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Grandparents Day Poems from Kids for Grandpa and Grandma

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Let’s Learn about Grandparents Day with Poems

Grandparents make a huge contribution to their families and communities. Hence, this is an important day to remember them. It is also an opportunity to recognise the labour and dedication of grandparents who care for their grandchildren and other family members all the time. To help you make this grandparent’s day special for your grandma and grandpa, we have included some short and amazing poems on grandparents that can be easily read and understood by you in this article. You can also recite it with your grandparents together and have an enjoyable time. 

Show your affection for your adoring grandfather and grandmother on grandparents day with this lovely collection of Happy Grandparents Day Poems.

Who Are Grandparents?

The term grandparent refers to a person's father or mother's parents. Grandparents have always played a vital role in a family's life. A parent's position is frequently distinct from that of a grandmother or grandfather. Parents are their children's providers and disciplinarians. Grandparents generally have more time and freedom to enjoy and play with their grandchildren. The relationship between a grandmother and a grandchild is usually considerably simpler than that between a parent and a child.

Both male and female grandparents are referred to as grandparents. A grandfather refers to a male grandparent. The grandmother is the female grandparent. The term grandchild is used to describe the relationship from the perspective of the grandparent. A grandchild is a person's son's or daughter’s child. Grandchild is appropriate for both genders. Grandparents take the role of our parents in their absence. They feed us, take us to school or other activities and also tell us interesting stories. They pass down several crucial life lessons and values to their grandchildren. They play a huge role in the shaping of a child’s character and upbringing.

Grandparents Day Poems for Grandpa and Grandma

Grandparents day

Grandparents Day

Let us look at some of the best poems for the Grandparents here.

Grandma and Grandpa Poem for Preschoolers

My Grandparents are like the sun

Always keeping my day bright

They are always there for me

They are like my best friend

When I’m heartbroken, they fill the crack

Now I see they just love me!

– Unknown Author

A Cute Poem - Grandparents Are Grand!

Grandparents are grand!

Grandma or Grandpa

Nana, Nona, or Nammy

PopPop, PaPa, or Poppy

Warm welcomes.

Happy hugs, holding hearts.

Love, Love, Love.

Kids, crafts, cooking.

Grandparents lending life’s lessons.

Many momentous moments.

Amazingly awesome!

– Unknown Author

A Poem on Grandparents

From early in the morning,

Until I go to sleep each day,

I know my grandparents love me,

In a very special way.

Sometimes it’s tea and crackers,

Sometimes a walk in the park,

Sometimes it’s just a hug when I’m scared and in the dark.

I love to hear their stories,

About the past and where they’re from,

And I know their hearts are filled for me,

With never-ending love.

– Unknown Author

Don’t Forget to Wish Your  Great-grandparents Too!

Do you have great-grandparents? If not you must be wondering who they are! Isn’t it? Well, your great-grandparents would be the grandma and grandpa of your mother and father. They could also be the grandma and grandpa of your grandparents too. Isn’t that fascinating? Very lucky few of us have had the opportunity to meet our great-grandparents or grow up under their loving and caring shelter.

Have you wondered what you can learn from your great-grandparents? Well since they have been around for many years and have seen things change a lot, you can learn quite a few interesting things from them. For example, you can ask them if there were trains and telephones during their time or how they communicated with their friends and relatives who lived far off. They can give you a description of the simple lives they lived.

For those of us who have been privileged enough to have been brought up by our great-grandparents will know how caring and nurturing they are. They shower us with immense love, good food and also protect us from being scolded by our parents. Hence, make sure to wish your great-grandparents too on this grandparent’s day. Make them a beautiful card and recite the above poems for them to make them feel special and remembered.

Key Points on Grandparents!

Let us look at some of the key points on grandparents for kids here.

  1. The term "grandparents" refers to the parents on either the maternal or paternal side of the family.

  2. Grandparents are the family's foundation. As a result, the most experienced individuals are present. Furthermore, their children and grandchildren possess similar characteristics and qualities.

  3. Grandparents play an essential part in their grandchildren's lives by teaching them appropriate behaviour. Grandparents also support the lives of their grandchildren.

  4. In the joint family, grandparents also have a special bond with their grandchildren. They operate as a support system for one another.

  5. Grandparents' connection with children is influenced by a variety of factors that change with the age of their grandchildren.

  6. Whenever there is a reason to rejoice, grandparents do so with their children and grandchildren in the joint family.

  7. When it comes to caring for a child in the absence of parents, family members in a mixed household might place their trust and faith in grandkids.

  8. With the passage of time, however, the concept of mixed families is disappearing and being replaced by nuclear families. Cities are dominated by nuclear families. As a result, both parents work and the grandparents live in the country house.

  9. Grandparents require special attention and concentration from children as they grow older.

  10. Grandchildren, on the other hand, require vital knowledge and life lessons from their grandparents.


We hope we have been able to teach you something new about your grandparents and great-grandparents through this article. They are one of the most special people in our lives and we tend to overlook their contributions. Let that not be the case this grandparent’s day! Enjoy a special time with your elders by reading these poems to them.

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FAQs on Grandparents Day Poems from Kids for Grandpa and Grandma

1. What is the significance of grandparents day?

Grandparents day is a day dedicated to recognising and appreciating grandparents' significant contributions to the well-being and education of their grandchildren. It's a chance for family members to express their gratitude and admiration for the older generation, as well as to pay tribute to grandparents.

2. When was the first grandparents day celebrated?

Grandparents day is said to have been first celebrated on 9th September 1979. In the United States, the US Congress passed legislation in 1978 proclaiming the first Sunday after Labour Day as the National Grandparents Day.