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Shape Games for Kids: 6 Fun Games for Kids to Learn Shapes

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Last updated date: 12th Jul 2024
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Fun Shape Game for Kids

It is crucial for toddlers to learn different shapes as it is a foremost step for further learning of alphabets and Mathematical concepts. So, we have provided fun shape games for kids to learn different shapes.

With these fun games based on shapes, children will be able to identify the difference and similarities between the shapes. Read on to know 6 different fun games for kids to make them learn the different shapes.

1. Shape Patterns Sequencing Games

Shape patterns is a type of sequence game in which children are asked to complete the pattern of different shapes. This game is excellent at recognizing the different shapes and developing problem-solving skills. The game comes with two levels of difficulty. On an easier level, you just have to ask the children to complete the given pattern.  But in the more challenging level, you are presented with a sequence with the missing level in a different position. Ask children to fill the missing position. This level increases the problem-solving skills of a child. 

Complete the pattern

Complete the pattern

2. Shape Passing Game

In this game, take a bag and fill it with the different geometric shapes or identical objects. Ask children to sit in a circle. Here, the kids have to pass the bag as the music starts and stop passing as the music stops. As the music stops, the lucky child will open the bag and the child or group shout out the shape. Repeat the game till all the shapes in the bag are called out by the group.

Note: The shape which is once picked by the child will remain outside the bag. The children will continue to play with leftover shapes in the bag.

Passing bag game

Passing bag game

3. Identify Shapes Through Magazine

In this game, the teacher has to divide the class into a team of 2-5 students and hand over magazines to each team. As the teacher calls out a shape, the students start searching for the shapes in the magazine.

Identifying shape with magazine

Identifying shape with magazine

3. Learn and Find Shapes for Kids

This game comes with two different gaming modes: Learn Shapes and Find Shapes. In the learning shape mode, spread out all the shapes on one table. Now, call out each shape one by one. As you call out the different shapes, ask the children to find real-life examples based on this shape. 

In the finding shape mode, the teacher will call out the name of a shape and children have to pick the correct shape. If they pick an incorrect shape, then the teacher will give an explanation about that incorrect shape, so that children do not repeat the same mistake in future.

4. Connecting Dots

In this game, the kids have to connect all the dots drawn on a piece of paper in the correct sequence to make a shape. This game can only be played among kids who know counting.

Connect the dots

Connect the dots

5. Tracing Game to Learn Shapes 

In this game, the kids have to trace the dots to complete a shape. After tracing the dots, the child will be able to draw a specific shape.

Tracing games

Tracing games


Kids always take more interest in learning through imaginative games and active involvement. So, if you are planning to introduce different shapes to your kids, we suggest you to follow the activities given in this article as this will not only help you to just introduce shapes to your kids but also help them to classify different objects and draw different shapes on their own.

FAQs on Shape Games for Kids: 6 Fun Games for Kids to Learn Shapes

1. How is learning shapes important for kids?

Learning shapes is important for kids as it helps them to understand what different shapes look like or how many sides a shape has. Once the kids learn to identify the different shapes, they will easily be able to differentiate objects. For example, kids in no time are able to notice the difference between a red watermelon and a yellow banana once they are familiar with different shapes.

2. How can parents introduce shapes to kids in a fun way?

The different ideas to introduce shapes to kids are:

  • Sort household objects or buttons by shapes.

  • Ask kids to make different shapes using play dough or mud.

  • You can draw different shapes for your kids and ask them to paint the shapes.

  • You can ask your kids to form shapes using a geoboard.

  • Ask them to find shapes in nature.