National Integration Speech

National Integration Speech For Students in English

National Integration is nothing but the unity among all the citizens of a country irrespective of all the factors such as gender, race, religion or any other factor. It does not differentiate anyone based on any reason or factor. It helps us to respect each other, value each other. National integration helps to prohibit any kind of national threats such as terrorism, communal riots etc. Besides the citizens, it is the duty of a national leader to maintain integrity among all.

Below are a few sample speeches on national integration that any student can use in order to score well in the English exam. 

Long National Integration Speech

If you are a little confused about how to write a long speech on national integration, then worry not! The below sample will help you in understanding the format of a long speech. 

A hearty welcome to everyone! Today I am here to give a long speech on National Integration. I will walk you through the significance of integration in a country.

What do we understand by national integration? To answer this, we can say that it simply keeps all the citizens of a country united. It helps to bring all the citizens under one roof together while maintaining respect and unity. 

This magical term provides equality to all citizens and does not create any barrier due to any factor. The main aim of maintaining unity is the development of a country. It becomes easier to stand against the national enemies if a country is united and all the citizens are bonded together. 

In a country like India, national integrity holds immense importance as the country is known for its diversified nature. Be it religion, be it caste system, be it race, India has every kind of people. Hence any kind of riot or communal violence can take place at any time. To prohibit any such issue and maintain peace, it is highly important to keep the balance and maintain peace and respect among each other. 

Another important factor in maintaining national integrity is economical development. Not only that, it proves to be a boon for various factors, be it political, social, or socio-economical. 

The number of issues related to caste, religion, class, race goes down automatically if there is love, bond and equality among all the citizens of a country and it is well maintained. It might sound a little difficult, but that's why the leaders and great patriots are there to lead by example and share the message of harmony and peace towards the nation. 

That’s all for today. Thank you so much for being such a great audience!

Short Speech on National Integration

The following short National integration speech will help the students to understand the structure of the speech. So, they will be able to implement the same in any exam. 

Hello to all the respected guests present here! Today I will present a short speech on national integration here. 

National Integrity is nothing but unity among the people of a country. This helps to bind the people of a democratic country together irrespective of caste, region, or class. 

National integrity is such a magical phenomenon that helps to reduce civil wars and also encourages the people of all the classes to bond together and stay together. One is taught to respect another and treat each other equally irrespective of gender, religion, caste, or race. This concept strengthens love and bonding among all the people. 

If the national integrity is strong between all the citizens, then nothing could invoke any kind of riots within the country. They will never get diverted into various ideas. It becomes the duty of the leaders of the country to reunite the citizens together and hold the rope of integrity. 

Let’s hope for a brighter future for our country. Thank you so much for being an amazing audience! 

10 Lines National Integration Speech

Here is a very short speech given on national integration which can be used by the students of Class 1 to Class 6 so that they can score good marks in the exam. 

  1. Hello everyone! Today we will take a walk through the national integration of our country.

  2. National integrity holds sheer importance for a country to fight against various crucial issues like terrorism, riot etc.

  3. This is the magical term that helps in binding all the citizens of a country altogether no matter of their caste, religion, race, gender or any other factor etc. 

  4. It provides equality to people of all classes.

  5. It unites the country as one single nation.

  6. To avoid any kind of communal violence or any such serious issue, national integration is really required to be maintained across the country.

  7. For maintaining national integrity, everyone should respect every religion, caste etc. 

  8. National integration is highly required in a country like India, which is known for its diversification. 

  9. But it is really important to understand each other even before we talk about integrity. Then we will be able to respect each other. 

  10. Thank you for listening! Have a nice day.