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Treasure Hunt Games for Children

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Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Kids Treasure Hunt Games

Who does not like to play games, especially after school with our friends and siblings? Hide and seek, lock and key, solving puzzles and many more games seem to be fascinating to all of us. These games also help us learn team-building skills and improve our bonding skills with friends. 

But have you all heard about the kids' treasure hunt game? It is a very interesting game where you need to solve exciting puzzles and search for hidden treasures. Doesn’t that sound interesting? 

In this article, we have provided some tips to play fun treasure hunt games and all the steps that need to follow so that you can enjoy it with your friends. 

Treasure Hunt Game for Kids

Treasure Hunt Game for Kids

How to Play Treasure Hunt Games?

Treasure Hunt is all about finding and solving the clues, and once you solve the clue you head towards searching for the treasure. Therefore, the very first step in playing a treasure hunt is to provide clues and find an appropriate place to hide the clues. 

The clues must be easy to crack and helpful in finding the treasure. You can also add the clue in the form of drawings or pictures. The final clue must lead to the place where the treasure is hidden.

Follow the steps below to set up a treasure hunt with your friends:

  • First, prepare for the hunt. Choose a location for the treasure and work backwards from there. You could, for example, plot to place the treasure beneath the slide. The water fountain may hold the key to the slide. The park bench, for example, could provide a clue to the location of the water fountain.

  • Make a drawing for each of the clues. Draw a slide, a water fountain, a park bench, and so on.

  • While your friends are busy elsewhere, hide the treasure and the clues.

  • Tell your friends that it's time for the treasure search when you're ready. Give the first hint and tell them to keep looking for more until they find the prize.


Yaay! So, that is how we play treasure hunt. Were you able to find the treasure with your friends? I hope you understood the treasure hunt game and had fun playing it. It is very important for the kids to play and be involved in such games because it will help them to act wisely and improve their logical thinking skills too

FAQs on Treasure Hunt Games for Children

1. Why are activities for kids important?

It is very important for the kids to involve themselves in some fun activities to improve their logical thinking ability. Kids tend to learn things easily if it is explained in an interactive way and the use of any activity in their learning process will help them remember the facts easily.

2. How to create clues for Treasure Hunt?

Creating clues for the Treasure Hunt game is fun. You can add pictures or puzzles which will help the kids to discover the hidden treasure. Make several clues leading to one another and finally to the last spot.