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Speech on Unity is Strength

Last updated date: 12th Apr 2024
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Long and Short Speech on Unity is Strength

Unity means the state of being whole or joined as one. It doesn’t matter whether it is between 2 persons or 2 billion people. When they are on the same page, and work for the betterment of each member in that lies unity. And unity is truly a strength as our history is evidence of many such incidents. It is through unity that people work as a team, and teamwork is always more valuable as it brings people together. In this article of Speech on Unity is strength we will explore different ways to present such speech. It can be a long or a short speech on unity. 


Long Speech on Unity is Strength

This format can help students to delve deeper into the topic of Unity is Strength. And such a speech of 500 words is useful for students in grades 8-12.


Good morning everyone, I am Abc (mention your name) here to speak on the topic of Unity is Strength. In our country, there is a diversity of different kinds of people, coming from different districts, regions or states of the country. And because we fought back and rebelled against the British who had for aeons treated us as slaves in our country we could attain independence. 


We would not be living in a free nation like ours if it were not for the unity demonstrated by our freedom fighters who sacrificed so much for us. History is evident for what a revolution unity can bring. For instance, in the Battle of Saragarhi, in the year 1897 on 12th September, 21 Sikh soldiers stood united and fought against the Afghans bravely. They gave their lives for the country. 


Today abroad, wherever there are people belonging to a particular nation, invariably form a community. Unity of communities is seen where they have a history of shared experiences and relate to one another. This feeling of belongingness because of unity gives them the strength to live their lives courageously in a foreign land far away from home.


Unity is not just limited to the nation. It is a broad term that can also be associated with unity among families, students in a classroom, marriages and religion. When the students are united, they can deal with difficulties easily and also stand up for their rights when one is discriminated against or ill-treated. When in a marriage the couple is united, it is beneficial for the family as they can hold each other through the ups and downs of life.


Sadly today, there is less unity among the people and they are hell-bent on rising above one another. In the name of religion, colour and caste, many battles and wars are fought. Like in our country, the Muslim community being the minority faces so many allegations even though they are not at fault. I have come to know of many such harsh experiences because my best friend belongs to a Muslim family.


The political lens portrayed as the world view should not mislead us. The truth that crime can be committed by anybody despite their religious inclinations creates divisions and people don’t unite with others at a time of crisis. When you believe such a piece of information it robs you of many beautiful experiences as you become apprehensive and cynical of others. And that is no way to fully enjoy or live one life.  


Let’s not fall prey to any such trap of divisive opinions and prove to the world once again that unity is strength. We can do this by truly understanding and acting upon it by removing all personal biases. India is the most diverse country and we must be the flag bearers of unity.


Thank you.


Short Speech on Unity 

This is a 250-word speech on unity that will explain the meaning and importance of the topic. It can be extremely helpful for students in grades 4-7.


Good morning everyone, respected principal, teachers and students. I am here today to speak on the topic of unity and help understand that unity is strength. In this competitive world that we currently reside in, everyone wants to outperform one another in both the professional and personal aspects of life.


While it is important to be ambitious, one must remember that spending time with family and finding time for the things we love is even more important. Because of this driven nature, we are not spending time with one another. This lack of having quality time has made us more reserved and averse to other people. 


This aversion leads to indifference, which creates a division that is the opposite of unity. It is through unity that our country fought and won against the British for independence. And today we do not bother to acknowledge each other for anything. 


The world that we live in is also diverse and our nation alone stands at the peak of diversity. And if we don’t stand united on all fronts then who are we supposed to reach out for? All that is good, lies in unity, it is through unity that we can move mountains and face every adversity or threat. 


Unity must be an inherent part of families, marriage, communities, religions and nations regardless of our differences. Fights and misunderstandings based on our differences are baseless, our uniqueness and diversities should be our strength.


The spirit of the phrase unity is strength, fits our nation the best and we should also embrace it as individuals and live our lives in peace and harmony. 


Thank you.


10 Line Speech on Unity is Strength

This is a brief speech on unity helpful to make understand its meaning to the students in grades 1-3.

  1. The famous quote ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ truly captures the essence and spirit of Unity is a strength.

