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Human Rights For Kids

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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Overview of Human Rights

Human Rights are the basic requirements guaranteed to a human because he or she simply belongs to the human race. If we think of whom all come under the category of rights, it is everybody, regardless of colour, race, gender, nationality, language, or religion. Some basic human rights lists contain the right to travel, the right to freedom of speech, the right to life and liberty, the right to practice any religion, and so on. In this article, we will talk about basic human rights, the human rights and responsibilities list, the definition of rights, and their importance.

Basic Human Rights 

To understand the whole human race as one and to give them the basic requirements in the set of rules and regulations is known as basic human rights. There stands a difference between human rights and civil rights which are guaranteed by the government to their citizens. Human rights are also known as universal rights as they are available to everybody irrespective of age, gender, race, or religion and so they are also known as basic human rights.

Definition of Rights for Kids 

What is a right for kids?

The definition of rights stands as basic guaranteed powers regardless of any difference to the human race as one and they are duties of the government to be protected in every situation. They are basic in nature and stand valid for all in every situation leaving some critical rare situations.

The Importance of all Rights for all the People

The Importance of all Rights for all the People

5 Basic  Human Rights  

Many human rights are recognized by all the countries over the globe but the five human rights which are widely guaranteed are firstly the right to life secondly the right to freedom from torture, the right to freedom of work followed by the right to freedom of expression, and the last right to religion all these constitute 5 basic human rights. There are many other things on the list leaving all these 5 basic human rights.

Different Basic Human Rights

Different Basic Human Rights 

The Human Right to Travel

Basic human rights are guaranteed by the government and some are recognized worldwide by different international bodies as a united nation which was formed for the betterment and safeguards of rights.

According to the UN universal declaration of human rights (Article 13.1), everyone has the right to the freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state, and everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return there. In some countries like India, the right to travel comes under the right to liberty. 

This right is not limitless as it comes with some restrictions for the safety, border, and resident period but the right to move allows the human right to travel for visits, jobs, vacation, and settlements and are based on periods as per different countries’ rules.

Human Rights Day Celebrated Worldwide

Human Rights Day Celebrated Worldwide

Human Rights and Responsibility List 

As human rights are the fundamental source to the protection of life it is to be protected and guarded which comes with the responsibilities of the government. The human rights list and the responsibilities list are as follows.

Human Rights

  • Right to life

  • Right to freedom of expression 

  • Right against exploitation 

  • Right to education

  • Right to Religion 

  • Right to equality 

  • Right to equality before the law 

  • Right to constitutional remedies 

  • Right to Movement 

  • Right to assemble and many more 

Responsibilities List 

  • Government has to provide basic human rights to its citizens.

  • Government has to promote and protect the human rights of the individual 

  • Government has to think about new ideas for better implementation of rights 

  • Government has to protect the basic human rights of outsiders from nationals.

  • Punish and take violations of human rights seriously.


To summarise, human rights are the basic rights focusing on the whole of mankind as one and are guaranteed based on the oneness of the entire human race. It is known as basic because of its nature of origin, its adaptability, and how it applies to all irrespective of class, colour, race, location, nationality, gender, or any other difference amongst the whole human tribe. It is different from civil rights which are guaranteed and made as per government but it is still promoted and protected by the government and forms the basis for the human rights and responsibilities list of the government.

FAQs on Human Rights For Kids

1. Who protects the human rights of an individual?

Human rights are basic rights and are protected by the government of the country and by some international organisations.

2. Name 2 international organisations which look into the matter of protection of human rights.

The two organisations are the United nations human rights commission, amnesty international.

3. Why are human rights considered basic in nature?

Human rights are considered basic rights as they are provided to everybody based on humanity or as common to the whole of mankind.