My Dream Essay

Essay on My Dream

Man nurtures a dream in his heart with a lot of love. The dream can blossom right in early childhood or later in his life. It may or may not be similar to a life’s goal. A goal is mostly set after taking a number of factors into consideration such as desired social recognition, monetary success, the preferred outcome of education, and the manifestation of life’s values. Dream, on the other hand, can be purely shaped out of love and passion for something and associated with happiness and inner peace. But no matter what the dream is, one needs to put in a lot of hard work to achieve it in his lifetime. 

My dream is to travel around the world

This is one dream that keeps blowing wind beneath my wings of imagination. Yes, my dream is to become a globetrotter and travel around the world. Earlier, I used to juggle ideas of becoming a scientist or a pilot. Even at times, acting would appeal to me a lot but as time flew, and I started reading more and more storybooks, I realized nothing could make me happier than travelling. It will set me free and help me know the world in a new way altogether. 

Why do I dream to be a traveller?

One can gain real knowledge of places, people, culture, heritage, and history. Travelling opens up one’s mind and brings him closer to nature. He grows compassionate towards every element of nature and its creations. Becoming a globetrotter will not only take me to places but will also enable me to meet people, learn new languages, and taste various cuisines. Can anything be better than this! It would be a dream come true for me if I get to tag along with a reputable travel channel. It is also my wish to write down my travel experiences in the form of a journal or a blog. Then, I would also be able to fulfil another dream of mine, that is, to be a travel writer!

What does it take to fulfil a dream

Determination, planning, motivation, and not feeling overburdened with the thoughts of achievement are the four things we need to fulfil our dreams. 


Turning our dreams into reality is a huge task. Like all things in life, the path to success will be filled with ups and downs. But we need to have iron-clad determination to fulfil the task. Strong determination will help us to choose the best course of action required for achieving your dream and never let us give up on it even during hard times. It will also encourage us to push our limits until we are satisfied with our performance.

Setting up short term goals

Achieving a dream is like climbing a ladder. No matter how grand our goal is, perfect planning is crucial for fulfilling it. If we prepare small goals for our plan and consider each goal to be a step towards our ultimate goal, achieving it will become an easier task. 

Staying motivated 

One of the main causes that enable a person to give up on his or her dream is the lack of motivation. On our journey to the peak, we may have to encounter a lot of failures. These failures can make giving up appear easy. It is at this time that we must remember the value of our dream and not lose motivation. In an effort to stay motivated, we may indulge in rewarding ourself for achieving the small targets that we set for ourself.

Do not feel overburdened

Achieving a goal can require a lot of effort. It is easy for one to overburden oneself with work. However, we must know that taking breaks is essential as it improves overall performance and prevents boredom. It is also very important to prevent getting disheartened.

By following these principles, we can hope to achieve our goals and make our dreams come true.