Speech on Election

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Speech on Election For Students in English

An election is one of the most important pillars of democracy and it is that process through which people can choose their representatives as per their choice which they feel has the capability to form a better government and to perform actions in the favour of the development and national interest. In this, we will be covering a speech on election. This will be helpful for you in writing speeches in your English writing section if you ever got topics such as speech for election, speech for election in school or college, etc. 

Not only it will help you in writing your speech but also will help you how to give a speech for school election or on election topic in school or college or even in any competition as well because in any competition, for oral speech you need to write the speech before actually presenting. Thus, it will be helpful in all these cases.

Speech For Election In School - Long 

A very warm good morning to our worthy Principal and respected teachers and all the students present here. I am ( write your name here ) from Class ( mention your class or section ). Today I got an opportunity to deliver a speech on the election.

The process through which people can choose their representatives is called elections for example the process through which members of parliament are being chosen. Once Abraham Lincoln said the words which are "of the people, by the people, for the people" which means people of a democratic country can choose their government by themselves without any pressure. They are free to vote for any candidate according to their preferences in order to perform the required actions to make the government and to run the country.

Elections play a major role in democracy as they are important for the development of a democratic country like India or any other nation in which people have the right to choose their government. In India, after every five years elections are held. The system of the first-past-the-post electoral system is used by the Lok Sabha and Vidhan sabha. The candidates do promotions of their party and give a speech for the election campaign in the public. Then in each area, electors can cast their votes according to their choice, and the candidate who gets more votes will be announced as a winner.

There are merits and demerits of the elections. Election gives every party a chance to compete with each other equally. The candidate does work properly so that they want to be in everyone's eyes and win the elections. Through elections, actual power remains in the hands of the people. If they can select any representative or party and allow them to form the government and that government does not work in favor and progress of the country, then the same people have the power to throw the government from its position in the next election. The demerits of the elections are that some parties clash with each other as they do not want to see another one reach that place. From this, some people also harm others and make pressure on the people to support their party so that they will be in power. They also use improper ways to win the elections like giving bribes to people, giving alcohol bottles to each male person so that they will be on their side.

For fair elections, the election commissioner has to have electoral rolls in the country and needs other members who can regularly verify and update the electoral rolls. At the time of elections, the duty of the volunteer is to look after the elections so that they will be performed fairly and give people knowledge about the elections so that they come to know that it is so important to cast their vote to form the government. It is their right or duty to choose the government at the same time. 

To conclude, I want to say that elections are the strong pillars of the country. It keeps the democratic country to be developed and helps in keeping its true essence. It gives the right to people of the democratic country to choose their government according to their choice. Thus, there is a requirement of proper awareness to be spread among the people so that they don't miss casting their precious vote because one vote can make or break the future of the country.

Speech For Election in School - Short

Very good morning to my worthy and respected principal and all the teachers as well as students present here. I, ( write your name here ) from ( mention your class ) is here to deliver a speech for the election.

Elections are one of the most important processes that are required to run a democratic country in which people have all the power to choose their representatives who will run the country or state or a region on their behalf. People with certain ages and voting rights are eligible to cast their votes in the elections. There are various methods of elections used. It keeps the long term development of the country. The most important factor of the election is that it can show the expression of the will of the people. That means which type of government they want to be in their country.

Undoubtedly, they help in choosing the representatives fairly but sometimes some candidates choose unfair means to win. For which proper check on the election process is required and on the other hand, there should be a proper system of Electoral Voting Machines ( EVM ) and proper check on that so that cheating can not be done.

Thus, elections will serve as the best tool if they are used fairly and no malpractices are allowed. Candidates should remember this if people have the right to choose them and allow them to run the government and if they don't do so, then they can be overthrown as well by the people. Therefore, honest and fair elections should be taken.

10 Lines For a Speech About Election in School

Following lines about elections you can use while writing your speech wherever required:

  1. The election is a process in which people of the region participate and choose their representatives as per their choice.

  2. There are various methods of elections such as first past the post system, proportional representation, hybrid system, etc.

  3. It can be done by ballot system or Electronic Voting Machines system through which people can cast their votes.

  4. The universal adult franchise is a concept according to which any adult of the country can cast their votes. For example, any person with age 18 or above can caste vote without any discrimination.

  5. Candidates have to apply with the particular party to stand in the elections and for that elections campaigns are being conducted.

  6. In election campaigns, rellies are being conducted where you can hear election candidate speech in which he describes him and his party and why you should vote for him.

  7. Proxy voting is another way of the voting system through which those people can vote who are away from their electoral constituency and station.

  8. All the elections are taken care of by the Election commission in India which is an independent constitutional body.

  9. After winning the elections, the candidates form the government with their party and run the country or the particular region in which they won the election.

  10. If they do not work as per the national interest or in the interest of the region, then they are accountable in the court of the people and people can throw them in the next election or even before that.


Thus, here we have covered a lot about election and its related concepts. It is one of the required features in a democracy but that does not mean it is only used in democratic countries but can be used in other countries as well wherever required. Here, we learned to write a speech on election in English which helps in the writing section of the English subject. With the help of these two speeches, you will be able to write as per the required words on the topic speech for election. Every concept has its merits and demerits as well thus those are also included in these speeches along with the important lines that you can include while writing. We hope it helps you in improving your writing skills.