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Leadership Speech

Last updated date: 24th Apr 2024
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Long and Short Speech on Leadership for Students

A leader is someone who has a powerful intellect and not mere intellect. Leadership is a skill that not everyone is blessed with, a skill that allows an individual to lead people for the greater good of society. Leadership can not be learned or taught but it is a skill that is developed through time. Leadership is all about guiding and leading the people in a group or organization which leads to the success of the group. Leadership is all about having a vision that will help in bringing a change in society.

We often see that many people claim they are leaders all based on the position they are in. They might be the managing directors or the CEO of the company. Does that mean having a good position is directly linked to being a good leader? And what are the qualities that make up a good leader?

Here we have provided long and short leadership speeches and along with that we have also given 10 line pointers about the leadership speech for students.

These speeches of great leaders will help the students to understand the qualities required to be a good leader.

Long Speech on Leadership Qualities

Good morning to everyone present here today. Today I am going to give a leadership speech and I hope it’s helpful. I would like to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity to speak about leadership.

So who is a leader? and what is leadership?. A leader is someone who can think and question and does not merely follow the herd. A true leader has a powerful intellect and they impact the people around them to work hard.

Throughout history, the world has produced great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, and the list goes on. So what is common between all these leaders that makes them truly grateful? What is the quality of all these leaders that made people believe in them?. Well, the answer is that they could guide huge populations of people for the greater good. A quality leader will always think about people and help them in solving problems and that’s what all the great leaders in the past have done.

Mahatma Gandhi after being in South Africa for twenty years came back to India after witnessing the discrimination that was done by the white people against fellow Indians. He taught people about Satyagraha and the nonviolent ways through which everyone could fight back the British. During all the nonviolent protests he was not just commanding people, he walked with everyone, he led the movement and that is the true quality of a leader.

Similarly, Barack Obama after becoming the 44th president of the united states of America, helped the country to fight the recession. American people were suffering during 2008 because of the recession as the country's economy was falling slowly. The middle class could not pay bills, There were no insurance policies for the poor and the country's growth was declining slowly.

Barack Obama was able to understand the difficulties that everyone was facing and he did what every great leader does, he guided the country out of recession. He made sure to lead from the front and fight the difficulties that his people were facing and that is the quality of a true leader.

So after getting to know about great leaders in the past, how can anyone figure out a leader? Well, there are a few qualities that define a good leader. A great leader motivates you to be successful. A leader is a great influencer who does not force anyone to follow him but due to his actions, people follow him on their own. A strong leader is also characterized by having a strong personality. An aura that makes people listen to him or her. A good leader is not about commanding people to do their work but it is always about helping people to get the work done.

For example, if a task is assigned to a group, a good leader will always make sure to distribute the task equally within the group and will also make sure to help anyone if they are facing difficulties. He or she also makes sure that there are no loopholes in the process and he makes sure that everyone finishes their work in time.

Leaders are not born, they are made throughout time and leadership is not an easy task. It cannot be done by people who allow their emotions to take control. Leadership is all about having a good aim and vision. A leader will always think about achieving the goal even if there are many hurdles in the way. 

Leadership is always about impacting people in such a way that it will help them to reach their goals. It is about having the ability to decide on the worst picture possible. It is about seeing the bigger picture for a better future. Leadership is linked to communicating with the team and finding the answer. It is about showing determination towards your goal, it is about listening to the team and helping each other to find a solution, and above all leadership is about earning respect from the team and accepting the challenge without fear.

The qualities found in a leader are not cultivated in a day or a week but it is done after seeing a lot of failures and learning from them.  Does that mean you can never be a leader? Anyone can be a leader and it can be done by learning through failures. Leaders who possess great leadership qualities have earned and learned them with time. Leadership is all about thinking for the benefit of everyone even if it means you are at loss in the beginning. It is about thinking of society and how your leader's goals could help in the betterment of the country.

To conclude this speech I want to say that great leaders were not born great, they made themselves great by observing their surroundings and doing their best to change them. The real essence of leadership is when a leader pays attention to the needs of the followers and works in the direction to fulfil all those needs.

As I said before, history is filled with examples of great leaders, and one thing that is common in all leaders in the act of selflessness. They never thought about their gain but they always strived for the betterment of everyone. To be a great leader you need to have led people for the greater good. To be a great leader you have to be a good human first, show kindness to every living organism. So start cultivating the habits that will make you a good leader and I can assure you that the world will benefit from it. Thank you very much for listening. Have a great evening.

Short Speech About Leadership

Good morning to everyone present here. I feel grateful that I was chosen to give a small leadership speech for students. I hope my speech inspires everyone to be a good leader.

A leader is someone who is characterized by many qualities. Teamwork, hard work, calm, selflessness, help.

A leader is someone who always thinks and questions a situation to bring a solution. A leader never follows the herd but he or she is the one who is followed by people because of his or her ability to create an impact on people.

Great leaders in the past such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and so on have always thought of the greater good of society. They have always led by example and have always directed people in the right direction.

The qualities found in leaders are not formed within a day or weak but they are cultivated through years of hard work, patience, and learning from failures.

