Prevention is Better than Cure Essay

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Essay on Prevention is Better than Cure

It is always better to be safe about things than to be sorry later. Below there is an essay on prevention is better than cure. In this essay, we will be touching upon the meaning of the phrase and trying to understand it using examples from various parts of our lives. The essay also includes why prevention is better than cure altogether, using examples from our daily lives. The most common one we all see is that our moms tell us to wear warmer clothes in winter to prevent catching a cold.

Long Essay on Prevention is Better than Cure

There is a phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’ and it applies to many different facets of our lives. We use this phrase most commonly when we are talking about our health. In the winter season, our mother usually tells us to put on a sweater or a warm jacket because we might catch a cold or flu These suggestions given by our mothers are the best ways to prevent getting us sick from cold and flu. Hence, it is better to take appropriate preventive measures before you catch a cold or flu then after it is already ensued.

To put this idiom in context with the current world affairs, let’s understand ‘prevention is better than cure’ through the same. Considering the current situation of  Coronavirus pandemic,  we have been consistently told to practice social distancing, wear masks, and sanitise or wash hands frequently in order to protect yourself from infection. If we become infected with Covid-19, we will be sick for many days, and so many people have also died or spent days on the ventilator. Thus, if humans have adopted preventive measures to prevent getting sick from covid 19, they would not have had to deal with the consequences of contracting it in the first place. The same can be said about many other diseases, such as avoiding smoking to prevent cancer, avoiding sweets to prevent diabetes, etc. are better than having to live with or find cures for cancer and diabetes.

This is what we mean when we say that prevention is better than cure. It is a lot better to avoid something bad in the first place, rather than have to deal with its consequences later. Similarly, this same concept of prevention is better than cure can be applied to various strata of life. For example, a simple thing such as submitting an assignment for school on time prevents the consequences of getting into trouble if you had not submitted it. It has been said that, once you have said something, you can never take it back. This can be applied here, too - if you get into an argument with your friend ensure not to use any harsh words which eventually hurts your friends feelings and emotions

Simply put, prevention is better than cure because prevention leaves you with certainty that something bad will not happen. On the other hand, the need to find a cure can often leave your life in a lurch, where you don't know what may or may not happen. Isn’t it better knowing what life has in store for you rather than waiting around to see what will or won’t happen?

Short Essay on Prevention is Better than Cure

A Short Note on Prevention is Better than Cure

In the simplest words, ‘prevention is better than cure’ is a way to tell us that it is better to avoid contracting an illness than to have to go around and look for a way to get rid of it. These things that we avoid or indulge in allow us to not have to deal with the dire consequences of unwanted circumstances. Hence, we should consciously avoid performing certain things that we know will be harmful for us in the long run.

For example, exercising every day and having a balanced diet keeps you healthy. On the other hand, if we avoid exercise, and  indulge in habits like smoking, eating lots of junk food, etc. then we will end up getting sick. These are consequences that we wouldn’t need to deal with if we just take precautions to avoid the same. Thus, prevention is much better than cure.


When we say that prevention is better than cure, it essentially means that it is better to stop something before it happens instead of having to repair it or deal with its consequences after it has already been done. It is mostly applied in healthcare matters but also falls into other parts of our life as well. Prevention is better than cure is an important idiom that we should all remember. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What does ‘Prevention is better than cure’ mean?

Ans. Prevention is better than cure means that it is better to be safe than to be sorry, which is also another idiom. It means that we should be safe in life and take all kinds of measures to prevent any unwanted circumstances coming in our lives. When there are such circumstances, we have to find a way out of them, which can be quite difficult sometimes. Thus, it is better to do things that will ‘prevent’ these unforeseen circumstances than to have to find the ‘cure’ for the same.

2. Where can we apply ‘Prevention is better than cure’?

Ans. As mentioned in the essay about prevention is better than cure, there are many places where we can apply the concept of the same. When we refer to the idiom, we are generally referring to it in terms of our health and the medical field. Taking precautions to avoid getting a disease, or even mildly sick, is much better than having to go and find a cure for that disease or illness. For example, wearing enough warm clothes in winter is a precaution so that you do not catch a cold, for which you will need a cure.