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Human Rights Day Speech

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Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Speech on Human Rights Day

Human rights are as old as the civilisation of human beings. Human rights allow the person to live a life of descent with dignity, equality and authority. They fall under the category of legal rights, which is why one may go to the court of law in case of violation of these rights and appeal against the breach of his human rights. Human rights are fundamental, non-transferable and inseparable.

Long and Short Human Rights Day Speech for School

Long Human Rights Day Speech

Today, I am here to deliver a speech on Human Rights Day. December 10th is recognized as Human Rights Day. This is a worldwide gathering, a celebration of human rights. Human rights address the rights entitled to every citizen. These rights are inherited from the birth of a human being and no one can replace them.

On December 4th, 1950, the General Assembly of the United Nations welcomed its state representatives and other organisations to the Human Rights Day Agreement. The declaration of 10 December as Human Rights Day was mutually decided upon by the overwhelming support of its 48 state representatives and other organizations. It promotes the equality of human rights for every person, regardless of caste, religion, gender, culture, religion, etc.

The National Human Rights Commission was founded in India in 1993 to protect the basic rights of people, children, women, the rights of senior citizens and the rights of the LGBT community. The Indian Human Rights Law was established on 28 September 1993, and numerous changes to this law have been enforced by the government since then.

Human Rights Day emphasizes the significance of citizens' social equality, democracy, social justice and social importance. It also tries to crack the different social taboos that remain in the world. Let's look at some of the facts surrounding Human Rights Day:

  • A rally in Hong Kong was organised by Civil Human Rights in the year 2019. Five demands were protested at the gathering.

  • In the year 2018, the theme of Human Rights Day was "Stand up for Human Rights."

  • Human Rights Day marked the year 2017 with "Let's stand up for equality, justice, and human dignity"

  • In 1978, when Human Rights Day was celebrated in Taiwan, numerous people were detained by the police.

  • In 2011, the celebration of Human Rights Day via social media was used as a platform for Tunisia and other countries around the world to take place.

Human Rights Day is a time for current developments to be commented on. It is also time to look back to the time when, on  December 10th 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted. At that moment, imagine the world. People were still shell-shocked by the Second World War bloodshed and numb from the horrors of the death camps of the Nazis. And, notwithstanding the Peace,  people were always fearful of the future, of the possibility of new wars, carnage, etc. You get a sense of motivation of the ones who have drawn up the Universal Declaration, by imagining the world at that moment.

Although the Universal Declaration's language is very plain, it delivers a strong message. It envisages a world where nations cultivate friendly and respectful relations with each other; where individuals enjoy a better standard of living; and where human rights are widely respected. It also points out, critically, what certain basic human rights are.

Short Speech on Human Rights Day

December 10th is celebrated as Human Rights Day. It is an event celebrated throughout the world, a celebration of basic human rights and values. With overwhelming support from its 48 state legislators and other organisations, the declaration of December 10th as Human Rights Day was mutually agreed upon. 

It promotes equality of rights, regardless of caste, religion, gender, culture and religion, for every individual. To protect the civil rights of persons, children, women and the rights of senior citizens, the National Human Rights Commission was established in India in 1993. The theme was "Stand up for Human Rights" in 2018 and "Let's stand up for equality, justice, and human dignity" in 2017.

The Human Rights Day celebration via social media as a forum for Tunisia and other nations around the world took place in 2011. Numerous people were arrested by the police in 1978 when Human Rights Day was celebrated in Taiwan. In 2011, "Equality, justice and dignity" was the theme of Human Rights Day. A future where human rights are universally recognized is envisaged in the Universal Declaration. It also, importantly, points out what these fundamental human rights are.

The fact that governments and other public bodies accept almost all of the recommendations made by the NHRC is reflective of its integrity. It also represents the trust put in this remarkable institution by the people. It has given relief to thousands of people and has corrected a lot of wrongs since its inception. The Commission also takes suo motu cognizance of allegations of human rights abuses with great alacrity, apart from responding to hundreds of complaints it receives daily. Through seeking to coordinate relief, and ensuring disciplinary action from authorities, the NHRC responds to and addresses human rights abuses.

Human Rights day fundamentally plays a role in the promotion, celebration and inspiration of a human being's rights. It makes individuals and our new and next-generation conscious of the rights that a human being has.

10 Lines for Speech on World Human Rights Day

  1. Human rights are the fundamental freedom that all citizens must-have for their fundamental needs and capabilities.

  2. There are two forms of human rights, one of which is necessary for decent human life, e.g. bread, clothing and shelter.

  3. Another form of human right is that which is necessary for a human personality to grow adequately, such as education, health, sanitation, etc.

  4. The UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council) was founded on 15 March 2006 to safeguard human rights all over the world.

  5. On October 12, 1993, the NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) was set up in India to protect the human rights of its people.

  6. Amnesty International, or AI, is an international NGO headquartered in London that campaigns against human rights abuses worldwide.

  7. To track and protect these rights, governments of different countries and several non-governmental organizations have also been established.

  8. These groups are trying to spread an understanding of human rights so that individuals are fully aware of their rights.

  9. During wars or violent struggles, the immense severity of human rights abuses can be seen.

  10. In those countries that have a dictatorship, autocratic rule or a single party's rule, abuse of human rights is often seen.