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Learn Good Habits and Avoid Junk Food

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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Good Habits and Good Food For Good Health

Kids are often very picky in choosing the right food to eat. They are unable to decide what is good for them and often make choices based on taste. This is why parents need to monitor their food choices and develop good food habits for better health. Find out how to encourage such habits and what these habits are.

What is Good Food Habit?

The term habit means an action that is repeated multiple times by a person. A good habit is a habit that has a positive psychological, physical or emotional outcome. In the same context, a good food habit is a habit that ensures good health and hygiene for a kid.

How to Teach Good Food Habits to a Kid?

The prime factor in the mental and physical development of a kid is good food. Eating healthy food is important as it takes care of the nutritional requirement of a kid. Hence, eating good food should be a habit from a young age. It helps to reduce the probability of developing lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Kids are often reluctant to eat good food. According to their thoughts, good food means good taste. Hence, they are more inclined to eat junk food. Parents should avoid eating junk food as a habit. Here is how good food habits can be developed.

  • Explain About Junk Food

The first step is to explain what junk food is and why we should avoid junk food. The explanation should be plain and simple so that kids can realise the issues with junk food. Once the foundation is built, we can proceed to the next step.

Examples of Junk Food

Examples of Junk Food

  • Healthy and Delicious Snacks

The growth of kids is quite fast at a very young age. It means they will feel hungry more often. Parents should realise that even if a kid is fully fed, they will still feel hungry after a few hours. This is why parents are suggested to keep healthy snacks ready.

Healthy snacks can be a bowl of fruits, salads, whole-grain crackers, etc. Keeping such foods in the lower bunkers of cabinets will help them reach easily. They will automatically develop the good habit of eating such snacks.

  • Avoid Bringing Junk Food

Avoid bringing junk food at home on any occasion. It becomes a habit, and kids start to argue or throw tantrums to enjoy the same taste repeatedly. Make it an occasional thing when you are out of the home. You can also add a "Say No to Junk Food” poster at home and set some ground rules.

  • No Bargaining

Parents often make the mistake of consoling their kids with junk food. They also make junk food a reward if the kids are good at their behaviour. This is not a healthy bargain. Make a habit of eating good food with the kids. Experts suggest choosing non-food rewards so that kids avoid developing junk food habits.

  • Set an Example

Parents should also avoid eating junk food in front of their kids. Kids love to imitate parents and will follow what they see. Hence, set an example of eating good food with the kids, and they will follow this habit for the rest of their lives.

Examples of Good Food

Examples of Good Food

List of Other Good Habits

This is how to avoid junk food and make your child eat good food. Here is a list of other good habits your kids should follow.

  • Washing hands before eating.

  • Keeping nails trimmed.

  • Bathing every day.

  • Using spoons and maintaining proper dining etiquette.

  • Being a part of the family dining time.

  • Eating healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tips for Parents

Set a junk food and healthy food chart at home to encourage kids to follow these good habits. Differentiate what is junk and good food and set an example. This is how you can develop such habits and make them eat good food.

FAQs on Learn Good Habits and Avoid Junk Food

1. Are cookies junk food?

Cookies are junk food as they contain a higher level of sugar and unhealthy oils.

2. Give examples of junk food.

Chips, cakes, pastries, doughnuts, burgers, etc., are junk food.

3. Give examples of good food.

Fruits, salads, meat, fish, vegetables, etc., are good food.