Generation Gap Essay

Essay on Generation Gap


Generation Gap is a term given to the gap or age difference between two sets of people; the young people and their elders, especially between children and their parents. Everything is influenced with the change of time- the age, the culture, mannerism and morality. This change affects every one. Generation gap is an endless social phenomenon. Every generation lives at a certain time under certain circumstances and conditions. So, all generations have their own set of values and views. Every generation wants to uphold the principles they believe in. This is a problem that has continued for ages.

People born in different time periods under different conditions have their own views based on the circumstances they have been through. The patterns of life have been changing continuously according to time. Everyone wants to live and behave in his own way and no one wants to compromise with his or her values and views. There has always been a difference in attitude or lack of understanding between the younger and older generations. This attitude has augmented the generation gap and it is becoming wider day-by-day. This gap now has started impacting our lives in a wrong way. 

It is always good to have a wide range of ideas, views and opinions. It indicates how we are developing and advancing but sometimes this becomes worrisome when the views and ideas are not accepted by both the generations. Parents create a certain image in minds for their children. They want to bring up their children with values that they have been brought up with and expect their children to follow the same. Parents want children to act in accordance with their values, as they believe, it is for their benefit and would do well to them. 

Children on the other hand have broader outlook and refuse to accept the traditional ways. They want to do things in their own ways and don’t like going by any rulebook. Mostly, young people experience conflict during their adolescence. They are desperately searching for self-identity. Parents at times fail to understand the demands of this fast paced world. Ultimately, despite love and affection for each other both are drained out of energy and not able to comprehend the other. Consequently there is a lack of communication and giving up on relationships. 

Nothing can be as beautiful as a parent-child relationship in the world. It should be nurtured very delicately and so it is important to bridge the gap between the two generations. It is time to realize that neither is completely right nor wrong. Both the generations have to develop more understanding and acceptance for each other. Having a dialogue with each other calmly, with the idea of sorting out conflict amicably in ideas, changing their mindset for each other and coming to a middle ground can be the most helpful instrument in bridging the gap between the two generations. 

Spending more time with each other like family outings, vacations, picnics, shopping, watching movies together could be some effective ways to build up a strong bond with each other. Both the generations need to study the ways of the society during their growing period and have mutual respect for it. To reduce the friction between the two generations, both parents and children have to give space to each other and define certain boundaries that the latter should respect the same. 

Generation gap occurs because society is constantly changing. It is the responsibility of both the generations to fill this gap with love, affection and trust. Both the generations should have mutual respect for the views and opinions that they uphold and advance cautiously with the development of the society.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What do you Understand by Generation Gap?

Ans. The gap between the old people and the young is called the generation gap.

Q2. Why Does the Generation Gap Occur?

Ans. Generation gap occurs due to difference in views and opinions between the younger and older generation. Both the generations want to uphold their principles they believe in.

Q3. How Should the Gap in the two Generations be Bridged?

Ans. The gap between the two generations should be bridged by mutual respect, understanding, love and affection for each other. They both should come to a middle ground and sort things out amicably.

Q4. How Does the Generation Gap Impact Relationships?

Ans. Generation gaps disrupt the family completely. Due to lack of understanding and acceptance, the relationship between the older and the younger generations become strained.