How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay

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Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation

The school session begins in March. It also earmarks the end of the spring season. As time passes, we enter the summer season in the next few months. The advent of summer brings hot days and a humid climate. It is really hard for the students to continue school in the scorching heat. Everyone seems to be exhausted due to hot summer days. It is then the school declares summer holidays so that the students and their parents can relax for a few days. Summer vacation is the time of happiness for students as their families plan a trip to a hill station to get rid of the heat.

India is a tropical country that suffers from extreme heat and humidity during March, April, May, and mid of June. The temperature ranges from 32 to 40°C in some states falling in the tropical region. Before the rainy season starts, the scorching sun exhausts everyone. Every day becomes unbearable to go out and meet with the responsibilities. This is why a summer vacation is so important for all family members. We decided to go to Sikkim, one of the best northeastern states in India as a getaway from the summer days.

Sikkim welcomed us with a soothing cool atmosphere. We breathed fresh air after a long time and felt rejuvenated on the very first hour in Gangtok. The place is situated amidst the lower ranges of the Himalaya. The small clouds were hiding the sunrays and gave us the best feel we waited for an entire year. My father booked a hotel with an excellent view. We received a warm welcome from the management and got our rooms to stay in. On that very day, we started to scout the different locations of the capital city.

The next day, we started unwinding our stressful life. We went to Yumthang, a serene valley known for flowers and yaks grazing on the meadows. The best time to visit this place is in March-April. Teesta river flows amidst this valley providing an excellent view. The panoramic view is adorned with snow-capped mountains and green flora. It was then I realized how beautiful Mother Earth can be. This valley is also known as the Valley of Flowers. Rhododendron puts a new colour to this heavenly place.

The next day we proceeded to Tsomgo Lake. It is one of the best glacial lakes in India that provides a beautiful scene. The entire place is covered with snow at a height of 12,400 feet above sea level. The winding roads with hairpin turns took us to this place. The journey was fascinating as we travelled on a car crossing one mountain after the other. The lake was calm and quiet with many people present in the location. We also took photos while riding yaks.

Our next destination was Zero Point. It is locally known as Yume Samdong. Located at a height of 15,300 feet above the sea level, this is the last place where people dwell. Beyond this point, there are no roads. It is a valley surrounded by mountains where three rivers meet. The snow here is quite deep. We had difficulty breathing in this place due to its height and lack of oxygen but it passed within a few minutes. It is true that this place resembles the beauty of Switzerland. This is where we enjoyed a lot on the vast snow-capped valley. We made snowballs and threw them.

It was a brilliant adventure. The journey was quite rejuvenating and refreshing for all the family members. We felt sad while returning from Sikkim. I will wait for the next summer vacation to visit this state again.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. When We Plan Our Summer Vacation?

Ans: Summer vacation is planned when our school declares holidays for a few weeks. It is then we find out the ideal destinations to visit and plan a getaway with our friends and family. A summer vacation generally means a holiday spent somewhere you can get relief from the scorching sun. The destinations are set accordingly. Everyone in the family finds out the relevant time to schedule the vacation. The venture is completed before the school opens and we resume our daily lives.

2.  Why is a Summer Vacation Needed?

Ans: Summer vacations are designed to provide a sigh of relief from the heat and humidity of the summer season. It is provided by the school authorities so that the students can enjoy a break from the monotonous routine of daily life. It is scientifically proven that vacation makes an individual’s mind and body healthier. It helps to unwind and de-stress and let our bodies heal from the hectic schedules. This is why almost every family needs vacation time. What can be better than the summer holidays to plan a vacation? It gives a chance to stay away from the sun and enjoy the cold weather of hill stations anywhere convenient.

3.  How can You Spend a Summer Vacation apart from a Trip?

Ans: A student can also spend summer vacation learning new things or going for an educational camp. It gives an excellent time to meet many people in a camp and learn new life skills. It is not very common in India but in many countries, students can participate in various competitions, learn new things, and have fun. These camps can be adventurous and provide a brilliant experience to remember.