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Memory Games for Kids to Help Them Grow

By Swagata SarkarAugust 08, 2022
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Some Memory Game Ideas to Build Your Kids’ Memory Power

Kids are like clay. You can recreate them in the best way possible by feeding them good and productive knowledge. Their memory power, just like their changing habits, keeps evolving. Memory power is an ability that makes a child very strong. Not just academics, you can also see improvements in every field if your child has good memory power.

So, do you give them books to build their memory? Well, here is an idea - memory games for kids can help you fulfil your purpose. There is no need to play big games that might be time-consuming; you can play small memory games to help your kids build good memory power.

Different Memory Games for Kids

Memory Games for Kids

Memory Games for Kids

Throughout the school years and even after that, children need to store a lot of information in their short and long-term memory. They need to memorise multiplication tables, words, letter sounds, different rules of Maths, historic dates, and many more. 

Moreover, they need a very strong memory to store all this information. So, here we have mentioned some of the memory skills games that can help your kids build up a strong memory power from childhood.

  • What is missing is one of the small memory games you can use to build your child’s memory. All you need to do is put some items on a tray and ask your child to take a look at them. Now, tell the child to cover their eyes, and while they do it, take away one item from the tray. When the child opens their eyes, ask them to identify the missing item. To go to a higher level, you can ask your child questions about the item.  

  • ‘I Went Shopping’ is also a memory skills game. Here the child needs to remember the items purchased from the shop. You can also play this game with something else like, you can ask your child, “I went to school, what did I pack ___?”

  • ‘Draw A Word on My Back’ is one of the fun small memory games. It is a two-player memory skills game where one has to write a word on the second player’s back, and the other has to identify which word it is. Once they guess the word, the guesser becomes the writer, and the writer becomes the guesser. It helps to build a child’s memory.

Concentration Games for Kids

  • Crossword games are one of the most promising concentration games for kids. In this game, the player needs to focus on figuring out the answers and filling in all the gaps. So, this game is very good at building concentration power in kids. Crossword puzzles also reduce the risk of dementia.

  • Investing your time in teaching your child to play chess can have a greater outcome. It is one of the best games to improve concentration. This game helps people to think logically. Not only that, chess builds up the problem-solving capability of a child.

  • Brain teasers are almost like a riddle. In this game, the player gets a question, and they need to find the answer to the question. This game not only focuses on improving your kid’s concentration power but also strengthens the brain muscle.

  • Brain Yoga sounds a little outlandish. Is it not? But it is one of the best games to improve concentration. Make fists with both of your hands. Now, extend the pinky finger of your left hand and the thumb of your right hand and vice versa. Do it fast and try to coordinate. One needs to concentrate on coordinating in this game. These are the most-played concentration games for kids. Play them with your children and help them stay focused.

Picture Memory Games

Picture Memory Game for Kids

Picture Memory Game for Kids

The best way to teach kids is to give them a visual effect. People may forget after hearing something, but they cannot forget something after seeing it. So, follow the games below to build your kids’ memory power.

  • Memory Card Game is one of the finest and easy picture memory games for kids. You can make your cards, or you can download cards from the internet. Now, all your kids need to do is pick two cards and see if they match. If they find a match, then they can keep the card. It makes the children remember what card they saw earlier.

  • If you want to build their memory power, you can use pictures too. Give a picture to your kids. Now, let them observe it for at least thirty seconds. Once the time is over, ask them questions about the picture. You can ask them about the colours of a certain object you have drawn, the time of the day, what story the pictures imply, etc.

  • Picture Copy is also a fun game to play with kids. You can draw any picture you want on paper or a whiteboard. Now, ask them to figure out every little detail about the picture. Once they become good at playing this game, add more details to challenge them. It helps kids to build their concentration power and memory. 


Children’s minds are very fickle. They keep changing as fast as possible. There is no doubt that as they grow, their memory power becomes stronger. But there are ways to help them make it extraordinary. Having a strong memory power can help them not just in academics but also in life’s other aspects.

You can play lots of games to strengthen your children’s memory power and concentration. And the best part is, you do not need so much time to play these games. A little bit of time every day with your kids can help them have a strong memory.