Health is Wealth Essay

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Essay on Health is Wealth

Health is God’s gift to us. Health refers to the physical and mental state of a human being. To stay healthy is not an option but a necessity to live a happy life. The basic laws of good health are related to the food we eat, the amount of physical exercise we do, our cleanliness, rest, and relaxation. A healthy person is normally more confident, self-assured, sociable, and energetic. A healthy person views things clearly, calmly, and without prejudice. 

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We live in a super-fast age. The Internet has shrunk the world dramatically and people are connected 24x7. Multitasking is the order of the day, as we struggle to fulfill our responsibilities for everyone in life. In this fight, we often forget to spare time for ourselves. The stress levels continue to build up until one day a major collapse may make us realize that in all this hectic activity, we have forgotten to take care of one important thing – our health. 

As we spend days shuttling between hospital and home, put our body through one test after another, trying to find out what has gone wrong, we are forced to remember that ‘Health is indeed Wealth’. 

In earlier days, life was very simple. People worked for a stipulated time, often walked everywhere, ate more homemade food, did household chores, and enjoyed a healthy balance in life. 

Now people have cars and bikes to commute, so they walk less. With the demand for more working hours, people are awake till late nights and indulge in more junk food than home-cooked food. Modern equipment at home has reduced the labour work and increased dependency on this equipment.  People don’t have enough time to exercise or even get enough sunlight. Basically, nowadays people are living very unhealthy lifestyles. 

Unhealthy living conditions have increased the contraction of people to various diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, hypertension, etc. This has alarming implications in our near future. So it is very important to focus on our health as much as we focus on our work. Moderation in food habits, daily exercise, and balanced work-life can surely make a big difference to our health and body. When a person stays mentally and physically fit, his action and decision are more practical and logical and hence he is more successful in life. Furthermore, good health has a direct impact on our personality. 

Importance of Good Health

A healthy body has all the major components that help in the proper functioning of the body. The essential component is the state of physical health. Your life term extends when you maintain good physical fitness. If you are committed to exercising with a sensible diet, then you can develop a sense of well-being and can even prevent yourself from chronic illness, disability, and premature death. Some of the benefits of increased physical activity are as follows.

It Improves Our Health

  1. It increases the efficiency of the heart and lungs.

  2. A good walk can reduce cholesterol levels. 

  3. Good exercise increases muscle strength.

  4. It reduces blood pressure.

  5. It reduces the risk of major illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

Improved Sense of Well-being

  1. It helps in developing more energy.

  2. It reduces stress levels.

  3. Quality of sleep improves.

  4. It helps in developing the ability to cope with stress.

  5. It increases mental sharpness.

Improved Appearances

  1. Weight loss contributes to a good physique. 

  2. Toned muscles generate more energy.

  3. Improved posture enhances our appearance.

Enhanced Social Life

  1. It improves self-image

  2. It increases opportunities to make new friends.

  3. It increases opportunities to share an activity with friends or family members.

Increased Stamina

  1. Increased productivity.

  2. Increased physical capabilities.

  3. Less frequent injuries.

  4. Improved immunity to minor illnesses.

Along with physical fitness, a good mental state is also essential for good health. Mental health means the emotional and psychological state of an individual. The best way to maintain good mental health is by staying positive and meditating.

However, unlike a machine, the body needs rest at regular intervals. A minimum of six to seven hours of sleep is necessary for the body to function optimally. Drinking plenty of water and a balanced diet is also very important for your body.  If you violate the basic laws of good health, like working late hours, ignoring physical exercise, eating junk food, it will lead to various ailments like hypertension, heart attacks, and other deadly diseases.

Good Health for Children

It is very important for children to maintain good physical and mental health. With an increase in the pressure of studies and over-indulgence in modern gadgets, children are losing on the most precious thing, which is health. These days, they barely play in the playgrounds, they are more inclined towards junk food and spend more time on the screen. These unhealthy activities are slowly sabotaging their health. Parents should concentrate on the physical and mental health of their children, and inculcate good habits for maintaining a healthy lifestyle from a tender age.  

Cleanliness also has a major role to play in maintaining good health. Taking a bath every day, washing hands before eating meals, brushing twice in a day, changing clothes regularly, etc. are important habits to maintain good health. 


Health is Wealth because if we are not healthy then all our wealth, fame and power can bring no enjoyment. Keeping fit and healthy is indeed not an option but a necessity.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Why is Health Considered as Wealth?

Ans. Health is wealth because it is one of God’s most precious gift to human beings. Good health refers to a balanced and healthy physical and mental state of an individual. If any individual is not healthy, wealth, fame, and power can bring no enjoyment. So health has more value than materialistic things.

Q2. When is World Health Day Celebrated?

Ans. World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April to raise awareness about health and fitness.

Q3. How Can You Maintain Good Health?

Ans. You can maintain good health by following a balanced and healthy diet. Have a good lifestyle by balancing work and life. You should have a moderate physical fitness regime every day. Go for brisk walks regularly or do other forms of exercise. Also, meditate and be positive to take care of your mental health.