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Speech on Youth

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Speech on Youth For Students and Children

The youth shoulders the future of a country and it has the potential to bring about a revolution for the betterment of the country. They can introduce the newest advancements without compromising on the cultural heritage of our country. Education and empowerment are the two most important factors that the youth of our country should be enlightened about. Hence it is always important to facilitate the overall development of the youth to ensure the development of our nation. Here we have provided a long and a short speech on youth in English for the perusal of students. Also, a 10-line speech about youth has been provided below, so that kids can write essays on their own based on those points.

Long Speech on Youth

Good morning all of you present over here. Today I am here to speak on youth, and I am thrilled to share my opinions on the topic of youth empowerment. Well, to begin with, I would like to reiterate that the future of a nation lies in the hands of its youth. The more we empower our youth today, the brighter tomorrow our nation will witness.

The first thing that we have to ensure for the development of our country is that the youth of our country get an opportunity for education. Though the right to education is one of the fundamental rights as per our Constitution, yet, even today, the young kids in the rural parts of our country are deprived of this basic human right. This leads to a lack of awareness among them and eventually when they grow up there is a lack of employment opportunities. Therefore it is as important to educate the youth of the rural parts of our country as it is to educate the urban kids.

One major point that we should be keeping at the forefront is that the methods and subjects of education have to be optimized as per the need of the hour. Education has become a posh affair in the metro cities and that has also led to the reduction in the rate of literacy. The youth of our country has to be provided with basic education at a minimum of costs. 

I believe, apart from primary education, it is important to educate the youth on socio-political state affairs. In this way, they can make the best call when it comes to choosing a career that will ensure their individual development as well as the collective development of our nation. The youth of our country has the ability to provide physical as well as intellectual labour. Today, our youth is pursuing higher studies and research in foreign countries, in subjects like agriculture, horticulture, and so on. They are going to great lengths to procure the best of information and newest technologies on these subjects so that they can educate more people in our country on their occupation. This will eventually lead to the overall development of our country.

Since the youth of our country are our torchbearers, it is really important that they are directed on the right path. They should be well informed of the current affairs and the crises that the world is going through. They should be well aware of the struggles and achievements of the great leaders of their country. They should be able to understand the sense of compassion and brotherhood. They should be well-read of the Constitution, their rights, and duties and should lead by example. 

All the education they receive will empower them and make them confident to face adversities bravely and to take every situation in their stride. So here, to conclude my speech on youth, I would like to quote Swami Vivekananda “Belief in yourself and the world will be at your feet.”. 

Short Speech on Youth

My greetings to everyone present over here. I am <name>. Today I am here for elocution on youth empowerment. I gratefully acknowledge this opportunity. 

The youth of a country is the torchbearer of its future, and it is very important to educate our youth with the correct values. The great leaders of our country like Swami Vivekanda, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, have always encouraged and guided the youth on the right path. The youth of our society has the potential to bring about much-needed changes and lead by example for the next generations. 

The youth of our country has to invest their intellectual as well as physical labour to run the wheels of our economy steadily. They should be provided with every opportunity to educate themselves on the significant past events as well as on the latest developments in the world. Knowledge can enable them to take up the moot subjects of our country and resolve the existing issues. It is the duty of the youth of our nation to work towards the progress of the rural and unprivileged population. 

The youth of our country has to be educated about the new technologies and changes taking place around the world. This will help them to adopt a progressive mindset, be compassionate towards the weak and unprivileged, and work together with them towards a brighter future.

10-Line Speech about Youth

  1. The key to the future lies with the youth of a nation.

  2. It is important to educate the youth and enlighten them on the vital role they play in the wellbeing of our nation.

  3. Not only the urban youth, but the young kids of the rural parts of India also have to be well educated to progress a step towards a brighter future.

  4. The youth of India has to be well informed of the severe struggles of our freedom fighters so that a strong value system is inculcated among them, and they don’t waste what they have now.

  5. They should be well-versed with current affairs as well.

  6. All basic resources of living must be provided to the young kids for their proper development.

  7. The youth of our country should be completely aware of our Constitution so that they can fight for their rights and serve their duties.

  8. They should be provided with scholarships and fellowships so that they can pursue higher education and research.

  9. This, in turn, will help them to grow intellectually as well.

  10. Our youth should be well aware of their responsibility towards our nation and work towards a better tomorrow.

FAQs on Speech on Youth

1. Are youth robust?

An entire country's strength comes from its youth. Their energy and courage are unparalleled. They're capable of changing a country's destiny through their creativity. Only the youth have the power to make such a change.

2. What role does the youth play in society?

All nations are built on the strength and vitality of their youth, and they play a critical role within society. Youth who make a difference can have a significant impact on society for generations to come. These groups serve as mirrors for society, demonstrating our unwillingness to explore our own potential.

3. How important are the youths?

It is crucial to building an ideal society in which the youth is involved. It's clear that the youths are entirely dedicated to their work and fully understand the role they play. Youths can contribute to decreasing multigenerational poverty by using their brains in productive ways. Youth can also help to preserve their communities and the environment.

4. What does youth need most?

According to youth development research, meeting four basic human needs is crucial: belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity. It is evident that young people whose needs are met in a positive way tend to become good citizens and contributors to their communities.

5. How does the essay define youth?

A person's youth is a valuable time in their lives. Youth is a child who has grown out of childhood but has not yet turned into an adult. There are many characteristics associated with teenagers, such as heroism, toughness, muscularity, stimulation, and judgemental attitudes.

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