My Ambition Essay

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Essay on My Ambition

Every person, irrespective of age, has a dream or a wish to achieve something special in life. Even when I was very young, my relatives would ask about my ambition. While I did not know what it meant, now I understand what they meant. Ambition is all about considering what I want to become in life. It helps us to form a particular aim in my life. It also refers to concentrating on a specific goal.

My Ambition

The ambition in anybody's life would depend on the interests and choices of the person. My ambition is to become a fitness guide in the future. Though my parents feel that it is quite an unusual choice for me, they are very encouraging about it. My parents are well aware of my interest in outdoor sports, as well as in yoga and Karate. They have always supported me to follow my passion. 

Accordingly, they have enrolled me in yoga, swimming and Karate classes. I also play badminton regularly with my father. They have promised to help me in every way that they can provide. I never ignore my study. Becoming a fitness expert might not be a very sought after choice, but my parents are happy with the choice nevertheless.

Why This Ambition?

From a very tender age, I have seen my grandparents very enthusiastic about morning walks and yoga. My mother would visit the gym and meditation classes regularly. And she was also very careful about what we eat. This is how I developed a liking for physical fitness. Now, I have become very passionate about different types of exercises. Also, I love communicating with people. It makes me feel great when I meet new people, talk to them and help them in any possible way. As a fitness guide, I may get the opportunity to meet new people, understand their problems and make them look and feel better with the right exercises. Moreover, if they have a healthy and fit body, then they would feel more confident than ever.

Also, I don't like to stick to a regular desk job. I feel that as a fitness expert, every working day is going to be different. I will have people of all age groups and from different walks of life coming to me. Each of them would have unique fitness needs. Every day, I will have a new challenge and something new to the plan.

What I Want To Do

As a fitness trainer, it would be my priority to instruct and give support to those who come to me. Depending on their physical condition and their needs, I would suggest and create workout plans. I will have to earn expertise in different forms of work out. I will use my knowledge and experience to create customized exercise plans. I can lead group classes, provide one to one sessions or combine both. Also, to keep me upgraded, I will keep on learning new exercise techniques.

Where to Work?

A fitness instructor can either be a freelancer or have his or her fitness studio. Several professionals also work in boutique hotels, as well as in gyms, hospitals, schools and similar places. Even in keeping with the trend of working from home after COVID 19 scenario, I have seen that some professionals are offering online classes as well. 

Before that, I will have to get a degree or diploma in fitness courses. It is also essential to develop my communication skills. For that, I may have to join special grooming classes. Also, I will need to research the latest developments and trends in fitness training. This will help me to perform even better.

The Scope

Different types of fitness classes, such as aerobics, HIIT, Pilates, yoga, dance, cycling and the like are becoming more popular than ever. This is gradually increasing the job opportunity for fitness experts. Also, modern lifestyle has become very sedentary. There is minimal scope for outdoor activities and rigorous physical exercise. So even some young people are suffering from severe conditions like diabetes, obesity and hypertension. So almost everyone, at one time or another, looks for a trainer for help.

Fitness is no more a bodybuilding game. It is all about following good postures, eating right and staying confident. This is where I might help.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is the difference between Aim and Ambition in Life?

A1. Having an aim in life is as essential as having an ambition. Aim refers to a specific goal that a particular person might want to reach. However, ambition means a very strong wish to achieve what one aims in life. It is out of ambition we can set realistic targets, plan and work to get the results. Serious ambition can keep people motivated and well-directed.

Q2. Why is Ambition important?

A2. With ambition, there is a strong desire to achieve something positive. It gives all the motivation to chase dreams. This, in turn, helps our mind to look for new scopes and opportunities, as well as find new strategies to reach our goals.

Q3. How to find your Ambition?

A3. Not every idea that comes to mind is an ambition. To find your true ambition, you need to take some time. Think about what you like to do in life. Also, think if you have any idea to use your favourite activity to do something fruitful. Also, consider the activities that you think are giving a lot of effort. These steps will help you to find your true ambition.