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Speech on Agriculture

Last updated date: 15th Apr 2024
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Inspirational Speech For Farmers on Agriculture

Agriculture is the primary sector of our economy. Apart from being the source of food, agricultural produce serves as the raw materials for several industries. We at Vedantu, have come up with a speech on agriculture that can be also used as an inspirational speech for farmers. Here, we have tried to cover the main aspects of agriculture and put light on how it serves as the backbone of our economy. Below, we have provided a long speech and a short speech on agriculture, and a 3-minute speech on agriculture comprising 10 lines for the reference of students.

As we have covered several important points of organic farming, students can take a cue for a speech on organic farming from the below-given speeches.

Long Speech on Agriculture

Good morning to everyone present over here. Today I am here to speak on agriculture, which forms the primary sector of the Indian economy. I hope to pull it off as an inspirational speech about agriculture for all of us. Agriculture is one of the main contributors to our Gross Domestic Product and contributes about 70 percent to the total export proceeds of our country. It forms the basis of many other economies in the world. Ours is an agricultural country and since time immemorial, farmers have been working relentlessly to provide food for us. However, the farmers who work to meet the food requirements of the ever-growing population of our country, lack the basic amenities and resources. 

Agriculture can be the primary occupation of the people of a country, only when it has a favorable climate for growing various crops throughout the year. As we all know, the main conditions required for growing a crop are the type of soil, water supply for irrigation, and temperature. Now, since there is a huge population to feed in our country, farmers have adopted many advanced techniques of agriculture that help them with a better yield. For example, nowadays, farmers use HYV seeds that increase the yield by manifolds. Yes, in case you are not aware, the High Yield Variety seeds are capable of increasing the yield by 10 times than the ordinary seeds, in the same farmland. Hence, these seeds are termed miracle seeds. In fact, many farmers in our country practice the modern techniques of organic farming for a better quality of crops. Now I will try to make this part of my speech on organic farming short yet informative. This type of farming does not involve the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides to enhance crop yield. Well, in organic farming, farmers may use some chemicals to improve the soil quality. For example, they use chemicals to restore the fertility of the soil after a crop is harvested. The more dependency is on the natural resources in organic farming. Sustained methods of agriculture are practiced in organic farming, which in turn, cater to save our environment from degradation. Among the advanced techniques of agriculture, greenhouse farming is the one that allows us to grow crops in areas of lower temperatures.

Coming to the predicament of most farmers in the remote villages of our country, it is undeniable that they are underpaid for the efforts they put into their work. They earn their livelihood by providing food for the rest of the population, but even today, many farmers’ families do not have the basic amenities like electricity, education, healthcare facilities, right at their hands. Even today, many farmers suffer from low crop yield due to a lack of irrigation facilities or degraded soil quality. The modern resources or inputs for sustainable farming are still not available to them due to their remote location. Though they provide food for us, yet, many of our farmers struggle to meet their families’ food requirements. Some new agriculture laws are proposed by the government and our farmers are in turmoil regarding the same. I hope that I was able to highlight a few of the major issues faced by our farmers in this part of my speech on agricultural problems.


Since our farmers work hard to provide food for us, their interests and well-being must always be kept at the forefront. Our agriculturists and research fellows are constantly working to bring up new inputs for the farmers to enhance their work quality. Yes, the methods of farming are getting enhanced with the advances in technology and that brings a fresh air of hope for our farmers.

To conclude my speech on farming I would like to thank all our farmers for whom we can rest assured of satiating our most basic need of food. With the increasing awareness among the youth of our country, we can expect a greater number of students to pursue higher studies and research in agriculture in the coming years, in turn, ensuring a better agricultural yield and quality of life for our farmers. 

Short Speech on Agriculture

Hello everyone, I am (name). Today I will be speaking on agriculture and its contribution to our lives. I would like to make this an inspiring speech for farmers who work day in and day out tirelessly to provide food for us. They form the primary sector of our country’s economy and the crops that they grow serve as the raw materials for many other industries. In fact, the sector of agriculture contributes a good 70 percent to the GDP of our country.

Since, India has a tropical climate, diverse topography, and water bodies surrounding it, the climatic conditions are favorable for growing quite a good number of crops. India is a major producer of crops like rice, wheat, coffee, pulses, spices, etc. Some parts of India are suitable for growing food crops whereas others are suitable for cash crops. The common methods of farming practiced in India are intensive subsistence farming, plantation farming, mixed farming, terrace farming, dry farming, and crop rotation.

