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Write the harmful effects of artificial food colours?

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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Hint: Artificial food colours are the chemical substances that are developed to change the appearance of food by giving it artificial colour. Since the food colours are artificial so they prove to be harmful to the human body.

Complete step by step answer:
The main reason behind using artificial food colours is that it makes the food more appealing, to attract the attention of people especially children. Artificial colours are also added to many food items to make the natural colour more intense. Most coloured eatables with synthetic colours include candies, fruit juices etc.
Children who consume more artificial coloured food items have more risk of having problems like sleeplessness, irritability and restlessness. Consumption of artificial food colours also leads to the problem of depression, memory loss and aggressiveness. Regular use of products with colour additives also leads to some serious health problems like they lead to the oxidation of fatty acids, skin irritation and congestion of kidneys.
While some artificial food dyes don’t have adverse effects as they are not toxic. But some contain cancer causing substances. So some artificial food dyes can also lead to cancer since there is no perfect evidence regarding this.
Some food dyes also lead to asthma symptoms. Most allergic reactions are not life threatening but still it would be better to remove artificial food dyes from the diet. Several studies have found that food dyes increase hyperactivity in children.
So, there is no nutritional benefit of artificial food dyes. Removing artificial food dyes and focusing on healthy foods will improve our overall health.

Note: Artificial food colours are also prepared from the raw materials obtained from coal tar. These raw materials are cheaper and hence become widely popular. They have been used for centuries now. Earlier they were made from coal tar nowadays they are made with petroleum. Some artificial sweeteners directly impact our neural senses. Consuming artificial sweeteners each day can also lead to some brain issues.
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