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15 Cool DIY Craft Ideas for Kids During Summer Vacation

By AiswaryaApril 16, 2024
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As the summer sun fills the sky with warmth and the days invite endless possibilities, why not embrace the spirit of creativity with your kids?

DIY Craft Ideas for Kids During Summer Vacation

Well, not only do these DIY activities for summer vacation keep little hands busy, but they also spark creativity and imagination. From crafting colorful wind chimes to creating homemade playdough, there's a whole universe of hands-on fun waiting to be discovered.

Remember, the goal is to have fun and let your kids' imaginations run wild. Don't worry about perfection; it's all about the process and the memories you're creating together.

Why are DIY Activities Important?

Summer camp is a playground for your child's imagination, where every brushstroke tells a story and every sculpture brings their dreams to life. It's a time for them to explore their artistic side, whether they're painting their next masterpiece or molding their visions in clay.

Engaging them in creative activities isn't just about keeping them occupied; it's about:

  • Encouraging their imagination

  • Enhancing their problem-solving skills

  • Cultivating a love for learning

Are you ready to turn this summer vacation into a crafty adventure for your kids? Dive into our blog post as we’ve got 15 super fun DIY craft ideas that they’ll really love!

Creative Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

Creative Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

1. DIY Summer Goggles

DIY summer goggles aren't just any ordinary goggles; they're your child's ticket to underwater adventures and sunny day escapades. Whether they're pretending to be deep-sea divers or just protecting their eyes from the bright sun, these goggles are the perfect accessory for endless summer fun.

Creating your own summer goggles is easier than you think! Here are some detailed steps your kids need to know:

  • Take some colorful foam sheets, elastic bands, and a few other simple supplies

  • Start by cutting out the goggle shapes from the foam 

  • Add lenses from clear plastic sheets

  • Let your kids decorate them with their favorite colors or patterns

2. Father's Day Summer Shades

Father's Day Summer Shades

A father is a child's first superhero, their rock, and guiding light. Who won’t agree that their love knows no bounds?

So, on this Father's Day, let your kids celebrate the endless love and unwavering support that their dads provide through personalized gifts.  Let your child take the lead, but assist with any intricate details. Here are some instructions they’ll need to follow:

  • Gather Materials: Grab a pair of plain sunglasses, acrylic paint, fine-tip paint brushes, and clear sealant spray

  • Clean the Sunglasses: Wipe the sunglasses with a clean cloth to ensure the surface is free of dust and fingerprints

  • Design Time: Sit down and brainstorm some design ideas. It could be their dad's favorite colors, patterns, or even a sweet message

  • Start Painting: Using the fine-tip brushes, carefully paint a design onto the sunglasses

  • Let it Dry: Allow the paint to dry completely. This might take a few hours

  • Seal the Deal: Once the paint is dry, apply a clear sealant spray to protect the design from wear and tear

  • Wrap it Up: Wrap the sunglasses in a nice box or bag with a heartfelt message, and the beautiful present is ready before their eyes!

3. Visor Caps

Parents, haven’t you heard about visor caps? They're super cool hats with a brim in the front to protect your kids’ eyes from the sun — a perfect summer accessory. They're perfect for when they go on outdoor adventures or even when playing in the backyard.

These lightweight and comfortable caps can be chosen as a fun DIY activity that combines creativity and practicality. In fact, sit together and make one! How does that sound?

All you need is some fabric, a bit of cardboard for the brim, and a sewing kit or fabric glue. Let your kids choose their favorite colors and patterns, and they can even add their personal touch with decorations like stickers or embroidery.

4. Puppy Themed Bookends

Bring a playful touch to your child's bookshelf with these adorable puppy-themed bookends! In fact, it will take just about 15 minutes.

Arrange some wooden blocks, paint, and a few simple tools. Now your little one can paint the blocks in fun colors and then add cute puppy faces and ears. It's a great way to encourage them to keep their books organized.

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5. Elephant Maze

Your kids can create a fun elephant maze craft that's perfect for enhancing their problem-solving skills. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions:

  • Use a large sheet of paper or cardboard 

  • Draw a maze with an elephant theme

  • Decorate the elephant and then navigate a small marble or ball through the maze

This craft is not only entertaining but also great for fine motor development. Look for tutorials on kids' craft websites for more details.

5. DIY Lion Puzzle Game Craft Activity

DIY Lion Puzzle Game Craft Activity

Uncover your child's creativity with a DIY lion puzzle game! In just 10 minutes, they can create a fun activity that boosts cognitive skills and artistic expression. Here's how:

  • Start with a piece of cardboard

  • Cut it into puzzle pieces

  • Paint a majestic lion on the assembled pieces

  • Let the paint dry

  • Mix and match the lion masterpiece over and over

Ready to get started? Provide the supplies and let your child’s creativity roar!