The main requirements for cultivating a crop include optimum temperature, suitable soil quality, and proper irrigation. Nowadays, there are several advanced methods of irrigation that have reduced the dependency on rains for agriculture. Many farmers are being educated on the techniques of farming that are effective as well as eco-friendly. Hence our farmers are now able to adopt efficacious methods of farming to enhance the crop quality as well as the amount of yield. To top it all, the advanced methods of farming, such as, organic farming, greenhouse farming, etc. are sustainable in nature. Thereby, even a greater yield does not affect the quality of crops and natural resources. Several development plans for the farmers of our country have been implemented by our government. Many campaigns to support our farmers are conducted by the NGOs to rekindle their hope for a better tomorrow. Hereby, concluding this inspirational speech for farmers, I pledge to support our farmers in any possible ways and spread awareness on the significance of agriculture among the youth.  

10 Lines Speech on Agriculture

A simple 10-lines farming speech is given below. This speech on agriculture can be referred to by the young students of Classes 1 to 3.

  1. Agriculture is the backbone of our country’s economy.

  2. It is the main traditional occupation of our country.

  3. India produces both Kharif and Rabi crops.

  4. The main crops produced in India are rice, wheat, maize, jute, sugarcane, other cereals, pulses, spices, cotton, tea, coffee, etc.

  5. The main methods of agriculture include subsistence intensive farming, dry farming, terrace farming, crop rotation, mixed farming, plantation farming, etc. 

  6. The crops produced in surplus are exported to other countries, and agriculture is one of the major contributors to the export industry of India.

  7. Our farmers are now adopting new advanced techniques of farming. 

  8. For example, organic farming and greenhouse farming are now being practiced in many parts of India.

  9. These newer methods of farming are more sustainable and environment-friendly.

  10.  We should always be grateful to our farmers as they provide us with our food.

FAQs on Speech on Agriculture

1. What are the negative effects of Agriculture?

Agriculture has many advantages but anything that has its benefits will always have some negative impacts within it. That is why agriculture is no different in this, it has many disadvantages which are discussed below: 

  • The impacts of agriculture tend to be harmful not only to the environment but also to the people working and involved in this sector. 

  • One has to clear the land to grow crops on it. Deforestation is the main negative effect of agriculture. Several trees and bushes were cleared so that farmers could use the land. 

  • The usage of river water for irrigation is pretty high. This causes the rivers and ponds to dry off early and create a disbalance in the natural habitat. 

2. How is agriculture useful for medicine?

Agriculture is useful to many fields including the field of medicine. There are many tablets that are made from the crops grown on the fields by the process of Agriculture.

Its uses are given below: 

  • It is used to make papaya enzymes. The fruit of the papaya is used to make papaya Enzyme. This papain comes in use as an enzyme that is organic for the obvious reason. It is used as a substitute for indigestion in place of any digestive enzyme. 

  • The name of the Morphine that gives relief in severe pain, cough, and loose motions is opium Alkaloids. This type of Alkaloid is found in farms by growing opium poppy plants.

3. What is the importance of biodiversity in agriculture?

In driving humanity, agriculture biodiversity plays a vital role in it. biodiversity is held responsible for many important reforms. It also is responsible for providing food to the people and making the raw materials available for the products. The products that agriculture biodiversity provides are shelter, fuelwood, clothing cotton, medicinal roots and plants, and biofuel resources. It also provides livelihood and employment opportunities to the people. 

It also helped in the services of the ecosystem like preservation of water and soil, fertility of the soil, pollination, and biota protection.

4. What do you understand about Agribusiness?

Agribusiness is also known as bio-business or Bio-enterprise. It indicates the system, industry, and the field of the study of interdependent value chains in agriculture. The main motive behind agribusiness is to maximize their profit along with the satisfactory needs of the consumers for the products that relate to natural resources like food, farm, fishery, fuels, fibers, and biotechnology. It excludes non-renewable resources like mining. It is not bound to farming only. The Agribusiness system has a broader range that includes, marketing, value addition, input supplies, micro-financing, entrepreneurship, and extension of agriculture.

5. Write about the evolution of agribusiness?

Agribusiness is a word that is formed by mixing two words agricultural and business together. The word was first coined in 1957 by two professors of Harvard business school named, John Davis and Ray Goldberg when they published the book with the title “A concept of Agribusiness”. Their book spoke against the president of the US then, Franklin Roosevelt’s new deal programs as it increased the prices of agriculture. Goldberg and Davis both favored agriculture that is corporate-driven. That means large-scale farming in order to revolutionize the sector of agriculture that leads to less dependency on power and politics of the state. To know further, look at the study material provided by Vedantu.