AIDS Essay

There are many diseases causing microorganisms, like bacteria, virus, fungi etc. The symptoms of the diseases depend on the type of microorganism that is spreading it. It can vary from mild to severe. AIDS which stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is a viral disease that is rampant in growth. It was only in the last century that this viral disease has proved to be lethal and fatal taking away about twenty million lives globally. The awareness about the disease and the virus causing it which is HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is more now compared to earlier. In this HIV AIDS essay, we can go through the important information about it and burst some myths.

Below are different ways to write an AIDS essay in English. The essay on HIV AIDS can be of 2 formats, a long essay on HIV AIDS or a short AIDS essay.

Long and Short AIDS Essay in English

Short Essay on Aids

This AIDS essay is a brief one and will cover the important notes about the disease and the ways one can prevent it.

The way of occurrence of this disease is in the name itself, AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. The disease is acquired via the virus which is called Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is not an auto-immune disease in the early stages of infection where the immune system in the body fights off infection to protect the body from diseases that go against itself. The virus enters from an outside source and destroys the efficiency of our immune system.

AIDS is transmitted through contact. The contact with infected blood of the HIV OR AIDS patient in any form can easily transfer this viral disease. It can also be transmitted through contact with semen or vaginal fluids of the infected person. This occurs in the case when one is sexually exposed to a person with HIV.

HIV once enters the body, invades and conquers the immune system making the body susceptible to other diseases. It is then very easy for the simple flu or cold infection to be severe as the immune system is no longer fit to fight it.

When detected in the early period can be battled with, but more often than not people assume the symptoms to not be AIDS so it spreads and kills the individual. To be protected when having sex and not sharing any form of toiletries with others is the way to prevent and keep this deadly virus at bay.

Long Essay on AIDS

This is the long format of essay on HIV AIDS where its workings, causes and effects and remedies are discussed.

There are some diseases that have been borne by the living in this world which has created a ruckus in human history and the struggle to find a permanent cure still exists. AIDS is one such disease. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is the name of the disease which is also shortened as AIDS.

 It has since only the 20th century has affected the human race and many people lost their lives more than 20 million of them. The virus that aids in the transmission of this disease is Human Immunodeficiency Virus or also called HIV. Due to the same property of immunodeficiency, it is referred to as HIV/AIDS.

Since it affects the immune system severely, the cells and the workings of it in our body must be clearly understood. The immune system’s role in the body is that of a soldier wherein it identifies any sort of anomalies that enters or infiltrates the body and prepares antibodies against it. And kills them in order to prevent infection that has the probability of causing a harmful disease.

Since the cells of the immune system have already created the antibodies, the cell memory is activated when the entry occurs again and the immune system fights and destroys such foreign and harmful matter.

What Happens When HIV Enters the Body?

When a person is infected with the Human immunodeficiency virus, it directly attacks the immune system making the cells weak and incapable of creating antibodies for this particular virus. As they become weak their function to perform the task of defending against other microorganisms entrants is also weakened.

When the fighter in our bodies becomes weak, we are more likely to fall ill. The illness can be a simple flu or an allergy and our body cannot fight any further. The symptoms once infected will start to appear within the first two weeks. The symptoms are very flu-like for instance, one will be more tired than usual and fatigue will be more frequent and regular. Other symptoms include sore throat and fever. The risk of opportunistic infections like tuberculosis and herpes also increases. Some people however remain asymptomatic even for longer periods after being infected with the virus.

Cause of HIV/AIDS:

The main and only cause of this dreadful disease is the contact through blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, vaginal fluids, rectal fluids and breast milk. The semen and vaginal fluids are transferred through sex and rectal fluids through anal sex. When people have multiple partners, and they have unprotected sex the transmission is highly likely. The contact through blood can also be via the unhygienic practice of sharing an infected person’s razors, blades. Even unsterilized syringes while taking drugs or even a tattoo parlour where they use unsterilized machines on the body can transmit the virus easily. The transmission means are endless so one must proceed with utmost caution to keep themselves safe either way.

Effects of Being Infected with HIV/AIDS:

The consequences of HIV are syndromes or symptoms which are categorized as AIDS. The Belly cramps, nausea, or vomiting and rapid weight loss. Diarrhoea. Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, armpits, and groin for a prolonged duration, recurring fever and night sweats, headache, muscle aches and joint pain. All these symptoms can be very mild and go unnoticed but when it is recurring and severe it is definitely a point of concern. In the initial stages after sixty days the symptoms might disappear and again reappear after many months or years and remain. And in the long run, the infected body is susceptible to cancer as well. In the later stages, personality changes as the person becomes confused, because of blurred vision and trouble focusing, the limbs also become weaker.

Some symptoms are visible even in newborn babies and that is the case when the disease is transferred from an infected mother. The baby is born with an already weak immune system so the illnesses remain.

A person with such symptoms does not live long.


There are a few myths surrounding this disease. It is believed earlier that AIDS can spread even through contact or touch without any exchange of fluids. Like through a hug or just by being near the infected person. That myth has been debunked and it is absolutely untrue. One can freely hug an AIDS patient without worry.

The other one was when kissing, there is an exchange of saliva which is also a fluid and AIDS can spread through kissing, which also proved to be untrue. And HIV always means AIDS that is fatal was another rumour or myth, and this myth is proven wrong where many people have lived longer with HIV by medication and taking care of their health.


There is no permanent cure yet for treating HIV/AIDS, so it is our responsibility to look out for ourselves. The way one can first prevent themselves from being infected is by getting vaccinated. It is important to get tested in your adult life if you have multiple sexual partners and also get your partner tested for the same. The other way is being monogamous. The most used form of prevention is having protected and safe sex and using condoms that creates a barrier for transmission. Do check for sterilized needles in case you decide to get a tattoo or injected.  Lessen the use of alcohol and drugs as that is anyway weakening and altering the immune system.


According to the estimates of the Indian government  2.40 million Indians are living with HIV wherein, the infected ones fall in the age group of 15-49 and 39 %of them that is 9,30,00 of them are women. The numbers are alarming and the rate of increase is not slowing down anytime soon. We as a country must break the traditions and conversations about sex should be open and safe. It is high time we lose our lives to this disease which can be prevented.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Is AIDS an Autoimmune Disease?

Ans. In the early stages of HIV infection that leads to AIDS, the immune system only weakens so it is not an auto-immune disease. But during the later and final stages, the workings of the immune system are similar to that of an auto-immune system where it works against itself. And in such cases, the body of the individual is susceptible to many more diseases.

Q2. Does one Die from HIV Infection?

Ans. The HIV infection results in many symptoms that make the body weaker day by day. But some do not even suffer those symptoms and they may live longer than the ones showing severe symptoms. In any case, it is important to take medications that are prescribed to reduce the severity of symptoms and live a little longer. The best way is to keep healthy and lead an active lifestyle as much as possible.