Role Model Essay

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Essay on Role Model

A child grows in an environment looking and learning at his parents and other family members. He also watches how his teachers and mentors teach the class. He learns from the elders playing sports with him. We all do the same and our psychological development takes place. Our thought process develops and we then focus on a personality that admires us the most. This personality is called a role model. We get immense inspiration from the role model we choose. Our personalities develop following the traits we admire in a person. This person can be your parent, your family member, or a celebrity.

My role model is Charlie Chaplin. He is one of the greatest comedians and film producers of all time. Charles Spencer Chaplin, a brilliant child who was born in the poor part of London on 16th April 1889. His mother was suffering from a psychological disorder. His father died due to alcoholism. He was left in an abyss where his caretakers were not able to pay the rent as well. They changed rooms and were not able to eat every day. He developed a world of its own when his mother suffered from madness spells.

His mother supported his family by sewing clothes. Eventually, she could not afford to rent a sewing machine. His early days were spent with homeless children when his mother was treated in a hospital. Even if he belonged to a tragic background and lived a sad childhood, he never failed to make everyone laugh with his performance. He developed as an excellent actor, director, producer, and almost all kinds of skills needed to produce a silent movie. His best creations that still make people laugh and cry at the same time are City Lights, Modern Times, The Kid, A woman of Paris, The Gold Rush, etc.

He became a very famous actor admired by all. He directed, acted, edited, and produced in most of the films. We can say he was a perfectionist in every sense. He even took a dig on Adolf Hitler, the dictator of Germany, and mocked him in his film ‘The Great Dictator’ released in 1940. He was so brave that no one was ready to fund, act, or release this movie that mocked the superpower. He did it taking it as a challenge and mocked the Fuhrer with his toothbrush moustache.

This is why I admire Charlie Chaplin. Even though he had a very sad childhood, he still managed to find food in his life. He was strong enough to stand tall and gave the world’s best comedic performance of all time. He also got the longest standing ovation in the Oscars. Everyone clapped and cheered when he received it for 11 minutes straight. Despite clad with poverty and extreme hardship, he never went into the abyss of sadness. He recognized his talent and wanted to remain in the virtual happy world of comedy.

He is my favourite personality in the world due to his versatility and multiple talents. He said ‘A day without laughter is a day wasted’. He always wanted to see everyone smiling and laughing. He wanted to be the reason for everyone’s laugh and happiness. He also said ‘I always walk in the rain so that no one can see my crying.’ It is easy to imagine the pain behind this line but his act never revealed his sad life at all.

I came to know about his childhood and real-life stories when I read his autobiography. He represents every common man we know. He is our refined image. For him, life was a long story with a lot of comedy. His perspective of seeing life is what I admire.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is a Role Model?

Ans: A role model is a personality that influences another person’s life. Anyone can follow anyone as a role model and feel inspired to become the same. In literal words, a role model is a strong personality with excellent traits that an individual admires. It is the traits of that personality that amaze, encourage, and inspire people. This personality can be a family member, parent, celebrity, sportsman, or anyone. These people have something strong in their personalities that is not found often in common people.

2. Why should We have a Role Model?

Ans: There is a saying that life is an endless journey of learning new things and becoming better. This is where a person needs a role model. A strong personality with beautiful traits is what we need to follow and become a better person. If we consider the example we have taken in this essay., we will find that Charlie Chaplin had the strength to survive. Even though he was sad and spent his childhood mostly with homeless children, he still developed the personality that made everyone laugh and happy. Even though his silent movies had no words and are a century old, they still make us happy and give us the ultimate lessons of life.

3. Whom can You Consider a Role Model?

Ans: A person with strong characteristics and impressive qualities should be chosen as a role model. We find so many people around us that admire in a way or another. This person can be a hardworking vegetable seller or an astronaut. We all need to find out the strong traits that make the person admirable and follow them. It is then we can make ourselves better.