Speech on Books

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Speech on Books in English

Books can be our best friend and guide us to build up our personality. There is a suitable book for every mood, and you can enjoy reading various genres of books to cheer up yourself. Reading books helps us to gather information on various subjects. Here we present a long speech on books for children stating several aspects of reading books in our lives. The long speech is followed by a short speech on books for students and children of Classes 4 to 10, and a 10-line-speech on books for the reference of young students of Classes 1 to 3.

Long Speech on Books for Students and Children

My cordial greetings to everyone present over here. Today I am going to speak on books and how they play a pivotal role in shaping up the personality of children. Books are the primary source of knowledge. Reading books helps children to enhance their vocabulary, and develop a sound sense of language. I believe it is very important to inculcate the habit of reading among children from a young age. Reading books helps to improve their concentration and ability of comprehension. 

When it comes to books for students and children, books can be classified as fictional books, and non-fictional books. The non-fiction books are mostly informative and subjective. Biographies, political history, science, and technology-based books, are a few of the common types of non-fiction books. Detective story books are among the most popular fictional books. Mostly young children like to read fiction-based books, such as fairy tales, fables, comics, that have beautiful illustrative images. Some kids are interested in reading science fiction, whereas some prefer reading epics. In fact, kids prefer books that have enamel paper pages, and who doesn’t like idyllic pictorial presentations of stories? Yes, the books with enamel paper pages make a big hit among readers of all age-groups. For example, have you ever gone through a book about the solar system, which has a pictorial representation of our solar system and the few other parts of the universe, on gloss paper pages? Facts or fairy tales become even more engaging when the pictures are depicted on pages with a glossy-coating. 

Coming to the advantages of books for students and children, reading books is by far one of the best habits that benefit them in several ways. The more they read, the better informed they become. As they read books, they develop a sense of creativity for articulating themselves in subtle ways on various platforms. A well-read mind can analyze, and gauge various issues with proper logic, and facts. When you cultivate the habit of reading books in children they get access to a lot of information as well as famous literary works. Consequently, their value-system and rationales are based more on facts than myths, and they grow up to be more pragmatic in life. 

Often, reading books can be heard of as a popular hobby among people of various age-groups. The best part of this hobby is that, you get a vicarious experience of the lives of various fictional and non-fictional characters, right at your seat. Also, you get the liberty of imagining every character, every incident, and plot in a book as per your creative limits. This sense of creativity gets hindered when you watch the same stories and plots on television or digital screens. When you read a book, either you become a part of the journey that the characters go through in it. You step into a different world than the one you are sitting in, when you start reading a book. With every new page that you turn, you get engrossed in the book quite magically. So, now to conclude my speech on books for students and children, I would like to quote ‘Books are uniquely portable magic.’

Short Speech on Books for Students and Children

Hello everyone! I, (ABC), am here today to deliver a speech on books for children. Well, as we all know, books make an integral part of our lives, as we are introduced to books since childhood, for academics. Books are the basic source of knowledge and information. There are various categories of books, for example, fiction, non-fiction, science-fiction, comedy, romantic, biographies, historical, horror, thriller, and so on. 

Reading books helps children to learn many new words and they get a good grip on how to use those words in meaningful sentences as well. Hence, books help to improve their vocabulary. Also, when children start reading books, they develop an understanding of grammatically correct sentences. 

Kids are mostly interested in fairy tales or comics, and some find horror-based books more fun to read. I personally prefer reading detective story books. Well, there is a lot more than fiction that books offer to us. We cannot time-travel to witness the historic incidents, but we can get a detailed knowledge of those incidents, with the help of books. The life-stories of the great personalities of the world are available through biographical books. These books help us to know their family background, contribution to society, achievements, and struggles.  

The knowledge that we gather by reading books stays with us forever. It helps us to know about the various historic places of the world, and about the world leaders, right at our home. There are plenty of benefits of reading books for students and children. So here to conclude my speech, I would like to emphasize that cultivating the habit of reading books among children will make them more aware of many important aspects of life. It will help them stride towards a brighter tomorrow.

10 Lines Speech on Books for Students and Children

  1. Books can be our best guide and friend.

  2. Fiction and non-fiction are the two types of books.

  3. The common genres of books are comedy, thriller, science fiction, romance, biographies, etc.

  4. Reading books is a good habit and it helps to improve our comprehensive skills.

  5. We can practice reading a book loudly to improve our pronunciation.

  6. As we read various books, we get an opportunity to learn many new words. 

  7. I like reading fairy tales and comic books. 

  8. I am currently reading an abridged version of Alice in a Wonderland by Lewis Caroll. I got this book as a birthday present.

  9. I also like to read the books on Noddy and his adventures by Enid Blyton.

  10.  Reading books helps us to gather knowledge on a language and other important subjective information.