From The Diary of Anne Frank Summary

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Class 10 English From The Diary of Anne Frank Summary

In this article, you will be reading one of the best stories From The Diary Of Anne Frank Class 10 summary. The diary of Anne Frank is based on the background of world war II. This diary was gifted by Anne's father on her 13th birthday which she calls with the name of 'Kitty'. Anne Frank is a Jewish girl who is protecting herself during World War II to avoid the Nazis. She shares her experience and happenings and the tale during her period of darkness. Also, she conceals in the secret division on the Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam with seven different people during World War II.

Class 10 From The Diary Of Anne Frank's summary focuses more on the way how she survives there for two years and depicts all her experiences events in the diary. While hiding for two years, she puts her ability into studying and writing, improving knowledge of politics, and literature. After her death, she becomes world-famous and popular.

From the Diary of Anne Frank Class 10 Summary in English

The writer finds it strange and unusual for her to write a diary because it will be the first time she will be experiencing something like this. She feels that in the future, no one is going to read about a young girl's experiences and happenings. Still, somehow she puts these all thinking and thoughts away and writes what she feels in her diary. The writer feels lonely because she doesn't have any real friends to talk to.

She wants someone as a friend at that time, but she indeed considers the diary as her friend and gives her diary a shape and the name 'Kitty'. She feels like the paper has more capacity of absorbing the thoughts rather than the people who have problems with the low patience level. Sometimes people don't have that much patience as the paper has and her thoughts she expressed herself with that diary.

In Class 10 From The Diary Of Anne Frank summary, we can see that she was stable and comfortable with her diary more than the people. She had a good time with her friends, but she didn't share each and everything with her friends. She knows that they are not her true friends. She always refers to her father, who gifted this amazing diary on her 13th birthday and loved her most.

On June 20, 1942, she mentioned how her class was worried about their results. The writer says that the only topic she is doubtful about is mathematics and figures. She, along with her friend, was aiming at halting the students from making a disturbance, but to no avail. According to the writer, the section of the class should not pass as they do not take part in any activities.

Anne recollects how the Maths lecturer is continually annoyed by her talkativeness. While talking about her grades, he gives her more homework as punishment. The first punishment is to jot down an essay on “Chatterbox”, which the writer feels is strange. She visualises the topic and agrees to present tangible statements in support of speaking. She inscribes that she will make an effort to better herself but cannot abolish talking completely. The professor finds it fascinating but allots another subject after she did not improve her nature.

The theme is an incorrigible chatterbox which implies a manner that is tough to improve upon. Since the professor gave her the same topic twice, She runs out of thoughts. She agrees to write her third topic in the pattern of a poem and writes sarcastically. Luckily the professor takes it lightly. The professor narrates the entire poem in front of the class, and the writer talked uninterruptedly after this.

During the two years slated in her diary, Anne pacts with imprisonment and privation, as well as the tough and difficult problems of growing up in the difficult situations of the Holocaust. Her diary depicts a battle to define herself within this climate of pressure. Anne’s diary goes without an assertion on August 1, 1944, the edge of a seemingly natural day that leaves us with the intention of seeing another entry on another page. Though, the Frank family is deceived by the Nazis and caught on August 4, 1944. Anne’s diary, the compliances of a creative, friendly, a little irrelevant and somewhat normal teenage girl comes to a hasty and silent end.


In the story From The Diary Of Anne Frank Class 10 English, we can simply conclude that how young students need someone to talk to. Whenever they feel joyous or depressed, the student needs someone to talk to. This makes them more mentally fit. 

Anne Frank was the reminder of confidence and faith that enlightened us that there's always a chance to make a decent world. Anne was just a simple Jewish girl. During the holocaust in an annexe, a german helped Anne and her family to protect in his home. However, Anne never abandoned hope. Anne was a greatly hopeful person during that period in the holocaust. She is an instance of our world nowadays and forever.

Gaze at the way we are dwelling, we live the most wonderful existence and life, and we are unhappy. But just think about Anne Frank, who struggles for a whole life. So, we should be grateful for what we have and not be sad for nothing. You should never stop dreaming and give up in life because life can be happy and positive, just like Anne did find her happiness in her diary. It is necessary to live life and with happiness and not with much sadness.