My Book Essay in English for Class 1 Students

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Essay on My Book for Class 1 Students

Every kid should learn how to write an essay at a very tender age. Essays are just not only simple write-ups. It helps to depict one’s thoughts and imagination through writing. Kids’ thinking ability gets developed through the practice of writing along with creativity. 

Take a look at the essay given below regarding ‘My Book’. It is specially written for all the Class 1 kids. So the parents can take reference and help their kids draft an essay about their favourite book. 

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My Book

Set 1:

I have read many books. Among them, my favourite book is one of the General Knowledge books that my mom bought me a few months ago. I read it every day. This book has a lot of interesting information and a lot of pictures. 

I read it when I go to sleep at night. I like reading it again and again. Reading is a good habit. I love reading this book and other storybooks too. 

My mother said reading General Knowledge books help to increase your knowledge and wisdom. 

Set 2:

A book is a good source of information. And reading a book is a really good habit. One should read a book every day to increase their wisdom and knowledge. Apart from that, books help us to increase our vocabulary and grammatical knowledge.

My favourite book is The Princess and the Pea. It is a fairytale written by Hans Christian Andersen. This book was a gift from my cousin's sister on my 5th birthday. It is a beautiful fairytale. It revolves around a Princess who has a bad night's sleep because a Queen puts a pea under her mattress!

I read the storybook during bedtime sometimes. The book has beautiful pictures in it along with an amazing story. The colourful pictures make the stories appear more interesting to read.

My mom said that reading storybooks will help in enhancing my imagination and take me to a dreamy world of the princess. I love reading storybooks and wish to read various types of books too in future.