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Junk Food Essay

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Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Essay on Junk Food For Students

Any form of food items that have a high level of calorie content and saturated fats are referred to as junk food. They are unhealthy foods and have low nutritional value for our bodies. Most of the restaurant foods and fast foods are highly processed and are often regarded as junk. It has gained popularity among the young generations who consume it on a regular basis. 

Here, we have provided a long essay and a short paragraph on junk food discussing the harmful effects of consuming junk food and how we can deal with it. The two junk food essays provided by us will thus help the students to be familiar with the topic and get key ideas for writing their own essay during their exam preparation.

Such essays are usually asked in exams. Here we have provided a sample of a long and short essay each on the topic along with its conclusion. This provides the students with an idea about how to form perfect essays on any given topic. The information mentioned in these essays will also be useful for students to think about.  

Long Essay on Junk Food 

This 500 words junk food essay has been provided as a reference for the students to jot down their own essay for exams. This has been written addressing the students of all age groups in a simple language. 

With the growing chains of fast-food restaurants and street foods, the young generation today has become more addicted to eating outside and are dependent on these junk foods. This has become a new trend in modern culture. Also, the marketing of various food brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino’s and McDonald’s have attracted more youngsters to go and consume such food items. Although these items taste good but are not at all considered healthy for our bodies. With their higher level of proteins, sugar and saturated fats, they tend to increase the cholesterol level in our body. They do not contribute to providing nutritional values required for the immune system and lack essential vitamins and minerals. 

Due to the busy day-to-day life, we often prefer ordering food from outside or munching on some snacks to satisfy our hunger. As a result, this has increased our addiction to eating junk every day. We often enjoy eating food that satisfies our taste buds and is less time-consuming. Since these junk foods are easily found nowadays with just a click on our phone, we tend to eat more of them. But we should keep in mind that these create a harmful impact on our body later and give rise to several health problems.

As per reports, the increase in the number of obesity cases has resulted due to the regular consumption of junk food items. Some of the severe health issues include cardiovascular diseases, a higher risk of obesity, PCOD/PCOS in females and several other chronic diseases which have a greater impact on our body and mental health.

Some of the commonly eaten junk foods include pizzas, burgers, deep-fries, food items made of processed cheese and high protein meat. Even some of the breakfast items and cereals tend to contain high amounts of sugar content. 

Since the risk of obesity and heart disease has become a major concern today, we should avoid the consumption of junk foods and sugary items. Replacing highly processed food items with a bowl of green salads and fruits can reduce the risk of high cholesterol in our bodies. Although we can consume junk food on some occasions, it must be followed by some physical activity to burn the calories consumed. 


To conclude, the health of an individual is an important part of their life and must be taken care of. It is, therefore, essential to make a habit of healthy eating instead of relying on these highly processed junk foods. This junk food essay in English is thus provided as a reference for the students to give them an idea about the harmful effects of junk foods.

Short Essay on Junk Food in English for Students

This short paragraph on junk food is provided for the students to be familiar with the health risks of consuming junk foods. This short essay will provide all the key information on this topic to help the students prepare for their examination.

Any food item which contains a higher level of saturated fats, sugars and proteins which can increase our cholesterol level is regarded as junk food. These can either be highly processed meat, a pizza or a burger and can even be breakfast cereals that have high sugar content. These junk foods tend to satisfy our taste buds but leave a harmful effect on our bodies in the long run. Regular consumption of junk foods has resulted in several health issues such as a higher risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, liver problems and other chronic health diseases. 

Consumption of junk foods has become more common these days due to their easy availability in the market. All the fast-food chains and food brands tend to promote the consumption of these foods and as such people get more attracted towards them. Most of the time, we often order food from outside and many snacks while studying/working, and thus we end up consuming it regularly. These junk foods are unhealthy and reduce our immunity as they do not contain any nutritional elements or vitamins. Before these junks take a high toll on our health, we should cut down the consumption of this highly processed food and switch to healthier food options. Parents are also advised to teach their children to develop a habit of healthy eating and try some healthy alternatives for junk food. A habit of regular consumption of fruits and green vegetables must be inculcated in the children. 


To conclude, regular consumption of fruits and vegetables will help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is advisable to avoid regular consumption of junk foods as they do not add any nutritional value to our body and thus, makes us inactive.

Few Pointers to Keep in Mind While Writing Essays

  • Carefully understand the topic that you are going to write the essay on. Analyze how much information you already have on the topic and how much more research needs to be done.

  • After understanding the topic, work on defining your argument. Carefully lay out the important points and think about how you are going to present them.

  • A good essay must have a good introduction, informative and touching content, and a strong conclusion. An eye-catching and captivating title is also a must.

  • Make sure that you write clearly and stick to the topic. 

  • You must also analyze your audience and write accordingly. If you are writing the essay for your school, ensure that all the guidelines explained by your teacher are met.

  • Make sure that you do not include unnecessary technical jargon if you are writing for a simple audience.

  • Your conclusion should sum up your arguments and also send the message that you want to convey clearly.

  • Recheck your essay for any grammatical errors.

  • Think about where you can make your words more eloquent and effective.

  • Have a rough draft in mind before jumping on writing. This ensures that your essay is organized coherently and is not all over the place.

  • If you are writing the essay in a live exam, make sure you keep the word count in mind. Have some general guidelines prepared before appearing for the exam.

FAQs on Junk Food Essay

1. Is Consumption of Junk Food in a Smaller Amount Harmful?

No, consumption of a very small amount of junk food on rare occasions doesn’t cause any harm. But after consumption, one must continue eating healthy food and perform some sort of physical exercise to burn the amount of high calorie that is being consumed.  One must incorporate a healthy lifestyle. In addition to eating healthy and nutritious food, one must avoid a sedentary lifestyle and stay physically active. With such a healthy lifestyle, eating small amounts of junk food can be enjoyable and harmless.

2. Why are Breakfast Cereals Considered Under Junk Foods?

Most of the cereals that we consume for breakfast have high sugar content in them which is not good for our health. Also, most of them are produced from refined wheat and refined sugars which add up the cholesterol and diabetes level in our body. Thus, they are regarded as junk foods. Also, they are more dangerous because people usually eat them thinking that they are healthier alternatives to other breakfast items and thus end up eating them more. 

3. How can one make better food choices?

There are several things that we can do to adopt a healthy overall lifestyle and also make better food choices. Here are a few of them:

  • Always check labels before buying prepackaged items. Avoid items that are high in sugar and trans fats.

  • Avoid eating outside regularly.

  • Prepare fresh home-cooked meals every day.

  • Include foods rich in fiber like fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

  • Maintain a well-balanced diet.

  • Avoid buying prepackaged items that claim to be healthier alternatives.

  • Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.

  • Get healthy snacks like peanuts, dates, makhanas etc to munch on when hungry.

4. Why do students end up eating more junk food than any other age group?

Students of today live very hectic and stressful lives. This is true in particular for students who are driven and aim to have a competitive edge. With the extensive syllabus and tight schedules, care is rarely taken to eat healthily. Students, therefore, end up going on long hours without eating anything and then end up munching on unhealthy junk food as a quick reprieve. Social media and exposure to various global food chains is another reason why students end up eating more junk food than others.

5. What are some components of writing a good essay?

A good essay has a captivating heading and an introduction that draws the reader to read the entire essay with interest. The body of the essay is also extremely important. It should be such that it conveys the message to the reader without including unnecessary technical details. If you are writing for the exam, then the word count should be kept in mind while writing the essay. Vedantu provides several sample essays on its website to help the students. In addition, students can refer to Essay Writing tips by Vedantu's experts to further excel in writing essays.