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6. Door Placard Craft Activity with Newspaper

Spruce up your child's room with a DIY newspaper door placard! Here's a fun and eco-friendly project:

  • Select bold, large print from a newspaper for the name or word you want to display

  • Carefully cut out the letters and adhere them to a sturdy piece of cardboard

  • Add a colorful paint or vibrant markers

  • Once dry, hang it proudly on the door for a unique and personalized touch

This simple project not only recycles but also adds a burst of personality to your child's space. Ready to get crafty?

7. DIY Travel Journal Craft Activity

DIY Travel Journal Craft Activity

“Today was amazing! We visited the beach with our kids, and had super fun memories as they built sandcastles. Can't wait to come back here again!”

Just like you cherish these moments, it's important for our kids to record their own adventures. Encourage them to start a DIY travel journal that nurtures their writing skills and keep those precious moments alive for years to come.

Start with a plain notebook and let them decorate the cover with stickers, photos, or drawings. Inside, they can jot down their experiences, stick souvenirs, and draw pictures.

8. DIY Water Bottle Holder Craft

Let your child gear up for a summer hike, and keep them stay hydrated with their very own DIY water bottle holder.

With some colorful fabric, a sewing kit, and a strap, they can craft a holder that's uniquely theirs. It's not just a practical accessory for their adventures; it's a project that boosts their creativity and independence.

Plus, they'll feel proud carrying something they made themselves! This DIY project is a fun way to blend fashion and function while teaching valuable skills.

9. Pinata Candy Machine Craft Activity

Pinata Candy Machine Craft Activity

Add excitement to any party with a fun pinata candy machine! Kids can pull the strings to release a shower of candies, making it a thrilling experience for them.

To make one, they'll need a cardboard box, colorful paper, glue, and a selection of candies. Help them decorate the box to resemble a candy machine, fill it with sweets, and attach strings for kids to pull. It's a creative and exciting way for kids to enjoy treats at their celebrations.

10. DIY Spinner Craft Activity

Introduce your child to the world of spinners with this simple DIY project. This easy project requires just cardboard, a toothpick, and some markers.

Your child can explore their creativity by designing colorful patterns on the spinner. It's a great way to combine art with play, as they'll be mesmerized watching their creations whirl and spin.

Plus, it's a fantastic opportunity to teach them about basic physics in a hands-on and enjoyable way.

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11. DIY Memory Game Craft

Why not make a memory game with your children this summer? By creating their own memory game, they also get a sense of accomplishment and creativity, making the learning process more enjoyable. Blend their playtime with educational development!

All they need is some cardstock, scissors, stickers or printed images, and glue. Guide them to just cut the cardstock into equal-sized cards, decorate them in pairs with the stickers or images, and it’s all set! It's not only a blast to play, but it's also great for boosting memory skills and sparking creativity.

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12. Tractor Planter

Looking to revitalize your gardening routine with a dash of creativity? Why not turn an old toy tractor into a planter with your child?

Now, think of your child eagerly picking out vibrant flowers or herbs to plant, their excitement palpable as they carefully arrange them in the tractor bed.

Not only does this project introduce them to the wonders of gardening, but it also instills valuable lessons about recycling and sustainability. How proud they'll feel watching their plants grow, knowing they played a part in creating this unique garden masterpiece!

13. Waste Carton Aquarium

Enter a world of color with a vibrant, DIY aquarium activity! Watch your child's creativity swim free in this fun, imaginative project.

Here's how they can do it:

  • Gather Materials: Arrange a large waste carton, blue paint, scissors, glue, colored paper, and plastic sea animals or fish

  • Prepare the Carton: Cut out a large rectangular opening on one side of the carton to create the aquarium viewing area

  • Decorate: Paint the inside of the carton blue to resemble water. Use colored paper to create seaweed, rocks, and other underwater elements. Glue them inside the carton

  • Add Sea Creatures: Place plastic sea animals or fish inside the carton to complete the aquarium look

Now, place a waste carton aquarium in a prominent place and surely your child's imagination will dive into the depths of the ocean!

14. DIY Emoji Keychain

DIY Emoji Keychain

Picture your child's delight as they create their very own DIY emoji keychain! They can cut out different shapes to make a range of emoji faces — from the classic smiley to the cheeky wink or the heart eyes.

  • Grab a felt, scissors, a keychain ring, and fabric glue

  • Cut out two identical circles from the felt

  • Choose a favorite emoji expression to glue onto one circle

  • Once dry, glue the two circles together

  • Leave a small opening to insert the keychain ring

  • Now attach the ring and voila

Finally, your child now has a personalized keychain that's sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.


As summer approaches, seize the opportunity to ignite your child's imagination and talents shine as bright as the sun. Whether it's through art, science, or simply exploring the world around them, these 15 DIY activities for summer vacation offer a hands-on learning experience that's both educational and enjoyable.

So, this vacation, make the most of these golden moments. Who knows what amazing things they'll create?

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