To conclude I want to say that great leaders are not born great but they make themselves great by being selfless. They always think about the bigger picture and will always try to help people who are in trouble. To be a great leader you need to be a good human first who shows kindness to every living organism around him or her. You can also be a great leader by cultivating these habits. 

Thank you.

10 Lines About Speech on Leadership Qualities

  1. A great leader will always lead the people for a better future.

  2. Leadership is all about selflessness. It is about thinking about the goals of society before personal goals.

  3. A good leader will always lead by example and will always be focused on his or her goals.

  4. Leadership is about understanding the followers and understanding them completely.

  5. Leadership is about actively listening and adapting to the changes.

  6. A leader is not born but anyone can become a good leader by applying constant efforts.

  7. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandella, Barack Obama, and many more great leaders have always thought about the better good of society.

  8. leadership is linked to selflessness, determination, loyalty, teamwork, and efficiency.

  9. While writing speeches of great leaders remember to always include examples of leaders in the past who have helped society.

  10. Some of the famous speeches by leaders that changed society are Martin King Luther’s speech, Mahatma Gandhi’s speech, Barack Obama’s speech before getting elected as the 44th president of the United States of America.

The following points also can be used as a reference for the students to include in their speeches and have a better understanding of the features and styles of leadership.

Features of Leadership

Leaders play an important role in the growth of any organization. A great leader can establish and maintain good interpersonal relationships with subordinates or followers and motivate them to achieve their desired organizational goals.

Here we are discussing some important features of leadership that every good leader possesses.

  • Influence the Behaviour of People - Leadership is the skill of an individual that influences the behaviour of other people or employees in any organization so they can work together to achieve a common business goal.

  • Interpersonal Process - This process occurs between the leader and his followers. The relationship of the employees with the leaders determines how efficiently and effectively the business goals would be met.

  • Achieving Similar Organizational Goals - The objective of leadership is to provide a direction to the employees to attain common business objectives. The leader combines the people and their efforts for the same.

  • Continuous Process - Leadership is a time-consuming and continuous process. At every point, employees need guidance from the leader to ensure that they are working in the right direction and their efforts will pay them back. Moreover, a good leader makes sure that his employees are not deviating from the path.

  • Group Process - Leadership is certainly a group process. Imagine if there are no followers then to whom will the leader guide? Therefore, leadership involves the interaction of two or more people that allows them to discuss their issues with their mentors and get relevant solutions.

  • Dependent on Situations - A leader is dependent on the situations that he has to tackle in the current scenario. His leadership style changes when the situation changes. The advice which he gives to solve a situation will also be effective to tackle other problems.


Leadership styles

Leadership style refers to the approaches or strategies adopted by a leader for motivating his followers while trying to achieve common targets. As discussed above, leadership style is dependent on situations. This means that the way of handling a problem can change depending upon the present scenario.

Leadership styles are classified into three types. These are-

  • Autocratic Leadership Style - In this style, the leader takes all the necessary decisions by himself without discussing them with his followers.

  • Democratic Leadership Style - Here, the leader consults his subordinates before taking the final decision.

  • Free-Rein Leadership Style - It is also known as the Laissez-faire style. In this, the leader gives complete freedom to his followers to take the decision.

FAQs on Leadership Speech

1. What is the exact meaning of leadership?

Leadership is the quality or skill of an individual which helps the individual to lead people in the right direction, inspire them and build confidence in them. The person who has this leadership quality is known as the leader. With this skill, the leader takes steps for the good of society. 

Not everyone in this world is blessed with this ability. Leadership is the ability that is developed with time and cannot be learned. The people possessing this quality effectively influence people to reach their goals. In other words, it is the ability that turns vision into reality.

2. What are the best leadership qualities?

Some of the best leadership traits are listed below:

  • Trustworthiness - A leader must be honest and should not hide anything from his people. This trait creates a strong relationship between the leader and the group members.

  • Responsibility - It is the leader who is responsible for his actions. Also, the leader has the responsibility of his members.

  • Vision - It is the leader who has the vision and knows the methods to reach their goals. The leaders turn their ideas into actions.

  • Good Communication Skills - A leader must have this skill so that he can openly talk to his group members.

  • Self-Confident - A leader needs to be self-confident. This skill enables them to believe in themselves and gives success in most situations.

3. What are the major differences between a boss and a leader?

Underneath are the differences between a boss and a leader:


  • A boss is in charge of people or a company.

  • He is the person who takes away all the credit. 

  • The boss uses people for his and his company's benefit. 

  • He blames others for the breakdown.

  • He commands people to do the task.


  • A leader inspires and influences others to complete the goals.

  • He is the person who gives credit to his members. 

  • The leader helps people in developing their skills.

  • With the help of the members, a leader fixes the breakdown.

  • He asks people to do the task.

4. Give an example of any person who has the quality of leadership.

Barack Obama is the best example of transformational leadership. He was the first African - American president of the United States for 8 years. He saw possibilities and opportunities in every situation while others saw obstacles in those situations. He made a friendly atmosphere for his staff members so that they can share things with him. He was honest and transparent towards his people. 

He also organized a campaign named "Yes We Can". This rally inspired and convinced many people that there is a better future if they get united with him and trust the government. He was the best leader who thought and did well for the country.

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