Grand Parents Essay

Essay on Grand Parents

Grandparents are like an angel in disguise who is irreplaceable. They always pamper us endlessly. Their love nurtures us to grow into a beautiful human being. There is even a ‘The National Grandparents Day’ which is founded by Jacob Reingold and Marian McQuade. The first Grandparents Day was followed on September 13, 1961. Grandparents are like the heritage and very important family members as they stand on the top of the family tree.

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Grandparents not only help their kids and grandkids in their learning and growth but also foster good habits and moral values amongst them. They are the vitamins for the child’s development. Many are not aware of the fact that Jacob Reingold and Marian McQuade are the founders of ‘The National Grandparents Day’. During a conference in the white house, Jacob was focusing on the importance of grandparents in society and he subsequently held the first Grandparents Day on 13th September- Sunday in 1961.

The Latin word ‘Pater’ and ‘Mater’ meaning ‘father’ and ‘mother’ respectively helps us conclude the definition of the terms ‘Paternal grandparents’ as father’s parents while ‘Maternal grandparents’ as mother’s parents. At the moment, Grandparents are the oldest ones in our families. They held irreplaceable places in our hearts. Grandparents have inner as well as outer beauty. Being well in physical and mental is a must-learn lesson from them. Grandparents are heritage and essential members in our families as they stand on the top of the family tree. They bridge the generation gap by narrating the interesting stories of the old generations. They are frequently known as caretakers of the family. Purest forms of culture and tradition are worth learning from them as they play the best role in history sharer. Grandparents are the god of the justice of the family. They believe equality amongst all similar to the way the statue of justice symbolized everyone is equal. They extraordinarily handle the judging part in solving the disputes in the family. Their conclusions don't hear both the parties. Moreover, aren’t they are counsellors, because they have a way of escape in every Labyrinth. They made the exact scenario of the country before independence stands in front of our eyes while evoking the truth. The importance of the grandparents in lives is significant as they play the teacher to doctor’s role in the growth of individuals. 

The words of Richard Garnett touches the heart, he said, “Love is the great gift that one generation can leave for the other.” Love and grandchild from grandparents will never cease as they are the apple of not only a parent's eye but also grandparent’s eyes. They are not usually caught with loads of work resulting in having sufficient time for listening, observing and correcting small things of the child than that of busy parents. No one will disagree with the emotions that they are the heart of the family. Support and care are the two duties of us in the concluding phase of their life. The importance of grandparents is vanishing as the global world is developing with time. If you are lucky enough that you have grandparents still alive, cherish them as many times as you can and give them all they deserve. Life is so much easier when their love is around us. Each word spoken by them touches the heart through ears. There are countless research studies which focus on the benefits extracted from the strong bond between grandparents and the child.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Grandparents are Important in Our Life?

A. Grandparents are the loveliest members of a family and also a valuable resource because they have so many stories and experiences to share with us. They are adored by their grandchildren most of the time even when they don’t obey their own parents or other adults in the household. Grandparents are the eldest in the family. Hence children who grow up with them gain a lot of moral values which are helpful in real life.

2. Why Do Children Love their Grandparents?

A. There is a  unique bond of love between the grandparents and their grandchildren. It's typically more fun along with a lot of patience and less criticism than that which children receive from their parents. It's a beautiful relationship that imparts a feeling of safety, security, and comfort.

3. How Can I Write an Essay on Grandparents?

A. Essay writing is easy yet a bit tricky. The few basic steps to be followed to write an essay are - do research well about the topic and write the essay in a stepwise manner. Write a small intro in the beginning, then move into the body paragraphs talking about the main topic, and then conclusion at the end. Always try to maintain a flow throughout the essay. The same format should be followed while writing an essay on grandparents. Check Vedantu website for further guidance.

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