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Speech on Books

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Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Books can be our best friends and guide us to build up our personality. There is a suitable book for every mood, and you can enjoy reading various genres of books to cheer yourself up. Reading books helps us to gather information on various subjects. Here we present a long speech on books for children stating several aspects of reading books in our lives. The long speech is followed by a short speech on books for students and children of Classes 4 to 10, and a 10-line-speech on books for the reference of young students of Classes 1 to 3.

Short Speech on Books for Students and Children

Hello everyone! I, (ABC), am here today to deliver a speech on books for children. Well, as we all know, books make an integral part of our lives, as we are introduced to books since childhood, for academics. Books are the basic source of knowledge and information. There are various categories of books, for example, fiction, non-fiction, science-fiction, comedy, romantic, biographies, historical, horror, thriller, and so on. 


Reading books helps children to learn many new words and they get a good grip on how to use those words in meaningful sentences as well. Hence, books help to improve their vocabulary. Also, when children start reading books, they develop an understanding of grammatically correct sentences. 


Kids are mostly interested in fairy tales or comics, and some find horror-based books more fun to read. I personally prefer reading detective storybooks. Well, there is a lot more than fiction that books offer to us. We cannot time-travel to witness the historic incidents, but we can get a detailed knowledge of those incidents, with the help of books. The life stories of the great personalities of the world are available through biographical books. These books help us to know their family background, contribution to society, achievements, and struggles.  


The knowledge that we gather by reading books stays with us forever. It helps us to know about the various historic places of the world, and about the world leaders, right at our home. There are plenty of benefits of reading books for students and children. So here to conclude my speech, I would like to emphasize that cultivating the habit of reading books among children will make them more aware of many important aspects of life. It will help them stride towards a brighter tomorrow.

10 Lines Speech on Books for Students and Children

  1. Books can be our best guide and friend.

  2. Fiction and non-fiction are the two types of books.

  3. The common genres of books are comedy, thriller, science fiction, romance, biographies, etc.

  4. Reading books is a good habit and it helps to improve our comprehensive skills.

  5. We can practice reading a book loudly to improve our pronunciation.

  6. As we read various books, we get an opportunity to learn many new words. 

  7. I like reading fairy tales and comic books. 

  8. I am currently reading an abridged version of Alice in a Wonderland by Lewis Caroll. I got this book as a birthday present.

  9. I also like to read books on Noddy and his adventures by Enid Blyton

  10. Reading books helps us to gather knowledge on a language and other important subjective information. 

Long Speech on Books in English

Our finest companion and a great approach to learning new abilities are books. Reading books allows us to expand our knowledge and expand our minds. Your mental growth will be favorable and your thinking will be rich. In front of you, a new world will open up. An excellent book has the power to transform your life. When we are sad or lonely, we can read an excellent book. That will make us happy and relieve our loneliness. Reading books provides a great deal of enjoyment. When we read a new book, we get to see new locations, learn new things, and receive new ideas, all of which is beneficial to our mental health.

My warmest greetings to everyone in this room. Today I'm going to talk about books and how they play an important role in forming children's personalities. The primary source of knowledge books. Reading books helps children acquire a strong sense of language and expand their vocabulary. I believe that instilling the habit of reading in children at an early age is critical. Reading books can help them improve their concentration and comprehension skills.

It is true that books are our best friends. Books will not abandon us in the face of adversity. They will be a terrific company for us at all times. There are a lot of fantastic books out there that can help us modify our minds. To be motivated and inspired in our daily lives, we need a lot of good thoughts. Learning new abilities by reading a book is a great approach to do so. Experts and experts publish books based on their knowledge and experience. They provide a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

We can gain a comprehensive understanding of a subject. When we are feeling lonely, we can curl up with a nice book. I can assure you that you will begin to feel better. We must constantly avoid reading terrible novels. A poor book can destroy your head and cause you to think negatively. So it is always advised to refer to a friend or to the internet for good books. 

Books can be compared to gold mines. When we go astray, they correct us, amuse us when we're bored, and provide us with nice companionship when we're lonely. They give us a new perspective on beauty. They carry us to places we've never seen before, to heights we've never felt before, and to lands we've never imagined. If you want to choose a best friend for the rest of your life, choose books since books can keep us company in both good and terrible times and teach us a lesson.

Books are also changing their look in the modern world, from a hard copy in paperbacks to digital on the Internet. It is dependent on whether we want to read a hard copy or a soft copy on a computer. Finally, I'll argue that we've gone so far in this century due to our forefathers' wonderful laws, conceptions, sciences, thoughts, inventions, discoveries, and endeavors, all of which were written in books. That literature hastened the advancement of our civilization. Great people's books inspire us to think about noble things. They teach us how to think critically. They aid in the conception of concepts and the solution of practical issues. Some people make fun of dedicated book readers. It's crucial to put what you've learned in the books into practice rather than merely reading them.

Learning the relevant knowledge, whether technical, language skills, general knowledge, or fun-related information, is essential to making good use of books. When we use books, we have a brighter face and more confidence in ourselves. When reading a book, it's also crucial to jot down essential points, thoughts, doubts, or footnotes in a decent notebook. Every page of a great book contains the best and noblest thoughts of man. In a library, you can encounter all of the world's most brilliant brains. However, not all novels are created equal. Today, there is a deluge of books. Flooding is never a good thing. You can take up undesirable behaviors without even realizing it because of the effect of poor books. As a result, you must choose your allies carefully. You must make an informed decision.

Man's life and nature's life must be mingled up with the company of literature. A break between the pages of a book and the real world is fraught with peril. So, not only should you read books, but you should also read the vast Book of Life and Nature.

The book chooses the reader, the kind of book we read is a reflection of our own self. With this I conclude my speech. Have a great day. 

Thank you