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Health and Hygiene Speech

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Health is the normal and healthy state of the body. It is a great source of peace and happiness.     

Health refers to a healthy state of mind and a body physically fit to have no disorder, illness or disease. In simple terms, health refers to a person's physical, emotional and psychological well-being.     

Hygiene refers to good practices that prevent disease and lead to good health, especially cleanliness, proper disposal of wastewater and drinking water supply. It refers to all the activities that are done to improve and preserve, maintain good health.     

The saying goes that health is wealth . It is truly said that of all things in the world, health is the most precious that one can possess. Money is definitely a nice thing. However, he cannot give any pleasure to a health man in ruins. As the body and mind are closely related, the mind cannot be healthy and playful without good health.   


Value and Benefits of Good Health: Life is a big fight and health is the best weapon to succeed in the battle of life. A healthy man can enjoy life in every way. An unhealthy man lives a miserable life. He may have intelligence, merit, and wealth, but he cannot use them and reap the benefits.       

Hygiene habits for good health

Pure water: Pure water is another source of good health. Much of the disease is caused by the use of impure water. People in the villages bathe often, and wash clothing and livestock in tanks. If this water is used for consumption, it can lead to disastrous diseases. To make the water pure, it must be boiled so that it does no harm.           

Balanced and nutritious food: Healthy food keeps our health good. Some of the food we eat serves as a fire to keep the body warm; another part forms the flesh to give us strength. Pure milk is the most nutritious food. Vegetables and many other things that we generally take are nutritious foods. A mixed diet is the best food for us. Stale and rotten food is dangerous for your health. Meals must be taken at fixed times. Overeating causes many diseases. Special attention is needed on food when an epidemic prevails.   

Cleanliness: Cleanliness is necessary for good health. This is the most important hygiene habit. Dirt spreads diseases because germs thrive there. They move with the dust in the air, so that a dirty man is easily attacked by diseases. The man, who has a clean body and clean clothes, is free of dirt and dust, and no disease can easily attack him. The daily bath is a good habit. He keeps our body clean. We should keep our clothes, bedding, food, utensils and everything else clean and clean. No dirt should be to be allowed to gather near our homes. We should also keep our teeth and nails clean. We should remember that cleanliness is close to piety.  

Eye Care: We should take good care of our eyes. Insufficient light and too much light are harmful to our eyes. The eyes become tired by the study and need rest. Bathing your eyes with cold water at night is a good hygiene habit.         

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