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Farewell Speech for Seniors

Last updated date: 21st Feb 2024
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Farewell Speech in English for Seniors

Farewell speech is nothing but a contrast of emotions. It will make you sad and happy at the same time. It will bring back all the bitter-sweet memories that you will cherish forever in your life. In the end, it brings tears to our eyes as we bid adieu to the most beloved people who take care of us and guide us at the toughest moments of our lives. Below, we have provided a few samples of a long speech on farewell for seniors, a short farewell speech for seniors and a 10 lined farewell speech to the seniors.


Long Farewell Speech in English for Seniors

A very good afternoon to all the dignitaries, my respected teachers, my seniors, and my friends who have gathered here on the occasion of farewell. We all are aware that today is the day to bid adieu to our seniors with whom we spent the last year. I, Tara Kapoor, from the batch of MBA, third semester have been given the opportunity to do this honour to my dear seniors. I would like to congratulate them on behalf of everyone for their bright career and future endeavour. 

This is a mixed feeling for all of us as this is a very happy yet sad moment as they are going to places and on the other hand, we will be separated from our lovely seniors. It is hard to say goodbye to them as they have become our families since last year while we stayed away from our home, parents, and siblings. However, it is our responsibility at the end of the day to see them off. 

From the first day of college to understanding lectures, staying in hostels, everything became smoother because of them. They have taught us how to cope with this new environment while we are away from our home. They have also taught us how to ease the struggle with our study, how to finish assignments on time. They have been our guardian angels all this time. They took us to doctors when we got sick. They cared for us. They planned surprise birthdays for us. It is not easy to forget all the time we spent with them.

No one knows where life will take us. We may meet one day again on the office premises or in some other way. However, you all shall remain in our hearts forever with all the bitter and sweet memories.

In the end, I would like to say that I am fortunate enough to be able to say goodbye to them on everyone’s behalf. We will miss you. Wish you all the luck for your bright future and beautiful life. Thank you!


Short Farewell Speech for Seniors

A farewell is always hard as it means to bid adieu to our beloved. Today, we have gathered here on the occasion of the farewell to our dear seniors of the colleges. I, Chetna Maheshwari, have been given the beautiful opportunity to say a few words to our seniors on this special occasion.

Firstly, I would like to convey my regards to all the distinguished guests, my respected teachers and the parents. As I have said earlier, it is a really tough job to bid adieu to the most lovable people with whom we have spent more than a year.

We have become a family while we are away from our parents and home. They have become our guardian angels and stood by us in our difficult times. Hence it has become really hard now to cope in this environment without their presence. 

However, we wish best of luck to all of you and hope our paths cross again in the future. Till then, shine bright in your career and stay healthy. Thank you!


10 Lines Farewell Speech for Seniors

  1. A very warm Good morning to everyone gathered here today on the occasion of farewell to our seniors.

  2. I, Anik Ghosh, am fortunate enough to get this opportunity to bid farewell to our beloved seniors.

  3. We have tried our best to make the day as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

  4. Farewell parties are always harder and become an emotional rollercoaster as we cherish all the bitter-sweet memories in  the campus with you all. 

  5. You made this journey simple for us from the very first day.

  6. You have become our guardian when we are away from our actual home and parents. 

  7. We will miss you a lot. 

  8. Thank you for making this journey possible for us and helping us in every way possible. 

  9. On everyone’s behalf, I would like to conclude by wishing you all the best for your future endeavours.

  10.  Thank you

Short Tips to Make you feel Confident while you Offer your Farewell Speech

  • Remember that it is natural to feel a bit of nervousness and anxiety as one appears before a crowd. Stage fear should not, however, deter you from speeches and public speaking in general.

  • Always try to prepare a list of a few things that you would like to mention in your speech (even if you want to avoid your speech looking too scripted). It's good to have these points handy so that you don’t lose track and efficiently cover all essential points in the given time.

  • Practice your speech (in front of the mirror, close friends or family) if you feel too nervous about it or if it's your first attempt at public speaking. With practice, you will learn the aspects of sound modulation and gain confidence as well.

  • Do not worry about the consequences. Even if you falter (most people do), they are your friends and loved ones and will not judge you harshly (even if you feel like that in your mind).

  • Make sure you have dressed appropriately for the occasion and have not worn uncomfortable accessories, especially around your neck region.

  • Drink a glass of water, keep yourself at ease and last but not the least, smile!

FAQs on Farewell Speech for Seniors

1. What do you mean by “farewell”?

The act of farewell in dictionary terms refers to friends, colleagues or coworkers expressing good wishes as they part. But in the practical world, it is a little more than a “goodbye”. It is the active participation of a group of people (such as juniors) reminiscing the good memories, acknowledging the good and bad, the person (who is going to depart) had to offer. Farewell can sometimes also mean a promise of staying in touch and that later in time one might reunite.

2. What is the purpose of giving a farewell speech?

The main purpose of giving a farewell speech is to make one feel comfortable and supported as they are in their period of transition. Juniors often offer farewell speeches as a gesture of acknowledgement and appraisal for the guidance and camaraderie they received from their seniors. It also helps cement the relationship beyond the school and institutional environment in which they first met.

3. How should I begin my farewell speech?

One can begin his/her farewell speech by first introducing oneself and addressing the members (teachers, seniors, friends and peer group), thanking them for the opportunity of the farewell speech. One may then proceed to explain why they want to offer their speech, their perspective on the whole event, share some fond memories that others may love to know, etc. It is always good to begin with energy and warmth.

4. How can we arrange a good farewell?

A good farewell is a subjective idea around which one needs to add a personal touch of magic. First of all, it is important to understand that we do not have to make things expensive, ride on a high budget or make things overly fashionable or complicated. The best farewells are always those that offer a sense of ease, close knitted ness and nostalgia to their farewell ceremony. Guests must be able to relate and enjoy the whole idea of being part of a farewell ceremony. Keep things light and fun with interesting board games or a fun round of karaoke, musical chairs, etc. One can also arrange a small memento to be offered by the end of day of the function, as a token of remembrance.

5. What are the highlights of a farewell speech?

There is no one formula to make a farewell speech memorable. But the best farewell speeches often contain one or more of the following aspects added to them:

  • Warmth and energy as one greets the gathered group of friends, teachers, seniors, etc.

  • A speech that takes people down the memory lane (sharing the little things that one finds appreciative during their period together) always wins hearts.

  • A little bit of laughter, non-offensive jokes (if the concerned person is relatively your age) here and there can ease the tendency to be formal or teary-eyed as one departs. People who can laugh together often stay closer.

  • Keep it short and inclusive of everyone.