Role of Youth Essay

Essay on Role of Youth

Youth is the joy. Youth is a phase in which small children that have come out of their protective shells and are ready to spread their wings in the world of hope and dreams. Youth means to cherish hope. It is a time of development. It is the time for growth and change. He plays an important role in the development of our society. He has the potential to learn and adapt to the environment. He has the capabilities to bring social reforms and improvement in the society. His idealism, enthusiasm and courage cannot be matched with any other segment in the society.

Roles and Responsibilities

Youth and life indeed itself flashes by, in the blink of an eye. That is why it is very important for you to ask yourselves what you can do for the society and the country. God has vested all power in the hands of the youth so that he can perform his duties effectively. They should start thinking positively and creatively. They must develop the spirit to refute what is wrong in the society. They must realize that now is the time to take action. 

Youth should not seek an easy, comfortable path. No one develops in a pampered environment. These are some key responsibilities that the young generation must inculcate in them:

Value Of Time: It is the responsibility of the youth to understand the importance of time. Every moment is crucial for them to take action so punctuality is a must.

Discipline: Youth has to understand the necessity of discipline in life. Youth is full of passion. Without discipline, the youngsters cannot work passionately.

Thinking Before Taking Action: Youth must not be impulsive. It is very important to think before taking action. This is how the youth will be able to create a thoughtful society.

Character Driven: Character builds up a nation. The young people need to be morally strong, reflective individuals and dedicated which will drive them to take correct actions for the nation.

Fearless: The youth must be courageous in taking action. Fearless youth can fight injustice.

Goal Oriented: The youth needs to be focused on their goals that he wants to accomplish. When the young generation is goal oriented, then their vision and mission become very clear.

Zealous: Youth has to be energized, full of vitality. With the attribute of zealousness, the youth can help to protect the national security and interest of a country and ideological position.

Role Of Youth In Building A Nation

National development is now in the hands of the young generation. The older generation has passed on the baton to the youth. The young generation has more concurrent dreams, passion and hope. Youth in any country represents the future of his nation. 

For the development of the country, the young people have to be hard working in any field they get involved in, be it teaching, farming, mechanic or any other field. Today the youth is facing challenges in employment opportunities, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS but there are chances to overcome some of these challenges. They need to take up any job opportunity that is available till they get what they want to. The young generation has to be very responsible and say NO to drugs. Youth empowerment can eradicate poverty from the country. He plays an important role in the constructive process of building social cohesion, economic prosperity and political stability of a nation in an inclusive and democratic way. 

Role Of Youth For The Change In The Society

Youth is the future of the society.  The young generation simply needs to renew, refresh and maintain the current status of the society. When the youth contributes his ideas and energy to resolve the social issues, he becomes a capable leader and can also make a difference in the lives of others. They must have the courage to resolve the mournful contradictions that are plaguing the society and boldly take on great challenges without shunning the subsequent problems and difficulties that they will inevitably face.


Nothing can equal the splendor of the youth. To be young --- that in itself is to possess a treasure of infinite worth far greater than any person of power. It is the responsibility of the older generation to provide them the right resources, guidance and good environment so that they become the strong change agents in the community.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is Youth So Important?

Youth symbolizes hope. He can bring a change to the society and nation.

2. What Are The Qualities Youth Needs to Possess?

Youth needs to be disciplined, morally strong, reflective individuals and empathetic.

3. How Can Youth Build A Strong Nation?

Youth can build a strong nation by eradicating poverty, building social cohesion, developing the economic condition and political stability of a country.

4. Why is It Necessary To Be Goal Oriented?

When you are goal oriented then you become very clear about vision and mission.