Speech on Leadership

Speech on Leadership in English for Students

Leadership skills cannot be taught by anyone in a day or a week,. Being a leader is a skill that is developed and polished with time. Leadership is the ability to direct and lead a group of people for a greater purpose. Throughout history, there have been many leaders who stood up against the evils of society and thought many people how to fight it. Leaders have an inbuilt quality of guiding people, they know how to talk to people. A leader can become a boss but a boss cannot become a leader if he or she is selfish and full of ego.

Leadership is all about having an aim or a vision for the greater good. Leaders are not born but are formed through struggle, sacrifices, and learning from failure.

Here we have provided a long and short speech on leadership and along with that we have also given 10 line pointers about inspirational speech on leadership

Long Speech on Leadership Qualities

A warm welcome to everyone present here today. I feel honoured to be given this opportunity to give a speech on leadership. I hope this speech makes you think about what is a leader? What is the role of a great leader and what are the true leadership qualities? 

Let us go back to the history of the world. There were many events that happened around the world. Events such as injustice towards people, slavery, racism, and dictatorship. During all these events the universe provided us with few people who rose to the occasion and helped humanity to fight injustice. They thought us how to fight, they led us towards a better future, and those my friends were leaders. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin king Luther Jr and so on were present to lead and guide people towards a better future. One quality that was common in all of these leaders was that they had this amazing ability to persuade people to respect and follow them. 

Firstly let’s just not confuse leadership with dictatorship. A good leader will never dominate or subjugate people because of their sex or position in society, that is done by a dictator and the best example of a dictator was Adolf Hitler. Surely he had thousands of followers but he dominated them and made them forcefully adapt his mentality, a good leader will never do that. The world is full of people who have a great desire to take charge and forcefully rule over other people’s lives and call themselves a leader which rest assured, is not a sign of a leader. 

So who is a true leader? Well, a true leader is someone who is known for his work ethics, A true leader is someone who earns respect through his rightful actions and mass following without any dictatorship. A true leader inspires others in his or her group to be better persons. A great leader will inspire other people to follow in his/her footsteps to become a guiding light for humanity. A good leader will always lead the people towards the path of growth and progress by carrying the torch of wisdom. As the phrase goes ‘Action speaks louder than words’, a true leader will never tell people to follow them but the benchmark he or she has set and his or her actions will allow people to trust in him or her. A good leader will always set the goal and will start working towards the goals to achieve it without compromising morals and ethics and this is a sign of a true leader. 

Let us take the example of Mahatma Gandhi, you could ask anyone about him and the only general answer the crowd will give is that Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader. A journey of a great leader starts with an incident and this could be applied to Gandhi as well. Mahatma Gandhi had settled down in South Africa with his family practising law but one night during his train journey he was exposed to the cruelty of people in the society towards those with different skin colour. He saw that he was a judge because he was an Indian and was considered to be inferior because of his skin. This incident is considered to be the turning point in Mahatma Gandhi’s life. After the incident, he decided to change the perspective of people and also to free India from British rule, and as they say, the rest is history.

Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi possess a great quality of effectively channelizing their energy and also devote themselves to a cause or the growth and progress of humanity. Nelson Mandela, Martin King Luther Junior, and many more have this ability and is considered to be a pattern found in great leaders. The restrictions or the obligations they faced only enabled them to rise against all odds and never bow down to any circumstances.

Leadership is not an easy task and I can assure you that it cannot be cultivated within a day. It is not for people with weak hearts who cannot tolerate hatred, betrayal, and jealousy. A true leader will always have a goal and vision and he or she with his or her team will work every day to accomplish that dream. We often see that in few working places many bosses call themselves leaders but are never present to help or appreciate the work the employee has done. This is not a sign of a leader. A true leader will always work with the team and listen to the concerns of everyone and also note down the ideas that would be helpful to complete the given task. A true leader never boosts himself or herself for the work and will always try to understand the team. 

My dear friends, I want to conclude this speech by saying that it is not easy to become a great leader in a day, week, or year. It is a process of facing your fears, discomfort, and failure. A true leader will always learn from his past mistakes and will always try his or her best to correct those mistakes. A true leader will also respect his team members and will always help them, guide them when they are in need. So if you want to be a good leader start practising gratitude and always respect people irrespective of their profession. Thank you.

Short Speech on Leadership Qualities

Greetings to everyone. It is my privilege to give a small leadership speech and I hope at the end of the speech everyone understands who a true leader is.

A true leader is someone who is known for his or her work ethic. A true leader is known for his/her actions which allow people to trust him or her. A true leader will always guide everyone and help them to find themselves on the darkest path.

The world has many great leaders in the past such a Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama, and soo on. The one quality of a truth that is common in many leaders in the past is that they had the ability to influence and guide people for the betterment of society. For example, When Barack Obama was elected as the 44th president of the United States of America, the country was in a recession phase where the citizens were suffering as many of them did not have proper medical facilities, food to eat and etc but Barack Obama was able to guide everyone. He was able to understand everyone and the difficulties the common people were facing and finally in 2014 he was able to  America recession-free.

The qualities of great leaders cannot be cultivated in a day, month or year as it requires years of patience and to have the ability to understand the situation and lead from the front. Great leaders are always committed to the goals and they have great respect for every person in a team.

To conclude this speech I want to say that it is not easy to become a  good leader within and a day or years as it requires years of hard work. Leadership is also not for the weaker hearts as many leaders deal with hardships and sacrifices for the betterment of society. Anyone can be a good leader if the qualities required to become one are practised from an early age. Thank you.  

10 Lines about Leadership Speech in English

  1. An inspirational speech on leadership should always start by describing the qualities of a great leader. 

  2.  A true leader is not born or created but is formed after years of practising the art of guiding people towards a greater future. 

  3.  Leaders like Barack Obama, Subhash Chandra Bose, Nelson Mandela had an ability to guide people and people listened to them because they were good at convincing people to fight for a better cause. 

  4.  Being a good leader is related to actively listening to people’s concerns and searching for solutions.

  5.  While giving a leadership speech try to make the audience understand the difference between leadership and dictatorship. 

  6.  While giving a leadership speech it is advised to always include examples of great leaders in the past.

  7.  The skill of leadership is linked to commitment, honesty, loyalty, sacrifice, selflessness, and earning respect.

  8. Everyone always asks, How to give a speech on leadership? The answer is to define what a great leader is and always try to connect with the audience. 

  9. A true leader will never boost himself for the work he or she has done. 

  10. Start and end the speech on leadership by thanking the audience for participating in the event.