Speech on Technology

We are in a generation, where technology has surrounded us from all sides. Our everyday runs on the use of technology, be it in the form of an alarm clock or the table lamp. Technology has been an important part of our daily lives. Therefore, it is important for the students to be familiar with the term technology. Therefore, we have provided a long speech on technology for students of all age groups. There is also a short speech and a 10 lines speech given in this article.

Long Speech on Technology

A warm welcome to everyone gathered here today. I am here to deliver a speech on technology which has taken a tremendous role in our day to day life. We all are in a generation where everything is dependent on technology. Right from the ringing of the morning alarm to switching off the fan, everything runs behind the technology. Even the microphone that I am using is an innovation of technology and thus the list continues. With several inventions of hi-tech products, our daily needs are available on a screen at our fingertips. These innovations and technologies have made our lives a lot easier. Everything can be done at the comfort of your home within a couple of hours or so. These technologies have not only helped us in the digital platform but have also given us innovations in the field of medical, educational, industrial as well as in the agricultural sector. If we go back to the older generations, it would take days to get any things solved, even if there were not many treatments for several diseases. But today with the innovations of technology, many diseases can be treated and diagnosed within a shorter period of time. The relationship between humans and technology has continued since ages and has given rise to many innovations. It has made it easier for us to handle our daily chores starting from home, office, schools and kitchen needs. We can sit at home comfortably and make transactions through the use of online banking. Online shopping, video calling, and attending video lectures on the phone have all been possible due to the invention of the internet. These features are the essential gifts of technology. Everything is just at our fingertips, right from the turning on the lights to doing our laundry. The whole world runs on technology and hence, we are solely dependent on it. But every thing has its pros and cons. We have become so dependent on technology that we often avoid doing things on our own. It as a result makes us lazy and physically inactive. This has also led to several health issues such as obesity and heart diseases. We prefer booking a cab online rather than walking a few kilometres. The children are no longer used to playing in the playgrounds but are rather found spending hours on their phones playing video games. No doubt, technology is a very essential part of our life, but we should not be totally dependent on it. We should practise being more fit and do regular activities on our own to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lastly, I would like to conclude my speech by saying that technology is a boon for our society but we should use it in a productive way. 

Short Speech on Technology

A warm greetings to everyone present here. Today I am here to talk about technology and how it has gifted us with various innovations. Technology as we know it is the application of scientific ideas to develop a machine or a device for serving the needs of humans. We, the human beings, are completely dependent on technology in our daily life. We have used technology in every aspect of our life starting from household needs, schools, offices, communication and entertainment. Our life has been more comfortable due to the use of technology. We are at a much better and comfortable position as compared to our older generation. This is possible because of various contributions and innovations made in the field of technology. Everything has been made easily accessible for us at our fingertips right from buying a thing online to making any banking transaction. It has also led to the invention of the internet which gave us access to search any information in google. But there are also some disadvantages of it. Relying too much on technology has made us physically lazy and unhealthy due to the lack of any physical activity. Childrens have become more prone to video games and social media which has led to obesity and depression. Since, they are no longer used to playing outside and socialise, they often feel isolated. Therefore, we must not totally be dependent on technology and should try using it in a productive way.

10 Lines Speech on Technology

  1. Technology has taken an important place in our life and is considered an asset for our daily needs.

  2. The world around us is totally dependent on technology, thus, making our lives easier.

  3. The innovation of phones, televisions and laptops has digitally served the purpose of entertainment today.

  4. Technology has not only helped us digitally but has also led to various innovations in the field of medical science.

  5. Earlier it took years to diagnose and treat any particular disease, but today with the help of technology it has led to the early diagnosis of several diseases.

  6. We in this generation, like to do things sitting at our own comfort within a short period of time. This thing has been made possible by technology.

  7. All our daily activities such as banking, shopping, entertainment, learning and communication can be done at a digital platform just by a click on our phone screen.

  8. Although all these gifts of technology are really making our lives faster and easier, it too has got several disadvantages.

  9. Since we all are highly dependent on technology, it has reduced our daily physical activity. We no longer put efforts to do anything on our own as everything is available at a minute click.

  10. Children nowadays are more addicted to online video games rather than playing outside in the playground. These habits make them more physically inactive.