Health and Hygiene Essay

Essay on Health and Hygiene

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Health and Hygiene

Hygiene is another word for sanitation and cleanliness. Great personal hygiene is essential for health reasons. One must practice good hygiene. We must cover our mouth while sneezing and immediately wash our hands to prevent the germs from spreading.  This shows our consciousness about health through hygiene. Keeping the decent standard of cleanliness prevents the spread of disease. Social awareness must be spread amongst the civilians so that they would realize the importance of hygiene.

Hands are the part of the body which spreads germs the most easily. It takes less than a minute to wash our hands, still many people refrain from doing this. Our hands keep touching so many surfaces such as handrails, smartphones, steering wheels while driving, etc. Good hand hygiene is proven beneficial in preventing the spread of diseases amongst the society and family. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), washing hands with soap and water is sufficient to prevent the spread of certain diseases by almost 50%. The next important part of the body that needs proper hygiene is the eye. We are all aware that eyes are the most delicate part of the body. So taking care of it is not only essential but a necessity. We are surrounded by thousands of electronic things which have a bad impact on the eyes. Keeping the eyes clean must be a frequent task in our daily routine.

While playing in the school, kids must take care of their belongings such as their water bottle. It is important to keep such things in a clean place. Keeping the bottle here and there and then drinking from the same water bottle is harmful to health. Parents and teachers play a vital role in creating awareness about hygiene in kids.

Hygiene is like a preventive measure which keeps us away from the diseases and various other health ailments. No matter how much you care about cleanliness, if the potable water itself is not clean, then it is of no use. Water needs to be not only clean but also healthy. Water is used throughout the day, from drinking, cooking to cleanliness activities. Hence, it is important to use clean water. 

Civilians must be made aware of how to maintain hygiene in public places like hospitals. Hospitals are generally crowded with patients and it is obvious that the place will be a hotspot of bacterias and viruses. Hence, it is important to use hand sanitizers and maintain a safe distance from visibly sick people. 

The next critical step towards a healthy life is oral hygiene. A proper oral hygiene wards off gum diseases, bad breath and many infections. Understanding the importance of hygiene will make it easier to eradicate the disease from the world.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are some of the ways to maintain personal hygiene?

Every day we come in contact with millions of germs and viruses which can make us sick. Some of the ways to maintain personal hygiene and keep germs and viruses at bay are:

  • Toilet and Bath Hygiene: We should always wash our hands after using the washroom. We must shower daily to rinse away bacteria and disease-causing germs. 

  • Nail and Oral Hygiene: We must avoid biting our nails and cut them regularly to keep them clean. It prevents germs from entering into our mouth. We should brush twice a day. This helps prevent cavity and gum diseases.

  • Hand Hygiene: Bacteria and viruses can easily enter our body through mouth, nose and eyes. We should always clean our hands with soap and water whenever we handle garbage, touch animals, after cleaning, etc.

  • Other Hygiene: If we are not feeling well, we should keep a distance from others. We should sneeze covering our mouth and use face masks to stop the spread of diseases. 

2. Why is hygiene important for good health?

Good hygiene is important as it helps prevent us from spreading germs and infectious diseases. The germs that cause many diseases can be passed on by coming in close contact with sick people, handling contaminated food and coming into contact with dirty surfaces or objects. Diarrhoea, respiratory illnesses, tooth decay, etc. can easily spread because of poor hygiene.

3. Where can I find a well-written essay on Health and Hygiene?

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4. Why is it important to train young kids on the importance of hygiene and sanitation?

The viruses and bacteria are getting resilient to the antibiotics and the vaccines. The world now is encountering many such viruses which our advanced medical facilities find it difficult to deal with. Germs can get easily transmitted in kids because they play in the open without giving proper attention to health. Parents need to teach their kids the importance of cleanliness to avoid getting sick. Also, good personal hygiene will help boost their self-esteem and confidence.