Harmful Effects of Junk Food Essay

Essay on Harmful Effects of Junk Food

Junk, the term itself denotes something that is to be discarded because of its harmful effects. Even with its harmful effects and very low nutritional value, it is very popular among the urban population. This massive popularity of junk food is merely due to its taste. The taste is addictive so people consume it more regularly without realizing that these types of junk food are eating away their health. Here, for the harmful effects of junk food essay in English, we will discuss the impact of junk food, and ways to reduce it.

Below is a long harmful effects of junk food essay and a short essay on harmful effects of junk food that will help you to understand the issue. You can write an essay on this topic once you go through the points discussed in the following essays, and frame them in your own words.

Long and Short Harmful Effects of Junk Food Essay in English

Short Harmful Effects of Junk Food Essay

In this short essay on harmful effects of junk food, a brief account of the impact of junk food on our health and how important it is to avoid junk food are discussed.

We are all aware that the way we treat our body reflects the state of our mind and lifestyle that we are all leading. The food we consume directly affects the state of mind, and so when we eat healthy and nutritious food we are happier, content, and positive in life. Even though we know that, we do not take care of our bodies and eat junk food that harms our bodies. Sadly, nowadays, kids want everything to be served quickly and fast food serves this purpose rightly.

The production of junk and fast food is at an all-time high. The supply is more because of the increasing demand. It has a negligible amount of nutrients and nutritional value. It is oily, greasy, full of fats and sugars. The high levels of calories have resulted in an increase in obesity and high blood pressure. It has also worsened the digestive system and appetite. When this is combined with the comfy and lethargic lifestyle in today’s times. It also results in inadequate growth and development of children. And from a very young age, they are more susceptible to mental health diseases like depression. The effects of such consumption are only negative. When the world is trying to normalize conversations about such problems we should also be doing our bit in taking care of our health and life.

Long Harmful Effects of Junk Food Essay

In this long 600+ words harmful effects of junk food essay, the effects of junk food on body and life are discussed in detail.

It is very vital to take care of one’s body because our body is our vehicle, the most important tool that helps us get through life and perform our daily activities. When we treat our body right, it reciprocates the same zeal and willpower required for us.

The first important way to treat our body right is via exercise or working out in any form be it through yoga, pilates, functional training, or weight training. All of this will help keep us fit. Even with working out daily, we will not get our desired results of fitness if we do not eat well. A proper diet is the most important catalyst to lead a healthy life.

A proper diet includes a good amount of balance between calories, fats, proteins, fibers, and nutrition-rich food. We can find all these nutritional values in foods like green leafy vegetables, fruits, and rice for carbohydrates. It is good for the body and the mind.

Junk foods include fast foods like french fries, fried foods like churros, pastries, pizzas, cookies, candies, burgers, and chips. All of this has a very high sodium content, cheese, sugar, and oils that have no nutritional value. It is not a good source of nutrition nor is it helping our body in any way.

It only satisfies our taste buds because all junk foods taste good. But we must realize, in order to satisfy the cravings of our tongue we are ruining our body and depriving it of a healthy lifestyle. This short-term fulfillment of mere cravings can have long-term impacts on our health, with life-threatening diseases that will leave a lasting negative impact on our bodies. It results in the following:-

  1. On the Brain and Mental Health - the sodium content in junk food leads to headaches which will help lose focus and motivation even for mundane tasks. The risk of depression and other mental illnesses increases with increased consumption of processed foods.

  2. On the Respiratory System - due to heavy and oily foods the children are consuming these days and leading a lazy lifestyle they are at high risks of shortness of breath and according to the studies it is also found that such children also suffer from asthma even to their adult and old age.

  3. On the Cardiovascular System - Cholesterol consumption blocks the blood flow to and from the heart because of the deposition of fats and leads to blood pressure-related issues. There is also the risk of premature heart diseases like heart failure, arrhythmia, etc. A weak heart results in many other bodily diseases due to improper and inadequate supply of blood to others.

  4. On the Digestive Tract - When such processed food is consumed it is very difficult to digest because our bodies are not designed to do so. When digestion is slowed, the metabolism also becomes slower and it results in weight gain and obesity. Other such problems are food poisoning, acid reflux, constipation, and indigestion and in severe cases may also lead to kidney failure.

  5. On the Skin - Processed food contains very high levels of sugar eventually leading to obesity. In such conditions, the blood sugar level also sees a spike and this causes the outbreak of acne in the skin and face.

Curbing the intake of Junk food:- It is important to have healthy food due to the aforementioned reasons but surely one is attracted to junk food regardless. In such a case we must reduce the intake of junk and processed foods and have it less often rather than making it a habit. Incorporating healthy food will allow you to have an active lifestyle and lead a fulfilling life. It will keep the heart in check, and energy levels will always soar high which is the optimal way of living.


Being aware of your own health and knowing the possibilities of the very harmful effects junk foods have on our body can be very helpful. This awareness will help one make healthier choices. A proper workout is incomplete without a balanced diet, so it is important to cater to the body's needs without indulging in your cravings and taste requirements. Long-term effects last a lifetime and rob you of your childhood and youth, so starting a healthier diet for a better lifestyle is never too late.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What are the Junk Foods to Avoid at any Cost?

Ans. Any junk food that has high levels of damaging chemicals and sugars to add taste and flavour to the food must be kept at bay at any cost. And such junk foods and processed food often have harmful preservatives that will cause many diseases. Such foods can be pizzas, burgers, chips, cakes, cookies, cookies, fried and grilled food is extremely oily with unuseful fats. Broiled food must be avoided. Drinks containing high amounts of sugar are also unhealthy and harmful.

Q2. Is any Junk Food Healthy?

Ans. Chips are considered to be a portion of junk food but now there are many vegan chips available that can be extremely healthy and will aid in fulfilling your cravings and not harm your body and lifestyle. A few of those are Kale chips, sweet potato chips, and spinach chips. They are healthy with no trans-fat or saturated fats. And these are easily available now. All these can be an alternative to potato chips.