  2. Earlier we were slaves to the British empire because they divided and conquered us.

  3. They could do that because we all lacked unity among ourselves as countrymen and an entire nation.

  4. And once we rose to the occasion and stood together putting our united front we attained independence after 200 years of rule in 1947.

  5. Now we are further divided because we lack empathy and tolerance for one another.

  6. Even belonging to the same nation has divided us by so many differences that we focus on.

  7. Instead of that, we should focus on first being a human being and find our commonality in that and not in religion or caste and colour. 

  8.  It is our differences that make us beautiful, like no finger of a palm is the same and each has its own use. We as people also should stay united like that.

  9. Unity also gives us the courage and strength to fight back and have faith in our support system even when a marriage becomes successful when the individuals are united. 

  10. It is an important quality and it keeps the families and communities together. 

FAQs on Speech on Unity is Strength

1. How to write a speech?

To write and deliver a good speech, follow these steps-

  • Understand the Audience- Understanding the audience who'll be witnessing the speech can give one edge as then one will prepare them in a target audience-oriented way. Getting to know the audience will give insight into their thoughts, biases, and audiences. This will help to reach them fluidly. Assume what questions the audience might ask or what they'll be expecting from the speech and if one could surprise the audience by capturing their attention to the fullest. Understanding the audience can help one hack their speech for maximum and optimum output.

  • Focus on the Topic- When preparing for the speech, take sufficient time to understand the topic and make sure the speech is directed in an expected way and not going anywhere at any time. Start with understanding the topic and marking what all points are needed to be covered in a speech. Then prepare an outline on how the speech will go point by point. Now write the speech as practice reading it in your head and aloud. 

  • Control What can be Controlled- Knowing the venue and being prepared with appropriate research will minimize the chance of mistakes. Practicing by keeping the time frame given in mind and listening to the recording of practice can help one to improve in a very short period.

2. How can unity be achieved in a team?

Unity in a team is very important to work together and win the competition or complete the project. Unity can be achieved in a team by-

  • Define Goals- The whole team should know what they are fighting for and what they've been working towards so that they are constantly motivated.

  • Trust- Trust in=a very important for unity and is best when everyone in a team can trust each other. 

  • Practice- Practice is one of the most important and hidden secrets of unity as no team is perfect from day 1, they need to understand each other, make mistakes and trust again to make a good team. 

3. What are some important secondary tips to make a speech good?

 Speeches can be made interesting and grab more attention when you follow the following tips-

  • Interesting- An interesting speech should be delivered interestingly and pleasingly so that the audience is inspired to pay attention and not get distracted.

  • Considering the Audience- A good Speech is delivered to a specific audience considering the anticipations, interests, and nature of opinions of the audience.

  • Speaking Slowly- An ideal speech is delivered slowly and in the usual tone. It helps the audience to hear and understand the message clearly.

  • Free from Emotions - one more thing to keep in mind is that a good speech is one that is delivered in an impartial and unemotional, unbiased way as the speaker’s emotion could lead them away from the theme.

  • Ensuring Participation of Audience- Great speeches guarantee the participation of the audience with the speaker which means the audience will ensure their engagement through adequate listening, expressing their opinions and viewpoints with the speaker.

4. What makes a speech, a ‘Good Speech’?

Speeches are a big part of our history and as well an important skill for one to climb up the success ladder. Speech giving is not an easy skill but can be learned with practice and the right understanding of what to do. Following are a few things that should be kept in mind to write and deliver a good speech-

  • Clarity- Clarity in a speech refers to a clear and precise speech that the audience can understand easily. If the speech is not clear enough to communicate its meaning and message to the audience, it will become useless. The message of the speech should be definite and appropriate to the topic.

  • Pointedness- Nobody wants to hear the same things again and again with different words and therefore the speech should be as concise as possible. The audience becomes intolerant with a long speech and hence, unnecessary points should be removed from the speech.

  • Use of Body Language- Good Speech becomes perfect with the necessary body language. Therefore, while delivering a speech, the speaker should use various nonverbal cues to engage with the audience on a subconscious level and keep their attention on the speech. This is very useful to minimize distractions for the listeners.