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'Technology' is such a concept that has changed the lives of everyone. No one of us is unaffected by its inventions yet. Each year, we celebrate 'National Technology Day' to celebrate the existence of technology in our lives. We have provided both Long and Short Speech on Technology below with different word limits to help you in preparing for your speech. We have also produced 10 lines on Technology Speech In English, which will help you in formulating your own sentences.

Long And Short Technology Speech In English

Long 3 Minute Speech On Technology For Students

Greeting to everyone present here. Today I am here to deliver A Speech About Technology. In every way, technology has changed our lives completely - the way we handle our day at home, workplace, school, or anywhere, as we drive, talk to someone on the phone, etc. With the introduction of technology, our lives have been endowed with a lot of stuff as every moment technology governs our lives. The way people connect and interact around the globe has been revolutionized by digital technology. This transition has given rise to a framework of globalization that, in good and bad ways, has changed modern society.

The relationship of man with technology is not new and it has been going on since civilization's advent. Primitive cavemen, those who lived millions of years ago, had built basic instruments for hunting and other purposes, such as a spear, wheel, bow-arrow, etc. Today, to give birth to a whole new technological evolution, this fundamental technology has passed through centuries of observation and scientific advances. Some examples of developments made in the field of technology are cars, machinery, and household appliances.

On the other hand, a country's economic growth also depends on science and technology development. Our nation, India, is, according to recent estimates, the third-largest scientific workforce in the world. In the area of science and technology, India is rapidly developing. The system can not be excluded from our everyday life. 

Consider the situation where it would take a long time to go from one location to another or from one country to another if the airplane was not invented. Take the area of medical research, for instance; several lives have been saved because of technological advancement. Our lives are going to become powerless and retrograde in the absence of technology, so technology has changed the way we live. 

Some people, however, assume that technology often brings crises, and war is their greatest example. The war causes great bloodshed and uses rockets and bombs to take away the lives of so many individuals. But the truth is that we shouldn't blame technology when something goes wrong. For instance, if someone used a knife to kill someone, then we can't blame the knife, but the murderer who used the knife to kill someone. A remedy is required to resolve these problems and there should be a proper monitoring mechanism by the state and government where it is appropriate to penalize the wrong person. Furthermore, the competent authority should closely track the illegal downloading of videos or content, which adversely affects and has a negative impact on our youth. If used wisely and for mankind's best interest, technology is a boon.

Short Technology Speech In English For Children

Good morning to one and all present here. Today, I am here to deliver a speech about technology. While humans had been experimenting with science for years, in the early 20th century the word 'technology' was invented. It is influenced by the words "Technik" and "Technologie" in German. While there is a distinction in German between 'technik' and 'technologie,' the English, around the 1930s, merged both and started to refer to them as 'technology.'

As we know, the use of scientific and technical knowledge to design and construct machinery and electronic devices to facilitate and serve mankind is commonly known as technology. Nowadays, the manufacturing process has been made faster and more efficient by industrial technology. Art, product design, and advertisement using software-based devices are part of innovative technology. The use of architectural technology to design and construct buildings is excessive. In reality, technology is a blessing to us because it has made our lives convenient and unimaginably helped us. 

It would take a whole day just to drive a few miles. It was also not as easy to send messages as it is today. You can automatically send messages to the receiver in another corner of the world with a cell phone that is a technical product. 

Technology has advanced a great deal, making life simpler, more comfortable and safer than ever. There are also some drawbacks attributed to it, while it being beneficial. Some physiological research teams have also shown that real social isolation has increased due to the presence of social apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter, etc., leading to depression and increased cases of loneliness among young people. Science and technology are more relevant in today's world, but the negativity of technology emerges if people use it negatively. One thing we should not forget, however, is that all the inventions are created to benefit us, not to make us a victim of the world of technology.

10 Lines for Speech on Technology in Today’s Life

  1. Technology has become an important component of business and livelihoods.

            Even a small pin and a huge jetliner are both technical items.

  1. To a large degree, technology has fundamentally changed the environment and our everyday lives.

  2. Things that weren't conceivable a couple of years ago have now become normal.

  3. The most important advancement in the Stone Age period was the invention of Wheel, Spears, and stone instruments.

  4. From a basic watch to supercomputers, in our everyday lives, technology has surrounded us.

  5. The preferred form of contact, video conferencing, is a gift from technology.

  6. We have reached the Moon with the aid of technology and are hoping to set up a human colony on Mars.

  7. Medical Science's technological advancement has brought with it the treatment of many deadly diseases.

  8. With the introduction of 4G and 5G, the new mobile networking technology has given mobile telephony a great push.

  9. The future of technology is bright, changing day after day, simplifying people's lives.