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Speech on the Education System in India

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Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Introduction to Speech on the Education System in India

Education is a process of learning or teaching new skills or knowledge. Education is mostly provided in schools and universities. Education is very important for the development of the country. It helps in the economic development of the country. Education can change the life of a person. Former president of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is the best example of how education can change the life of a  person. Education if provided properly can change the perspective of people.


Here we have provided a long and short speech on the education system in India and along with that we have also given 10 line pointers about the speech on the education system.


Long Speech on Education System

Good morning to everyone present here. Today I am going to give a small speech on the education system in India. I hope you all learn new things from this speech.


Education is defined as the process of receiving or giving primary knowledge, especially at the school or university level. Education is a significant factor that helps in improving the literacy rate of the country. After Independence, the Indian government has mainly focused on providing education to everyone and for years the government has introduced new plans to improve Indian education.


The Indian education system is mainly divided into four stages namely lower primary for the children between the age of six to ten years, upper primary with children from the age of eleven years to twelve years. High school, in which the children start their school at the age of 13 and end it at 16 and at the age of 17 to 18 they finish their higher secondary school.


The Indian education system is considered to be the oldest among the education systems around the world. In spite of being the oldest, it is not the best. Lack of reforms and improvements makes the Indian education system ineffective and annoying.


From the beginning, the Indian education system is designed for a child to learn from the book and write exams just to get good grades. While it helps in improving the children's reading and writing ability, it does not help in learning the skills required to survive in the world.


We often hear on the news that unemployment in India is increasing day by day and in spite of many graduates having fancy degrees, many of them fail to land a job. So what is the reason for that? The answer is our Education system. The Indian education system is designed for students to score marks and get good grades and repeat the process but it was never designed to teach the students the skills required to survive in this world.


The education and the knowledge we receive from reading various books is unmatchable and I totally agree with that. But while the Indian education system provides theoretical knowledge for the students it is very important to also teach the students how to apply that knowledge practically which many students fail and that is the reason why there is an exponential increase in the unemployment rate in India.


It is the responsibility of the teachers to allow the students to think differently. The teachers should also make the student understand that classroom learning is important and should teach them how to practically apply it. In addition to this the teachers should be open to the idea of learning new things from the students.


Our education system could be improved if important steps are taken. Instead of encouraging students to study for the exam, where they only muggup the textbooks just for the sake of scoring well, more practical knowledge should be given to the students. The education authorities should give the students opportunities to apply the knowledge they have learned in the textbooks practically.


Our educational system should also allow the students to learn about the financial knowledge that would help them in surviving in this world. The education authorities should teach students about budgeting money, saving money, and the ways through which the money could be invested in different assets like stocks, gold, silver, etc. This will help the students to prepare for the future.


According to the United Nations Organization(UNO), India ranks 145 out of 191 in the world for providing education. We are not even in the top 50 in the world. This shows the level of improvement we need to do to update ourselves. If we want our country to grow and move forward we have to start by improving the education we provide for the children. As the saying goes “The children of today are the future of tomorrow”, we should start by updating the Indian education system from the primary level. Instead of only allowing the students to learn theoretical knowledge, the educational authorities should introduce practical methods through which children can apply the knowledge they learned through the books.


If by moderating our education system, we can bring a wave of revolution then we have to do it for the sake of a brighter future. Thank you.


Short Speech on Education System in India

Good morning to everyone present here. Today I am going to give a 3-minute speech on the education system in India and I hope you all get new information from this speech.


Education is defined as the process of learning or teaching new things. Education is mostly provided at the schools or the colleges.


Indian education is considered to be the oldest in the world. It has been involved through centuries and has produced many scholars and great achievers. But as the world changes the education system should also change. But sadly this has not been the case with India. Sadly the education system in India has not changed which leaves room for progress.


The Indian education system is all about reading textbooks to score well in exams and get good grades but it does not teach the students how to apply theoretical knowledge. It teaches the students to only muggle the textbooks and score well in the exams, we need to change this. The Indian education system desperately needs to be modernized and if it does not then the students will now grow in life.


The students should be encouraged to learn new things by the teachers. They should teach the students how to apply theoretical knowledge.


Financial education is also not taught to students in schools. The students should be taught the skills that could help them in making money. Education institutes should teach the students the methods in which money could be invested such as stocks, gold, real estate, etc.


