Speech on Dreams

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When one sleeps, some people more than others are more likely than others to dream, with closed eyes they view different ideas and images.  These dreams can also be manifested as sensations and varying emotions. Dreams are not bound by anything, it can be opposite from the life one leads. One cannot control it, dreams occur involuntarily. And no one has yet deciphered the scientific meaning and reasons for its occurrence. In this article, we will explore different ways to present the speech and learn how to start a speech about dreams. It can be both a long and short speech about dreams.

Long and Short Speech About Dreams

Long Speech on Dreams

This form of speech about dreams is helpful for students in grades 8-12 wherein they can speak in detail and present in an understandable format.

Good Morning everyone, respected teachers and my dear friends, I am here today to speak about a rather interesting topic that is dreams. First, let me start by asking everyone, how many of you had a dream last night. Do you remember what you dreamt of? If you do remember, were you surprised about what the dream was? 

There is no need to be shocked or surprised because dreams do not align with the reality of the lives one leads. They can be very peculiar and it is because dreams are often the suppressed thoughts and feelings of our subconscious mind. And such dreams are more of an escape from reality, where we want to get to live a life away from the problems we are facing now and get rid of the struggles. 

The world of dreams is the uncharted territory of wild imagination and wishful thinking. And even scientists believe that dreams occur during REM (rapid-eye movement) sleep. Dreams carry with them a lot of emotion that can make it difficult to tell them apart from reality. That is why when one dreams of something horrific or frightening they tend to breathe rapidly and wake up perspiring and with clammy hands. REM sleep should be uninterrupted as an intervention may lead to health concerns related to memory consolidation, making it difficult to learn and retain information. Babies or infants have very high learning abilities and one of the main reasons is tmhe deep REM Sleep cycle without interruption.  

The dream can be a short one of mere seconds or a few minutes or even a long 20-30 minute one. When one wakes up during their REM sleep they are more likely to remember the dream. 

There are some dreams that one sees with their eyes open when they go about their lives every day. Dreams that can be considered relatively realistic, that one intends to achieve. They can be called goals, ambitions or just dreams. These kinds of dreams can fuel us and inculcate a drive to make strides in achieving the same. 

However, there are very few who make their dreams come true, through an uncanny combination of determination, hard work and will power. Many fall prey to their self-created victim narrative and don’t dream of a better life. They find an excuse and become lazy without trying to achieve and chase their dreams. So in the name of safety and security, they don’t take the risks. 

The world would be so different if people didn’t dream big and take chances. The world we live in today with comfortable luxuries is a reality because somebody dreamt big and worked for making it a reality. We live in their work of inventions long after they are gone. So to make a difference, on an individual level or for the sake of society do not fret failures. To err is human and failures are part of everyone’s journey, you will only learn what not to do. Failure teaches us more than success. So, dream big, be brave and take chances. 

Thank you!

Short Speech on Dreams

This form of a short format of speech about dreams can be helpful for students in grades 4-7 as they are only starting to understand and this simple and short speech will aid it. 

Good morning everyone, the respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends! I Abc (mention your name) are here to present about one of the yet undeciphered topics that are dreams. Ever since we were kids we are always asked about our dreams, what do you dream of becoming when you grow up? Arguably dreams are not just the ones we see when we sleep at night, but also the ones we see in the broad daylight. These dreams can be different or the same, but one thing is certain everybody has dreams.

Dreams give us a glint of shimmer and hope of becoming someone we wish to be. It is like an energy drink for our goals and ambitions. No matter what those dreams are, it is worth working towards it. It is obvious that some of our dreams are different from what this society might deem as a problem or trivial. 

We should have a single-minded focus and work towards it and prove to ourselves more than others that our dreams do make a difference. 

Achieving your dreams is not a cakewalk, it takes a lot of will power and patience. You have to make it work for yourself, don’t feel lesser than if anyone is disappointed in you for trying to achieve your dreams. Believe in yourself, everything is possible, with proper planning and strategizing. One needs to be committed while executing the plan. And stay true to your path without losing focus so you can live the dream. The world is an endless realm of possibilities and dreams are just the beginning of a beautiful life ahead.

Thank you!

10 Lines Speech on Dreams

This is a short speech helpful for students in grades 1-3 as one can convey in simple sentences.

  1. Involuntary actions of our imagination and overthinking manifests as dreams.

  2. It can seem very real as dreams also carry sensations and emotions.

  3. There can be 2 ways one knows and understands dreams.

  4. One is when they dream while asleep and other times when they are wide awake and have dreams.

  5. Not everyone remembers their dreams which they see when sleeping.

  6. Dreams can also be categorized as goals one set and want to work for achieving them.

  7. It is ignorant to say to consider you can achieve anything and everything just by dreaming.

  8. To make dreams come true requires daily practice, dedication and perseverance. 

  9. Like if you dream to be a soccer player, you have to practice daily and know the rules of the game. And if you dream to be a writer, you have to keep at it in proper form as a daily routine or habit.

  10. Everything requires work, dreams can make the hard journey beautiful as one has hope.