The Lazy Frog - Summary

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The poem is about a frog who is very lazy and does not do any work in the day. This poem tells the readers what the lazy frog does all day. This poem also shows the relationship between the lazy frog and his mother and how he treats her. In fact, the poem is a great likeness to many lazy people in today’s world. In other words, for a lazy person, all people are the same. Lazy people won’t do any work for anyone. They don’t bother where they are or about their mother, or anyone else for that matter.

The poem starts with a lazy frog named Fred. In this poem, we all are going to learn about what Fred does all day. Moreover, the poem shows how the frog wastes his time without doing anything positive. He manages to avoid all the work and any responsibility which comes his way. He always troubles his mother for not doing any help. The poor mother is getting old, so she needs his help at work.

He does not do any work and does not even think about his mother and does not understand his responsibility. The mother always keeps calling Fred to help at work. However, he leaves all the work as it does not bother him at all. He does not even move two inches from his place. Fred is always lolling upon a log throughout the whole place. The poor mother does not like his behavior, and his behavior always troubles his mother.

When the poor mother calls him to do the work he acts like he is deaf instead of helping his mother. He does not bother about his poor mother. So to keep up with his acting, Fred just remains lying in a silent heap. We can say he sleeps very conveniently so that Fred does not have to listen to his mother. It is just how lazy the frog is. He doesn’t even understand his responsibility and manages to get away with anything.

However, Fred doesn't move an inch even when a female frog passes away. Generally, even lazy people have at least one thing to do. But this lazy Fred has nothing to do. Similarly, one might think Fred gets up and bows and even helps the lady frog on her way. Even this does not bother Fred. He won’t even open his eyes when the lady frog passes by. This proves how lazy a frog he is.

Conclusion of the Lazy Frog

The poem says how lazy the frog Fred is. He never does any work. He never helps his poor mother, and when Fred’s mother calls him to do work, Fred is just acting like he is deaf. He never bothers about the help, where it is from, whether it is his own mother or a lady frog.