My House Essay


There are different types of people living in world. Some are lucky enough to acquire all the amenities while some are not. Specifically, almost 80% of the population live below the poverty line in India. Only a fortunate few can own a piece of land where they can build a house or buy a flat. As far as myself is concerned, I am blessed enough to be surrounded by four walls and a roof. It is a small but beautiful house that we call home. It is the fruit of my parent’s hard work and sacrifice. 

House: A Blessing

In this world of uncertainty, having a house is obviously a blessing. This can only be understood when the people who do not have it are asked about it. This is the only way of realization of the blessing of owning a house. A house is not always defined as luxurious if it is filled with all the latest amenities. Only a roof over the head can complete a house if there is happiness filled in it. 

But then again, only four walls and a roof always cannot complete a house. It is successfully completed when you are surrounded by your loved ones. The importance and significance of house must be realized before it is too late. My own realization also came to me very late. I have started to understand the importance of my house after an incident.

I have grown up with my parents and grandparents and a maid. The maid was from a distant place and she has been staying with us from my childhood days. One thing I have noticed that she did not want to go home. She worked for our house tirelessly. Even when my mother asked her to visit her home she denied everytime. This particular thing astonished me. After that, I came to know that she did not have a proper house to live. She wanted to spend all the time at our house because she was able to access all basic needs like electricity and water. This particular thing made me realize that no house is taken for granted. I am truly blessed to have a house. 

I live in the house made by parents, with my parents and grandparents. My parents built this house for us with a lot hard work. It has three rooms, one balcony, one kitchen, two bathrooms, and a terrace. The house is open towards south and very airy. The balcony is large enough where we can spend a lot of time enjoying the beauty of nature. The house is well-equipped with all the basic amenities. The speciality of our house is obviously the balcony. The location of the house is also very good as it is easily accessible from all parts of the city. 

My house is also a destination for my friends and relatives. Everyone likes the interior decoration and the set-up of our house. The perfect blend of modern facilities and vintage architecture makes our house so special. 


My house is my temple and my cosy corner at the same time. At the end of a tiring day it is the refuge of our house that we seek so fervently. It is certainly painful to think of people spending days and nights under the open sky but at the same time it fills me with the determination that I must grow up to be successful in eliminating their distress.