a starting line a suitable distance away, ensuring there’s enough challenge for the kids

Why Does It Matter?

This activity is more than just fun.

  • It nurtures hand-eye coordination as kids aim and adjust their throw strength

  • It introduces basic principles of physics like force, motion, and gravity in a way that kids can comprehend and enjoy

In fact, by using recycled bottles, this game also opens up a conversation about sustainability and repurposing everyday objects. In this way, you can make kids environmentally conscious at a very young age.

8. Detective Game

Detective Game

Did you ever know that fun indoor games at camps can open up even the shyest of children and make them comfortable participating in activities within a group? The ice-breaking game we’re talking about is none other than an all-time favorite: detective games.

Here’s how to proceed with the detective game:

  • One child plays the detective and leaves the room

  • The remaining kids then change something about their appearance or swap places

  • When the detective returns, they must spot the differences. This can range from swapping a hair accessory to changing seats

How Does a Detective Game Stand Apart from Other Indoor Games?

The detective game is all about observation, which can motivate even quiet and sky kids to participate enthusiastically. This game:

  • Sharpens critical thinking and observational skills, as kids must notice subtle differences to identify the changes made

  • Improves social skills and teaches kids the importance of teamwork as they work together

  • Promote communication and collaborative problem-solving

  • Strengthens social bonds, as kids enjoy the shared challenge of either fooling the detective or solving the puzzle

9. Indoor Parkour

Indoor Parkour

Obstacle games and challenges are the perfect fun indoor games for summer camp for children of all ages. Here’s how you can proceed with the setup:

  • Use pillows, furniture, and safe household items to create an obstacle course

  • Create a path that requires kids to jump, crawl, balance, and maneuver around without touching the floor

  • Each section of the course can challenge a different physical skill, from balance on a narrow beam (a line of tape on the floor) to agility (weaving through chairs)

Why Does It Matter?

Indoor parkour is an excellent indoor game that:

  • Promotes physical fitness, agility, and balance, which are crucial for children's motor development

  • Encourages kids to think creatively

  • Teaches the basics of planning and enhances awareness and problem-solving skills

  • Teaches risk assessment as children learn to judge what they can safely do in the space provided

10. Sardines

If your kid is shy and struggles to communicate, a game of sardines is all it will take. Sardines is all about mingling up!

In this reverse hide-and-seek game, one person hides, and everyone else seeks. When a seeker finds the hider, they quietly join them in the hiding spot. The game continues until all seekers have crammed into the hiding spot like sardines in a tin. The last person to find the group becomes the next hider.

Why Does It Matter?

Sardines offers a unique twist on teamwork and strategy. It’s a social game that requires communication and patience. As the hiding spot becomes increasingly crowded, kids learn about personal space and cooperation too.

11. Arts & Crafts

No list of indoor fun summer activities can ever be complete without some art and craft. We mean it – every child isn’t power-packed with energy that keeps churning up. Some kids are on the quieter side of the spectrum and enjoy the calmness that arts and crafts activities offer. Plus, even extremely active kids can learn a lot from the right craft activities.

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Set up a creativity station with various materials—paper, cardboard, paint, markers, glue, scissors, and recycled items

  • Challenge kids to create individual projects or collaborate on a group masterpiece

  • Themes can be as broad as "summer" or as specific as "underwater worlds," giving children direction but plenty of room for interpretation

Why Does It Matter?

Young children learn to express their emotions through art. This activity strengthens:

  • Fine motor skills through cutting, gluing, and painting

  • Encourages critical thinking and decision-making as kids plan their projects and solve problems, like figuring out how to make a cardboard stand up

  • Working on group projects teaches children about teamwork and communication

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12. Minute to Win It Games

How do you teach kids to perform when there’s pressure of completing a task within a set deadline without freaking them out? Try ‘minute to win it’ games! These are the best ways to teach kids how to perform without taking pressure.

You can pick a few simple, goofy challenges that the kids can do in a minute or less – stacking cups or racing to unwrap candies with oven mitts on

Why Does it Matter?

These games teach kids:

  • How to think and act fast – to think and act fast — really fast

  • The spirit of healthy competition as they try to beat the clock

  • About time management and under-pressure performance

  • How to do their best when there’s a deadline

13. Card Houses, Domino Designs, and Marble Runs

Card Houses, Domino Designs, and Marble Runs

If your kids are great at building things with their hands, there’s nothing better than building through cards. Who knows, you might be able to spark something that could turn into a profession later on. After all, every architect starts somewhere. Yours could start with a card house! Their itch to get better at building – making them look at being architects

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Grab a deck of cards, a set of dominoes, or marbles

  • Challenge your kids to build something amazing. It could be a tall card house, an intricate domino setup, or a marble run that twists and turns

  • It's a sneaky way to teach them about balance, design, and a bit of physics

Why are These Activities Important?

Working on these projects, whether solo or as a team, is a fantastic way for kids to hone their problem-solving skills and learn patience.

Building with cards, dominos, or creating marble runs also:

  • Teaches foundational principles of engineering and physics, like balance, gravity, and cause and effect

  • Enhance fine motor skills, patience, and concentration

  • Encourages children to think out of the box


Summer is just as unpredictable as children – one day it could be a nice pleasant day, the very next day could be a blazing hot furnace or a rainy fiasco. Just so these variations don’t dampen their spirit and energy, you need to plan some fun indoor games for summer camp.

With games such as building through cards, championing obstacles, scavenger hunts, and indoor relay races, among others, kids have a great time while:

  • Learning new skills such as reading, coding, painting, and storytelling

  • Getting better at physics

  • Honing their motor skills

  • Understanding the value of teamwork

  • Learning how to develop winning strategies

  • Staying physically fit

Want to give them higher access to better quality learning while not compromising one bit on fun? How about enrolling them in the fun virtual summer camp by Vedantu? Our amazing courses are designed to benefit kids from ages 4 to 12. Watch them have fun with science, improve math, and build vocabulary from the comfort of home. Only limited seats are remaining. Don’t miss your chance – book today!