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Elections are considered important in every part of the world because it is the way for the citizens to elect the government. The elections all over the world take place through voting. However, the election body is different from one country to another. In this article, we will learn who is the current election commissioner of India and about the varying ways to present a Speech On Election In India. It can be a Long Speech On Election Commission In India or a Short Election Speech In India.

Long And Short Speech on Election Commission In India

Long Speech on Election Commission In India

This type of Long Speech On Election In India is helpful to know about a certain topic in detail especially for students in grades 8-12.

Good Morning everyone, a warm welcome to all present here. I am very honoured to be here and speak about the elections and election commission in India. In a few years, when we turn 18 we will all be eligible to vote. It is through voting that we elect the people we chose to represent us and fulfil our demands as a society.

The body that controls and manages the entire election process is the election commission. It was first formed in 1950, on the day prior to the republic day that is 25th January. It has been an independent body since then. The Chief elected for this body are retired IAS Officers. There are three main commission executives. As of 2021, the Chief Election Commissioner is Sunil Arora. There are 2 other election commissioners, namely Rajiv Kumar and Sushil Chandra.

The headquarters is located in New Delhi. It is a body that employs a Secretariat of 300 people under its umbrella. The full time working core members vary at the state level and at the district level. This body works according to Article 324, presented by the Constitution Of India. We are privileged to live in a democratic nation like ours, as we have the power to choose the representatives.

The primary function of the Election Commission includes attending to the conundrum of election and ensuring it to take place fairly. The other government bodies like Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, and state legislatures are also controlled by the Election Commission. The election for the offices of President and Vice President also falls under the duties of the Election Commission Of India.

The electoral polls have to be prepared and updated periodically by the Election Commission. The electoral poll is prepared and finalised after much review. It holds the information as to who is entitled to vote, the registered political parties, and the exponential funding by the candidates. The Election Commission of India also holds power to notify the dates and schedules of elections for filing nomination forms. The election commission is also responsible for supervising the nomination process of candidates and monitoring the election campaign. During the election, many temporary members are hired as it is a busy period and everybody works a hectic schedule. With the approval of the Election commission, the parties use different symbols during the election campaign. These symbols vary so it is easy for people to recognise whether it's a national, state or regional party. Election commissions also control limitations of poll budgets.

The election commission also takes care that the election process is conducted fairly and openly. It does so, by organising the polling booths where the election takes place. The body also works closely with the media and ensures the campaign gets coverage and attention from the people. The counting of votes and the results announcements are also the main duty of the Election Commission of India. The election commission carries out all their responsibilities dutifully so we can fairly elect our governance leaders.

Thank you.

Short Speech on Election Commission of India  

This type of Speech On Election In India is useful for conveying the information about the topic in simpler words to students in grades 4-7. 

Good Morning everyone, respected Principal, Teachers and my dear friends, I ABC (mention your name) am here to speak about the election commission of India. The election commission is an independent body that was established on 25th January in the year 1950.

There are three main election commissioners of the body. All of them are retired IAS officers. There is one Chief election officer and currently, it is Sunil Arora and other two are namely Rajiv Kumar and Sushil Chandra. Election commission body’s headquarters is in New Delhi. It employs 300 people, all pertaining to political heavy duty. 

The election commission of India has many responsibilities. And their regimen is extra hectic during the period of election and for that particular period, many people are tired of a temporary period. And the duties are delegated accordingly.

The Election Commission Of India has the power and control over other government bodies like the offices responsible for the election of President and Vice President. And it also exerts power over Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and State Legislature.

It carries out all the functions, like maintaining and updating electoral records. This body is responsible for micromanaging and deciding the dates of nomination for election and chooses the candidates who will be nominated. They also approve the signs and symbols of the national, state and local regional parties. The poll booths are arranged and it also counts the vote and results are announced by the same body.

The election commission is truly responsible for handling the heavy duties of the election in a democratic nation. 

Thank you. 

10 Line Speech on Election Commission of India

This format is very helpful for students in grades 1-3 as they can understand is the simpler and shorter format.

  1. Election commission came into existence on 25th January 1950.

  2. That day is also celebrated as National Voters Day.

  3. It is an independent constitutional body that holds the power to manage all the ins and outs of the election process.

  4. The headquarters of this body is in New Delhi.

  5. It conducts elections for all other bodies like Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Parliament, Legislative assembly and councils.

  6. It also conducts elections for the offices of President and Vice president.

  7. The budgets of the election campaign and the media coverage is also handled by the election commission. 

  8. From approving signs and symbols to the parties to organizing election booths and counting and result of election announcements all are handled by the election commission.

  9. The chief election commissioner currently is Sunil Arora and there are 300 employees who report to him.

  10. It holds the maximum number of duties and all performed diligently every time to hold the elections in an orderly manner.

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