To conclude this speech I want to say that the entire education system teaches the students about “what to know” through textbooks for scoring in exams but it does not allow the students to learn about “what and all they should know”. It is very important that the students should be taught about financial education and this can only be done by only modernizing the entire education system.


Thank you!


10 Lines About the Speech on the Education System

  1. In the Indian education system, the knowledge learned through textbooks is given the most importance.

  2. Education is defined as the process of giving information or receiving it from schools or colleges.

  3. The Indian education system is considered to be one of the oldest in the world.

  4. In spite of being the oldest, it is not the best as there are many loopholes in it.

  5. Indian education is divided into four stages and that is lower primary, upper primary, high school, and higher secondary school.

  6. The students should be allowed to do practical work for the theoretical knowledge they learned through books.

  7. Education costs should be reduced as many people cannot afford education.

  8. The government has given scholarships to students to complete their higher education.

  9. The teachers should encourage students to think differently.

  10. Unemployment in India has increased in spite of many students having a degree. This is because students don’t have enough practical knowledge.

FAQs on Speech on the Education System in India

1. What is the importance of delivering education speech?

We all are aware of the importance of education in our society. Education helps to shape our future and enlighten us about the various aspects of our society. Education helps to diminish the darkness of our minds by illuminating our minds with the light of knowledge.


The purpose of delivering an education speech is to reach a larger audience and make them understand the importance of education in our society and especially for women and children. The purpose of being educated can only be served when the knowledge will help others to get motivated and drive them towards acquiring knowledge and education.

Proper education can reshape our thinking ability and boost the power of thinking rationally. The purpose of education is to make this society safe and ideal for the growth and nourishment of the minds of the children. It can only happen when a larger percentage of the inhabitants of our society will understand the value of education.

Delivering a proper education speech will make the members of our society ponder over the significance of education and the influences it can have on the minds of the future generation. They will understand the value of justice and equality for all the members of our society and will help each other to make society a gender-neutral platform.

2. What are the points that should be included in an education speech?

An educational speech should be formatted properly because only then it can draw the attention of the audience. While drafting the manuscript of your education speech that you are going to deliver, remember to include only the main ideas and the facts that are considered of prime significance behind the idea of educating people. Including too many ideas that are not relevant to the topic will deviate the readers from grasping the significance of education.

You should always communicate your thoughts and ideas in lucid language so that the audience can understand your point of view and analyze them in their minds. Do not forget to hold your personal opinion and suggestions to improve the education system in our country. A personal touch in any speech can inspire the audience.

You should always start your speech by discussing the key points that should be considered while talking about the influences of getting educated. Always include facts that are proven and mention the latest studies and findings regarding the subject matter. You can also share your own opinion and solutions that people should work on to improve the standard of the education system.

While delivering a speech, always remember to connect with the audience by addressing them in the second person. Maintaining proper eye contact with the audience is highly important because they should not be treated as separate identities. Also, prepare your speech considering the time limit you will have.

3. What are the points that should be included in an education speech while discussing ideas to make the education process enjoyable?

Students enjoy learning when the classroom is student-oriented and not teacher-centric. That means that students should be provided with equal opportunities to communicate and share their own thoughts and ideas on a particular topic. The students should also go through the content they should learn in the next classes so that they can also equally participate in the discussion with the mentors. Preparing beforehand will provide them with the opportunities to clarify their doubts with the mentors. Since the content included in your education speech should be customized, it is better that you participate in brainstorming new ideas that you can talk about while delivering the speech.

4. How to come up with new ideas for delivering a proper education speech?

Brainstorming sessions are ideal to come up with new ideas. The more time you will invest in thinking about the different aspects regarding a particular topic, the more the content will be relevant and attract the attention of the audience. Since education is one of the most popular and important topics that one can talk about, the speakers should always include only the key points. In order to make the speech interesting, the speaker should always establish direct communication with the audience by asking them a few questions that they can answer in 'yes' or 'no'. They should also work on thinking about some unique strategies and ideas that can make their speech more relatable.

5. How to learn the methods of delivering an education speech?

The articles published on Vedantu can give you a clear idea of how to deliver a speech. You can also go through the articles that are subject-specific. For more details, you can download the printable materials from the website. The articles published on the website of Vedantu consist of the content that should be delivered through a long or a short speech.